23 mar 2021
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Today's update has WAY more than I expected
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  • How in the world do y'all change the items colors AFTER it's placed. I cannot figure it out. I've googled it and never got an answer. Is it a mod? It's a mod isn't it? I'm new to Sims 4 last time I played was Sims 2. I started playing sims again like 5 months ago

    Brittney NicholeBrittney Nichole3 dagar sedan
  • Kayla I did think about putting the desk underneath the bunk bed but when my sim wanted to sleep she couldn’t 😢

    Laugh With MardynaLaugh With Mardyna7 dagar sedan
  • Yh I love the bunkneds

    Symons_sisters #tik tokSymons_sisters #tik tok7 dagar sedan
  • it’s annoying how up ea’s ass she is😭 they could sell us an expansion with 2 hairs and 3 dresses and she’d be like “guys let’s give them more time”

    **8 dagar sedan

    Tory HallTory Hall12 dagar sedan
  • why do people still play this game?

    aa13 dagar sedan
  • 🌝

    WS RUBIOWS RUBIO13 dagar sedan
  • Has anybody been able to actually use the loft bed yet? My sims can nap in them but they can't sleep in them. I have removed EVERY SINGLE ITEM around the loft bed and placed it in the middle of the room. Still can't sleep in them. I keep ending up putting a regular bed because keeping up with naps throughout the night is too annoying.

    Johanna JulénJohanna Julén15 dagar sedan
  • We’re can I get the bunk beds I can’t find them

    Jamielea ParkinsonJamielea Parkinson15 dagar sedan
  • The lil girls hair came from Mickey Mouse ears to actual afro hair lol,I like it

    JohnJohn15 dagar sedan
  • I wish I had this, I cant because even though my game says it updates when new updates come out, it never updates. I still don’t have the update to where you can place doors and windows on half tiles and that came out a while ago. I did the repair thing on origin and it still isn’t working, I think it might be my laptop, it’s an old laptop.

    Alpha PupAlpha Pup16 dagar sedan
  • Kayla: This reminds me of when I was a kid Me: I'm a kid and I watch SEworld under my covers.

    Hanna ReckmannHanna Reckmann16 dagar sedan
  • What sims pack and is it only for custom content

    Lilly HallmanLilly Hallman16 dagar sedan

    keily gloria peñakeily gloria peña18 dagar sedan
  • NO NO NO- I LEFT SEworld AND SIMS FOR A WEEK- IM LATE IM LATE- *turns on ps4*

    •Mina Ashido••Mina Ashido•18 dagar sedan
  • the pictures of gay couples made me cry asdfghj

    Existential QueerExistential Queer18 dagar sedan
  • Does nobody seen that the prideflag had new swatches to?🏳️‍🌈

    IdaIda18 dagar sedan
  • Im soooo happy toddler beds snap on the bottom bunk

    Addy HandAddy Hand19 dagar sedan
    • Hi

      Addy HandAddy Hand19 dagar sedan
  • Hi I really love your show

    Adam ConnerAdam Conner20 dagar sedan

    potterholicpotterholic20 dagar sedan
  • from 11 years old and till now i was 20 years old play this game call The Sim i really love this game!!!!! i thought the sim 3 gonna be my fav game but sims 4 much much better oh godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

    Daniel ArifDaniel Arif20 dagar sedan
  • Do i need to buy it or is it free?

    Freja KarlssonFreja Karlsson20 dagar sedan
  • I've been apart of the Sim community for 11 years and I still don't get why most of the community was so obsessed with bunk beds...it kind of scares me lmao

    coffuncoffun20 dagar sedan
  • Something I like is that she is grateful when the sims adds things to the game and does not point out every single bad thing about it

    donna hyltondonna hylton21 dag sedan
  • Please sai you have bunkbeds if you dont play online PLEASE

    Ize ThijssenIze Thijssen21 dag sedan
  • All we need now is: More hair colours (maybe with highlights) More hair styles Sleeping bags for sleep overs Home invaders Tag or hide & seek Swing sets Football & catch Cars What else do we need comment below

    Saymynameitsearl MynameisearlSaymynameitsearl Mynameisearl22 dagar sedan
    • @EllieVlogs I know but I feel like thats day light robbery, kinda defeats the whole purpose of having parks in the base game lol

      Saymynameitsearl MynameisearlSaymynameitsearl Mynameisearl20 dagar sedan
    • Swings are in the parenthood pack

      EllieVlogsEllieVlogs20 dagar sedan
  • No one Not even a single soul Lilsimsie dream

    Nikki ForresterNikki Forrester23 dagar sedan
  • Since this update buildbuy hasn't worked for me if I have mods disabled, anyone else have this problem?

    Charlotte StarkeyCharlotte Starkey23 dagar sedan
  • I just tested bunk beds and if you put a toddler bed and something at the end of the toddler bed the top bunk will function properly

    Syed Shabbir HussainSyed Shabbir Hussain23 dagar sedan
  • I didn’t need to download loads of mods for bunk beds then 🙄

    Lyds 007Lyds 00723 dagar sedan
  • Hello, how do u fit the table under the bunk bed?

    Ko. TsukiKo. Tsuki23 dagar sedan
  • I’m really excited that they added more diversity with the posters/portraits!!!

    alela kinyuaalela kinyua23 dagar sedan
  • They gave us more Jerry? Stan

    Gabriella JarrettGabriella Jarrett23 dagar sedan
  • Yay!

    Number1sinjindrownerNumber1sinjindrowner23 dagar sedan

    Angelika GdAngelika Gd24 dagar sedan
  • I need bunk beds for my 100 baby challenge daddy training bunker.

    AlyciaAlycia24 dagar sedan
  • You look really nice today. :) you’re eyebrows are on point and you’re eyes look super bright! And that color of yellow looks so good on you!

    AlyciaAlycia24 dagar sedan
  • Ahhhhhhhhh i was on vacation so I missed this update!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!! Love you simsie!

  • I'm honestly just glad they gave us bunk beds in a free update and not in a pack

    Evie WellsEvie Wells24 dagar sedan
  • Jesus loves y’all

    JesusIsAmazingJesusIsAmazing24 dagar sedan

    Cidila ChanCidila Chan24 dagar sedan
  • ✨✨✨My Heart Sung Seeing That Sim Lay in Bed & Reeeellllllllallaaxxxxxxxxx✨✨✨✨

    Hayle LovelaceHayle Lovelace24 dagar sedan
  • This update screwed up my game.

    Drastic DesignerDrastic Designer24 dagar sedan
  • When they add cars after this, I’ll probably be stuck in build mode and never even get a chance to play with the sims

    SayoriSayori24 dagar sedan
  • DIVERSITY !!!!! We LOVE to see it !!

    givemeprimelaughtergivemeprimelaughter24 dagar sedan
  • I hope they made a double bed a loft bed, that would be cool for tiny home builds

    Karolin DuvickKarolin Duvick24 dagar sedan
  • when the Sims 4 community gets excited over sims relaxing in bed and bunk beds.. 😂

    Madisyn BabbMadisyn Babb24 dagar sedan
    • @Max W frr lol

      Madisyn BabbMadisyn Babb23 dagar sedan
    • Yeah... its really sad that this fandom celebrates the bare minimum. On the other hand, EA and stakeholders love that fact XD

      Max WMax W23 dagar sedan
  • Is anybody else not having their floors or walls cycle since the update?

    Alexis MilesAlexis Miles25 dagar sedan
  • I'm I that new to playing the sims 4?1 How the heck do we get this update?! someone please help me!!

    Alison SedlackAlison Sedlack25 dagar sedan
  • Qq eu tô fazendo aqui? Não entendi nada kkkkkkkk

    Leticia b.sLeticia b.s25 dagar sedan
  • wath id wanth in sims 4 is Sexualitys like Pan/Lesibian/bi/Gay/Asexual/Trans etc.

    G10RE _.G10RE _.25 dagar sedan
  • It's happening. WHAT? >:| We can't properly use the under-space of these beds (without using cheats of course) and they have BROKEN CC AND MODS for the damn nth time!! Cool they have edited the paintings/posters, that's the real surprise. 😂

    groundmisterygroundmistery25 dagar sedan
  • Sims 4 is my favorite game

    God Forgive_meGod Forgive_me25 dagar sedan
  • Just if you haven’t tried yet you can put a toddler bed at the bottom instead of the regular

    Zoe RosengrenZoe Rosengren25 dagar sedan
  • They're just copying Paralives

    Lany G.Lany G.25 dagar sedan
  • So fake! Simsie get a REAL job your not 12 anymore

    Robin RossRobin Ross25 dagar sedan
  • one thing i like in the sims 4 is that you can move to a different town and it wont get rid of any outside household family members like in the sims 3, where if you moved with your household from sunset valley to Bridgeport anyone outside that household will get rid of their relationships

    Farrah MaiFarrah Mai25 dagar sedan
  • The toddler beds can click into the bottom of the lofted bed, and the parents can still tuck them in and read to them, and the toddlers can get into them as usual

    Adrian CAdrian C25 dagar sedan
  • How are you not bored of this game lol

    Brandon RileyBrandon Riley25 dagar sedan
  • Me and my familly thought there were alreafy bunk beds ;-;

    Emma does gachaEmma does gacha25 dagar sedan
  • I saw this and just sat there for like twenty minutes wondering if I was dreaming

    Ruth ARuth A25 dagar sedan
  • This is a Good Update !?!!!!

    Rowan SmithRowan Smith25 dagar sedan
  • I suspect it's the second ladder and how it's programmed that it's causing the tiles under the ladder to be unuseable and they couldn't figure it out so they rushed it to please people desperate for free content.

    j030977j03097725 dagar sedan
  • I hope they also fixed the vacuuming because every time I would do a painting my sim would stop doing the painting and start vacuuming randomly.

    Lyzeph MarieLyzeph Marie25 dagar sedan
  • I am so glad they added gay paintings i mean for a game where there is no homophobia there wasn't lots of representation apartfrom flags

    Bored ChildBored Child25 dagar sedan
  • Honey, if there was ever a need color for you to wear THIS IS IT! THAT SWEATER THO!!

    katkcheshirekatkcheshire25 dagar sedan

    MakeupbyMontezMakeupbyMontez25 dagar sedan
  • i love that they added poc and lgbtqia+ representation in the posters🥺

    Luna LovegoodLuna Lovegood25 dagar sedan
  • thank you for doing this and saving me reading lmaoo

    Jose MaiatoJose Maiato25 dagar sedan
  • please revisit college dorm builds with bunk/lofted beds!!!

    honeybomb21honeybomb2125 dagar sedan
  • The fact that the Sims 4 has been out for 7 years now and we just got bunk beds... imagine how long it will take to put burglars in the game

    Katlyn DobranskyKatlyn Dobransky25 dagar sedan
  • Are they gonna put horses in sims4

    Madison ClarkeMadison Clarke25 dagar sedan
  • Now we want cars and a burglar

    MadisonMadison26 dagar sedan
  • THATS WHY THERE WAS SO MUCH WATER ON THE FLOOR? oh my god I’m so glad they fixed that it made me so mad.

    sharkshannonsharkshannon26 dagar sedan
  • The real question is did this update break vampires?

    Andrew HernandezAndrew Hernandez26 dagar sedan
  • If you didn't know it's new TV shows on The Sims TV too !!! And I love the bunk beds to !!

    Gaming like a GirlGaming like a Girl26 dagar sedan
  • Single square desks work!

    Rebby PRebby P26 dagar sedan
  • Can you do every room is a different challenge

    Monroe JamesMonroe James26 dagar sedan
  • "Happy bunk bed day!" This should be a national holiday :D

    Dave HansonDave Hanson26 dagar sedan

    honey eastwoodhoney eastwood26 dagar sedan
  • I think that automatic bunk means u can put something under like a desk

    VeeZhong DominoesVeeZhong Dominoes26 dagar sedan
  • RELAX!!!! Omg finally

    messibessi11messibessi1126 dagar sedan
  • Of all the objects I thought you would try to place under the lofted bed, I did not guess “shower” on my bingo card... 😂😂😂

    Cynthia MattyCynthia Matty26 dagar sedan
  • The inclusive posters make me so happy

    Kiki WilsonKiki Wilson26 dagar sedan
  • I’m downloading it rn it’s been downloading for 2 hours and it’s on 52% 😭😭😭😩😩😩

    Lucy JonesLucy Jones26 dagar sedan
  • Watching while the game loads 😁😁😁

    Amber GreenwellAmber Greenwell26 dagar sedan
  • Ya we got bunk beds, but how much does it annoy you how you can't change only the bed covering, the wood changes too? So you have a white wood on top and dark wood on the bottom. Also, under loft bed space isn't fully usable. Typical disappointing EA garbage. Feel free to lower your standards.

    DarkleMotionDarkleMotion26 dagar sedan
  • I’m disappointed there’s no white swatch for the wooden bunk beds! Only the top bunk comes in white, but the bed frame is red, and the basegame bottom bed has no white swatch.

    Diane de saint pierreDiane de saint pierre26 dagar sedan
  • I just want a laptop to be able to play sims on my free time 😢

    J U L I E TJ U L I E T26 dagar sedan
  • They really have the best community of fans.. we are easily pleased... yet.. they still manage to screw it up. Like here spend 600 dollars on our games we give you little scraps of hope but don't think you'll get exactly what you want.

    M.C CheddarBoxM.C CheddarBox26 dagar sedan
    • You are right we are a great community, but blind, forgettable and forgiving fans who have to love everything about the sims is what has brought on our demise. Its because we are easily pleased that EA does what it does and gets away with it. Just stand together and stop buying their games, have standards and support competitors. Honestly this fandom deserves everything they got since 2014.

      Max WMax W23 dagar sedan
  • Put a toddler bed under a bunkbed

    Hiii HiiiHiii Hiii26 dagar sedan
  • I always run to your channel when there’s an update 😭

    TuLocalPendejo •TuLocalPendejo •26 dagar sedan
  • can you do a tutorial how u inst..?

    Cveti NikolaevaCveti Nikolaeva26 dagar sedan
  • And off I go to test if a 1 tile round dining table slotted w 2 chairs can be a homework area for 2 underneath 😊

    Julia ArenasJulia Arenas26 dagar sedan
  • I dont get the hype. I want spiral staircases.

    Crystallking HCrystallking H26 dagar sedan
  • Incredibly excited about new swatches on paintings! That's amazing.

    Angelica OhlssonAngelica Ohlsson26 dagar sedan
  • so i heard abt the update so i was going to look at it and I was watching Kayla last night and I saw this video and watched it while I was looking at the update today! Thank u!

    Aralyn MitchellAralyn Mitchell26 dagar sedan
  • WAOT you have a SEworld channel too!?! I watch your streams all the time I didn’t know you were on SEworld

    ThatFakeBlondeThatFakeBlonde26 dagar sedan
  • Is anyone else having an issue where they can't grab objects in build mode? I've checked all my mods and it's not them

    TheMadHatter 1029TheMadHatter 102926 dagar sedan
  • I love watching your videos because you're always finding positive things in every situation. Honestly, I'm tired of all the negativity - the real world give us enough things to complain about. You can provide criticism and still appreciate the cool things they put on a free basegame patch.

    marihalfenmarihalfen26 dagar sedan