Can I fix this outdated old house in The Sims 4?

26 mar 2021
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I built an ugly house on purpose and now I am renovating it
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This video is family friendly, but The Sims 4 is rated T for Teen and this video is intended for an audience aged 13 and up.
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  • this whole video is kayla complaining about every little detail that she doesn’t like about the sims 4 lol😂💀😩

    Becca LeeBecca Lee3 dagar sedan
  • A swingset? What pack is that in?

    Shelby MShelby M5 dagar sedan
  • I was watching this video for the first time today, and 10 minutes in I realize that I had downloaded this house from the gallery and had been playing in it for like a month.

    sydneysydney8 dagar sedan
  • I love this Kayla❤️

    KyanaKyana13 dagar sedan
  • Honestly you're one of the 2 people I could hear talk about one thing for like 10 years

    •Tall GaTcHtUbEe••Tall GaTcHtUbEe•15 dagar sedan
  • which pack is the gallery wall from?? i cannot Find it anywhere, i think its a game pack but im not sure :(

    Noah KaldewayNoah Kaldeway17 dagar sedan
  • Normally: Made the House smaller This Time: BIGGER!!!!!!!

    Faith FortunaFaith Fortuna17 dagar sedan
  • When you deleted sll the walls I died a lil

    SuttonSutton18 dagar sedan
  • Brick houses will always be better in my eyes lol

    LotteLotte19 dagar sedan
  • I lived in a house where I had to open the refrigerator in order to open the dishwasher all the way so I appreciate the thought of where other appliances are in relationship to the dishwasher.

    HeathwynHeathwyn20 dagar sedan
  • I watch a lot of videos on 1.25-1.5 speed cause I watch them on my work breaks. If you think Kayla’s videos are chaotic on regular speed - imagine the chaos but faster 😂😂

    Kimberlynn DaytonKimberlynn Dayton20 dagar sedan
  • Kayla: “I’m bad at building in the sims aren’t I?” 1M+ of us watching her “wAT do yOu meAN!”

    Michelle BlanchardMichelle Blanchard20 dagar sedan
  • Sims creators watching Kayla Surrounded by filled notebooks and dead pens “SHES STILL MAKING RECOMMENDATIONS, I NEED ANOTHER NOTEBOOK”

    Michelle BlanchardMichelle Blanchard20 dagar sedan
  • Me: try black windows! Also me: Oh

    Squid CitySquid City21 dag sedan
  • "Outdated brick vibe" meanwhile every house in Germany looks like that😂

    low key lokilow key loki21 dag sedan
  • Considering how often I Motherlode my game to get enough money to build and decorate, I can't say a thing about that last little ka-ching. XD

    BJ RosenBJ Rosen21 dag sedan
  • My husband and I (think you’re a narcissist) are going to look at a house just like this original one. It does have one window with the half moon on top😂 the rooms have the most ridiculous paint. And the loft above the garage has carpet that HAS to be from an arcade or skating rink. We don’t really want a fixer upper but it be expensive to be an adult 😰

    Leah LasherLeah Lasher21 dag sedan
  • I'm down for a LilSimsie Kit. It's just new curtains and bushes.

    Erin RichardErin Richard22 dagar sedan
  • I know you like fixer upper. When you remove a wall it's fine but removing multiple walls to "open up the kitchen " please next time minus 5k from your budget to pay for the "load bearing beam" to support the roof. I'm curious to see if the outcome would be different if there was a penalty of removing too many walls.

    GinmegsyGinmegsy22 dagar sedan
  • Old fridges did not go all the way to the wall to give better ventilation

    S. GastS. Gast22 dagar sedan
  • You need to be a real home designer

    Papa LlamaPapa Llama22 dagar sedan
  • Are those kitchen cabinets bigger on the inside?

    John OwenJohn Owen22 dagar sedan
  • Did you people see when see was Changing the wallpaper the wall said "I was Framed" Lol

    Nerdy's WorldNerdy's World22 dagar sedan
  • The og house looks like my grandma's current house low-key

    Aurora HonsAurora Hons22 dagar sedan
  • Whyyy why did you keep the rooms the same ahahha they are nightmare level outdated 😭

    Bengisu KarabiberBengisu Karabiber22 dagar sedan
  • I love your videos but I wish you didn’t do budgets I want to see you be fully creative :(

    Luke PimentelLuke Pimentel23 dagar sedan
  • Simsie wants to live in a little brick house. Come to the midwest. Little brick houses from the 20s, post WWII, and modern. That sounds like fun, do brick houses from all the decades.

    Julie KotulakJulie Kotulak23 dagar sedan
  • Lilsimsie: What would people do to renovate this house? Also Lilsimsie: RAISE THE FOUNDATION

    Yanik VilleneuveYanik Villeneuve23 dagar sedan
  • Sorry but I screamed when she was freaking out about the ride then she just goes" I actually quite like that little kitchen I think it looks nice."

    SylvieSylvie23 dagar sedan
  • Idea: Building a house in the order of a normal daily routine.

    Watermelon PotatoWatermelon Potato23 dagar sedan
  • How do I put sims on my computer?

    Emily RileyEmily Riley23 dagar sedan
  • Can we just talk about how annoying open kitchens in real life are tho? It's always noisy and smelly and you always have to keep it clean, cause you're always seeing it. Also, where are the cool kids at parties supposed to go if the kitchen's in the living room?

    just_Ellajust_Ella23 dagar sedan
  • You're not a bad builder. You should see my builds

    Cindy-anne ReedCindy-anne Reed23 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one who thinks the façade of the house (especially the colour) looked better before she renovated it? 🙈

    DragonriderEponaDragonriderEpona23 dagar sedan
  • I would love to have simple plumbing/electrics routing in sims so we would have to think about where appliances went

    Rowan SmithRowan Smith23 dagar sedan
  • Me: I don’t have money for this Video: shows how to get free money Me: copy’s Me:gets 50,00money How to do hold ctrl + shift + c type motherlode an you get 50,00 money in sims 4

    Cherry BlossomCherry Blossom23 dagar sedan
  • This reminds me of my grandparents house they had 10 years ago lol

    Max The greatMax The great23 dagar sedan
  • " MIGHT JUST BURST INTO TEARS- " " i actually quite like that little kitchen :) "

    xsilsxsils23 dagar sedan
  • But...but Fridge suppose to be a few inch away from the wall so the heat from the system can ventilate. It's seem pretty realistic for me with wall gap like that.

    EverinezEverinez23 dagar sedan
  • The before honestly looks like every house in New Zealand built in the 2000s. At least 50% of the houses in my town look like that.

    Rachelcookie321Rachelcookie32123 dagar sedan
  • I like the brick

    Zulik KowalskiZulik Kowalski23 dagar sedan
  • I have an amazing idea you should fix the very first house you built in Sims 4

    Aniah CopelandAniah Copeland23 dagar sedan
  • We had bushes in my front yard when I was a kid and my mom pulled them out because that's where snakes hide lol

    Jessica BookoutJessica Bookout23 dagar sedan
  • when you called us chat I DIED

    Piper MayberryPiper Mayberry24 dagar sedan
  • *Moves whole kitchen* *describes how difficult it would be IRL to move the sink to the island* "I'm glad we don't have that problem" LOL

    Christine SChristine S24 dagar sedan
  • I want to see a challenge where you have to try and centre everything

    Concerned MartianConcerned Martian24 dagar sedan
  • When she said “it’s a bit expensive” she genuinely sounded English 😂

    Aleisha MAleisha M24 dagar sedan
  • Recreate the kids dollhouses!

    DulceyDulcey24 dagar sedan
  • U know that when something white and straight is too much to ask for, somethings wrong

    ugh lalaugh lala24 dagar sedan
  • i love this house, especially the kitchen and living room

    Vlymarie PVlymarie P24 dagar sedan
  • smisie renovate your houses when you first started building in the sims- like your really early gallery posts

    Reggie SchwartzReggie Schwartz24 dagar sedan
  • blue suburbans are like lilsimsie rick rolls

    August YoungAugust Young24 dagar sedan
  • EA should definitely do a landscaping kit!

    rose uwurose uwu24 dagar sedan
  • Simsie: we don’t have enough choices Me:Just get cc!!!

    Flore DrionFlore Drion24 dagar sedan
  • Nobody: Me at Lowes at 9o'clock at night: 7:13

    Lane WilkersonLane Wilkerson24 dagar sedan
  • Could you imagine, "honey, I love this house but we need to raise the foundation"

    Tyler PickelTyler Pickel24 dagar sedan
  • My house looks like the original...

    Sarah A.Sarah A.24 dagar sedan
  • I dont have alot of time for going to the twitch streams so her saying chat made my day 🥰🥰

    fatbeefybitchfatbeefybitch24 dagar sedan
  • The fridge issue is actually quite realistic. When hubby and I went fridge shopping we had to get "counter depth" size to make sure it fit. Even with that the fridge sticks out like it does there.

    Laur 818Laur 81824 dagar sedan
  • Fridge: **doesn't fit with the wall** Simsie: *And I took that personaly*

    Kateřina MatějkováKateřina Matějková24 dagar sedan
  • why does the original house kinda look like my actual house irl 😂 or me trying in the sims lol

    Emilie HammondsEmilie Hammonds24 dagar sedan
  • I never really understand why Kayla always has the front door lead straight into the living room, I feel like in reality that would be so impractical

    Martin PhillipsenMartin Phillipsen24 dagar sedan
  • Your ending reminds me of the “Life with Louie” ending

    Ioana VictoriaIoana Victoria24 dagar sedan
  • when are you gonna furnish that house you posted “i want to live in this sims house”

    Isaiah BankssIsaiah Bankss24 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone know what pack the couch and chairs she used were?

    Lia StLia St24 dagar sedan
  • is brick outdated? What would be nicer then stone or brick? I'm confused...

    Ciara LCiara L24 dagar sedan
  • Curtains should be able to auto fit on to widows.... just an idea

    Sydney FahrSydney Fahr24 dagar sedan
  • You should have cow plant merch.

    Lily ReidLily Reid24 dagar sedan
  • Why aren't you using the debug/build buy mods? Would certainly solve many of you debug woes lol

    MontisaquadeisMontisaquadeis24 dagar sedan
  • I'M SO GLAD YOU FIXED THIS ONE OMG haha ❤ Was really hoping while I was watching the last video that this was going up become a "fixer upper" house 😄 and you did it! /happy dance

    Embeth ArgentEmbeth Argent24 dagar sedan
  • What Kayla expanding??...OH MY AND DISHWASHER

    Kailee WadsKailee Wads24 dagar sedan
  • Hey lilsimsie! Could you please build that tall, blue house from the moomins ( I mean the moomins house) on the sims? I think that would be really funny :D

    AnniAnni24 dagar sedan
  • I'd love to see Kayla doing a renovation challenge but keeping to real-life limitations. Windows and doors stay in the same place, roof pieces cant be moved, and plumbing items (toilets, sinks, etc) cant just be moved but can be replaced, etc

    madombiemadombie24 dagar sedan
  • but kayla! in real life you’re not supposed to push that further your fridge against the wall! it would overheat!

    Vivi From LoonaVivi From Loona24 dagar sedan
  • “I MIGHT JUST BURST INTO TEARS i actually quite like that kitchen”

    Audrey BryantAudrey Bryant24 dagar sedan
  • When she started to delete the landscaping I got confused cause she only does landscaping 1 way

    Javen MartinJaven Martin24 dagar sedan
  • no one: kayla: I’m a streamer. help!

    soapie esoapie e24 dagar sedan
  • day 70 of asking kayla for a main character house

    mxladiqmxladiq24 dagar sedan
  • 👇This is how many times Kayla says '' I WISH '' 🤣😂👇

    Eleftheria SarEleftheria Sar24 dagar sedan
  • " I don't want to scroll through debug " 2 seconds later " BACK TO DEBUG WE GO "

    Abigail_NovyAbigail_Novy24 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one who didn’t know Kaylas last name is sims???

    Courtney Da BearCourtney Da Bear24 dagar sedan
  • Simsy, in real life a fridge NEVER goes right against the wall. There are coils behind the fridge that bring the coolant fluid to both the fridge area and the freezer area. The Sims team doesn't show the coils, but the fridge should never touch the wall. Air needs to circulate or it would overheat and break down.

    Monique DamphousseMonique Damphousse24 dagar sedan
  • Does someone maybe have a list of every expansion, stuff and like just all the packs and stuff? I want to make a list of how expensive they all are. I neeeeed to know every single pack and like idk the english name for it but just everything for the sims4 you can possibly buy. Pleaassee 🥺

    Eva ThieEva Thie24 dagar sedan
  • Kayla: Runs out of money at 3000$ Me: Runs out of money at 1$

    Madison BretonMadison Breton24 dagar sedan
  • Why do curtains need to be straight and white? 🤣

    S WS W24 dagar sedan
  • i feel like that one time kayak made fun of million dollar mansions, except for once i'm disagreeing with like all decisions she made here 😂😭

    wildeflowerboywildeflowerboy24 dagar sedan
  • That's an idea for a Let's Play- Have a sim buy houses to "flip" and then "sell"

    KatieKatie24 dagar sedan
  • Id hate if my kitchen would be open... We had a open one in our old apartment and we're soooo happy we don't have one anymore So idk if it always makes sense to open up the kitchen...

    Julie SwanJulie Swan24 dagar sedan
  • I wish theyd do a hippie/st0ner pack :/

    ShyanneShyanne24 dagar sedan
  • Walking room next to a stove or dishwasher is actually very important. It causes a lot of arguments when it's open. But this is the aims so fair

    Archived cafeteriaArchived cafeteria24 dagar sedan
  • Please refurnish one of your starter homes with a set budget so that they look awesome but are a bit pricier

    Victor, because Wiktor is not enough StrzelczykVictor, because Wiktor is not enough Strzelczyk24 dagar sedan
  • Video idea: turning crazy builds on the gallery to a blue suburban (has it been done yet?)

    Sandra FreijoSandra Freijo24 dagar sedan
  • Okay I just need to know: how does everyone feel about the master bedroom bed? Because I've never liked that bed, but Kayla loves it. Do I just have bad taste? 😂

    Andrea GroenewaldAndrea Groenewald24 dagar sedan
  • “Disney villa vibes”

    Claire WilliamsonClaire Williamson24 dagar sedan
  • My cheap go to decoration is the cheap metal and wood "shelving" that came with "Eco living". It only costs around 60 bucks, is slim and covers some wall space.

    Anna InnocAnna Innoc24 dagar sedan
  • 12:17 from what pack is this gallery wall?

    Lyra FingerhopeLyra Fingerhope24 dagar sedan
  • I think it would be cool to do a sort of "realistic renovation" challenge kinda like fixer upper or this but we set rules that make it seem more realistic?? Obviously the money side would be impossible but things like you can't move plumbing, you can't move the chimney or like move the entire lot or just randomly rotate the whole roof. Idk that sort of thing. Thoughts?

    SophieSophie24 dagar sedan
  • Seeing Sims youtubers put sofas/tables/cabinets literally in front of the front door makes me mad lol. Is it like that in the US/other parts of the world? I'm from Europe and hallways are almost in every house

    Romana SmolinskáRomana Smolinská24 dagar sedan
  • In with pack are the swings?? I love the swings

    Manon_SnapeManon_Snape24 dagar sedan
  • I would like to challenge you to do a kitchen with only 2 counters. Please try.

    georgesgeorges24 dagar sedan