my sims family is cursed

8 mar 2021
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EVERYONE IS DEAD **AGAIN** (and it's only episode 25)
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This video is family friendly, but The Sims 4 is rated T for Teen and this video is intended for an audience aged 13 and up.
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  • is he, y'know.... 0:01 ?

    Jensen CaldwellJensen Caldwell47 minuter sedan
  • Why is Noah me

    RedLionKNCRedLionKNC11 timmar sedan
  • Grim has the same mentality as I do with my groceries: one trip or die trying

    Emma T. FinkEmma T. Fink2 dagar sedan
  • "Mum I live with you"

    InfinityInfinity3 dagar sedan
  • Grim said "two for the price of one"

    Jens of SwedenJens of Sweden4 dagar sedan
  • Belle never got to meet her grandkid .....

    NN11 dagar sedan
  • scream at another sim or make a séance circle when you're too scared

    lolnynylolnyny12 dagar sedan
  • EVERY time a sim dies, Kayla: “NO NO NO! I THOUGHT I HAD MORE TIME!!!!!!!!”

    Tash CoatesTash Coates13 dagar sedan
  • Omg can someone please tell me why people keep on dying for no reason or rightt before they die like skyla ;_;

    GloriaGloria14 dagar sedan
  • Team Mavis chain

    lou_the_crocodile ._.lou_the_crocodile ._.16 dagar sedan
  • Who else thought she meant they were going to try for baby in the shower

    DeVonna WhiteDeVonna White18 dagar sedan
  • Is this house on the gallery?

    Yorkiegamer7Yorkiegamer720 dagar sedan

    Amelia ThomasAmelia Thomas23 dagar sedan
  • The way Skyla just POPPED out of existence like that....... I C A N T XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    Kachii ChanKachii Chan23 dagar sedan
  • God you always think u have more time. No hate lov her

    Isa GamerIsa Gamer23 dagar sedan
  • Jesus loves y’all💕

    JesusIsAmazingJesusIsAmazing24 dagar sedan
  • obviously Mavis Danielle bailed every single time!

    Alina CarrieAlina Carrie24 dagar sedan
  • I know that an automatic vacuum cleaner has been added with cats and dogs, maybe it can also suck dust. But I can’t try, I don’t have this new packs.

    Ida MkIda Mk28 dagar sedan
  • This family is hilarious 😂

    pørcupinepørcupineMånad sedan
  • kayla that scene where the two urns happens is such a meme im wheezing lmaooo i cant

    KaitTheGreatKaitTheGreatMånad sedan

    undefined trashundefined trashMånad sedan
  • Belle calling her son telling him to come visit when they live together is absolutely something my mom would do.

    Geoffry the ButtlerGeoffry the ButtlerMånad sedan
  • 🙉 Your reactions are too hysterical

    МайорМайорMånad sedan
  • this entire series is just kayla going "I thought we had more time!!!!!!!!!"

    Tipsy Gamer GFTipsy Gamer GFMånad sedan

    Ivan GreenIvan GreenMånad sedan
  • 👍

    MichaelaMichaelaMånad sedan
  • Skyla died of a broken heart 😭😭😭😭

    DamienThornDamienThornMånad sedan
  • Creepy doll: *exists* Simsie: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that

    Jennifer St. GeorgeJennifer St. GeorgeMånad sedan
  • Skyla even waved before she disappeared 🤣

    Jaya LawrenceJaya LawrenceMånad sedan
  • The fact that I kept on getting ads for vacuum’s is scary

    EB DalgaardEB DalgaardMånad sedan
  • Miss ma’am it’s not that he didn’t know what to do with his hands, he wanted his own picture💅✨

    A I S H AA I S H AMånad sedan
  • When you realize that Chelsey was fine because she has a family (her husband and daughter) but Noah is all alone in life because he has no family :'(

    QweenMkatQweenMkatMånad sedan
  • I always look awkward in family photos and I am the gay cousin :)))

    elieliMånad sedan
  • Perhaps they keep saying noah is visiting because they are gonna kick him out soon

    Emily HeadEmily HeadMånad sedan
  • Why tf was the cat INSPIERD? What a werd cat

    Clara BrownClara BrownMånad sedan
  • Skyla dying of a broken heart 😭😭

    Joyless KittensJoyless KittensMånad sedan
  • Skyla didn't have enough space to properly die, so she just disappears into the void immediately.

    Chillwave6Chillwave6Månad sedan
  • TEAM DANIELLE bc she looks like kayla lol

    butterfly 45butterfly 45Månad sedan
  • If this episode didn’t make you fall out of your chair laughing then why are you even here...

    Emerly35Emerly35Månad sedan
  • Mavis.

    Jaxon AlstonJaxon AlstonMånad sedan
  • this episode was so chaotic

    Pink Milkshake、Pink Milkshake、Månad sedan
  • The soft "is he vacuuming his mom?" Killed me

    IrongirltoniIrongirltoniMånad sedan
  • What happened with their deaths is she was going to die but there wasn't room since she also died.

    DeZ RaeDeZ RaeMånad sedan
  • Mavis is so perfect for my Noah baby.(also i had a dream about marrying and having 8 kids with Noah and he died like 40 minutes after me giving birth to our last child. I believe I have a crush on Noah, so he's my babe.😍)

    jocelynnytjocelynnytMånad sedan
  • I'm on team Danielle!

    Shane DoyleShane DoyleMånad sedan
  • kayla in a whisper: is he vacuuming his mom?

    IsabelIsabelMånad sedan
  • Skyla really said: "Ight there's no room for me to die, let's just forget the animation and hop into the urn!"

    AmeliaAmeliaMånad sedan
  • *votes for Daniele*

    yeah yeahyeah yeahMånad sedan
  • Mavis ftw.

    Casey CatCasey CatMånad sedan
  • stop being so funny, i nearly woke up my sleeping toddler because i was cackling at this video

    ambelinaambelinaMånad sedan
  • Lets do Mavis!

    Sof BearSof BearMånad sedan
  • This one

    Zohar MosesZohar MosesMånad sedan
  • I have one question can you play the Sims on a iPad

    Zohar MosesZohar MosesMånad sedan
  • "Millennial life crisis" is such a mood.

    Leia DhoroLeia DhoroMånad sedan

    Alexis StubblefieldAlexis StubblefieldMånad sedan
  • Two-for-one souls! lol I felt like that losing one of my Sims, too.

    KKMånad sedan
  • you should have asked the bunnie for money

    Lillie ParkerShortsLillie ParkerShortsMånad sedan
  • Lol I used to only play on short lifespan only since I have little patience now in my challenging myself to play normal lifespan doing ABC legacy

    BooBooMånad sedan
  • u should turn on inheritance through the MCCsettings bc it makes no sense you wouldn’t have gotten money from the two grandparents & moms who were very high up in their careers!!!

    richardrichardMånad sedan
  • reaper really said: "idk might as well take this one while I'm here too:

    Brynn SievertBrynn SievertMånad sedan
  • ok hear me out.... marry zelda

    Brooklyn TomczakBrooklyn TomczakMånad sedan
  • Mavis

    Casper CouponersCasper CouponersMånad sedan
  • She died of a heartbreak.

    Kasandra MorganKasandra MorganMånad sedan
  • Team Danielle

    ShelbyShelbyMånad sedan
  • 13:24, is he... ya know? 😂

    Tea PotstickerTea PotstickerMånad sedan
  • Put the house up on the gallery with all their photos and stuff and then take the photos, build a new hours and place the photos up there

    Jay L.Jay L.Månad sedan
  • Danielle for the win

    Louis St-AmandLouis St-AmandMånad sedan
  • Noah might be my favorite sim of all time

    MaddieP74MaddieP74Månad sedan
  • whispers "is he vacuuming his mom????" Priceless bahahhahahahahha

    Christine MathesonChristine MathesonMånad sedan
  • Nobody: Just nobody: Skylar: Alright Imma turn into an urn

    Tomboy WolfTomboy WolfMånad sedan
  • mavis!mavis!mavis

    Gracie GamingGracie GamingMånad sedan

    sude demirsude demirMånad sedan
  • I like mavis better

    Boogie NorbertBoogie NorbertMånad sedan
  • Babies were age glitching for me too

    sugarbluntsugarbluntMånad sedan

    applejack cereal boxapplejack cereal boxMånad sedan
  • LMAO

    UniQueLyEviLUniQueLyEviLMånad sedan
  • Team Mavis

    Holden HellmannHolden HellmannMånad sedan
  • 16:20 Skyla: *dips* 16:27 Simsie: series of No's 😭😭😭✋ PLS

    Ehlana JammehEhlana JammehMånad sedan
  • I’m on team Danielle because of the squeamish thing I think it would be cute but I feel like mavis is a better fit for him but also mavis seems such like a free spirit I can’t see her having like kids in the next episode so these are just my thoughts

    Maggie Rae MusicMaggie Rae MusicMånad sedan
  • Mavissss date Mavissss

    tiasimlishtiasimlishMånad sedan
  • lmao @ 9:32 😭 uh uh-uh! uh-wha, I d' hhh - 😱 AAH!

    EverythingisEverythingEverythingisEverythingMånad sedan
  • "Is he vacuuming his mum?????" I'm crying 🤣🤣🤣

    Dazzle SoundDazzle SoundMånad sedan
  • Don’t forget to save this house

    Amanda SunshineAmanda SunshineMånad sedan
  • team Mavis

    Mar SzaMar SzaMånad sedan
  • Skyla:maybe I’ll disappear? Yes that’s a good udeas

    Kate ArrudaKate ArrudaMånad sedan
  • my name is also Kayla, so when I told my boyfriend I watch someone who plays the Sims named Kayla Sims, he thought I was making you up

    Kayla HovisKayla HovisMånad sedan
  • This is the worst episode EVER İi feel like crying inside😭😭😭😭😭

    nekoto uwunekoto uwuMånad sedan
  • I think mavis is the one for noah

    livvy crossinglivvy crossingMånad sedan
  • Mavisssss

    Abigail BabyAbigail BabyMånad sedan
  • kayla if my ribs crack from laughter your paying the hospital bill

    Neve PercivalNeve PercivalMånad sedan
  • What mod/cheat do you have that allows to cheat away the emotions?

    Tigjac614Tigjac614Månad sedan

    yasmeowyasmeowMånad sedan
  • Skyla really went "bye"

    taryn_gtaryn_gMånad sedan
  • i think he should date danielle and then later on she divorces him because she secretly only wants him for his money or something she dosen’t actually like him why would she leave all the time if she did 🙄 then he gets together with mavis

    gisellegiselleMånad sedan
  • Honestly I just wanna see Kayla do the 100 Baby Challenge is short-lived span after this

    Samantha IrwinSamantha IrwinMånad sedan
  • OMG when they both turned into urns I just busted out laughing

    Cynthia MattyCynthia MattyMånad sedan
    • Omg then I almost peed myself at “is he vacuuming his MOM??”

      Cynthia MattyCynthia MattyMånad sedan
  • I like Mavis more

    Diana CardosoDiana CardosoMånad sedan
  • idk ‘bout yall but im team Mavis

    IsabellaIsabellaMånad sedan
  • Iv been bindge watching your 100 baby challange and you are hilarious!! Lol love your vids

    Alicia LynnAlicia LynnMånad sedan
  • i’m on team Mavis - i feel like they’re quirky & awkward in a similar way

    louise erin dimentlouise erin dimentMånad sedan