I tried using a real floorplan to recreate a house in The Sims 4

29 mar 2021
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I found a floorplan I loved so I tried to recreate it in The Sims
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The house! www.floorplans.com/plan/1818-square-feet-3-bedroom-2-5-bathroom-1-garage-57404
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  • If you take the garage away this house is like an average house in the Uk/Ireland

    Ciara FarrellCiara FarrellDag sedan
    • actually just realised there is a porch... Ya maybe not

      Ciara FarrellCiara FarrellDag sedan
  • This is what I do whenever I can't come up with my own house design (so like 9 out of 10 times lol). There are some really cool floor plans out there! I usually turn a garage into a home gym or music room

    Grimalkin FelidaeGrimalkin Felidae3 dagar sedan
  • A friend of mine used to browse floor plan sites for her Sims builds. She built some nice houses.

    lilwashu76lilwashu766 dagar sedan
  • kayla, can you build dunder mifflin plead 😂

    Pastel BlxssxmPastel Blxssxm10 dagar sedan
  • Most of my builds are based on floor plans lol

    RosutokoRosutoko11 dagar sedan
  • why doesn't kayla design her own game?

    Jude Al MazeediJude Al Mazeedi12 dagar sedan
  • Wait a minute the sims 4 doesn't even have cars?

    Zach GerrityZach Gerrity13 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or do the sims one look more realistic than the real one

    lpsgirl41 yasslpsgirl41 yass16 dagar sedan
  • I just saw Simsie rating her crying selfies on TikTok... yeesh... 🤭

    AquamarienAquamarien16 dagar sedan
  • I use the slanted roof as a ramp to the garage then I give it a concrete swatch and get matching tile for the floor and align it up

    Shannan RoseShannan Rose17 dagar sedan
  • You can use the big sliding doors from Mt. Komerebi in the white swatch in the future! I use them any chance I get and they look really nice as a garage door!

    Gabby HewesGabby Hewes17 dagar sedan
  • You totally could have put laundry in the garage!

    Lindsey HamiltonLindsey Hamilton17 dagar sedan
  • Don’t they make taller medium wall height sliding glass doors though?

    wilbur stanwilbur stan18 dagar sedan
  • you should use a roof piece as the driveway like a house you toured one time

    Audrey BryantAudrey Bryant18 dagar sedan
  • this house looks like Claire's house from modern family

    Vitória FiorelliVitória Fiorelli18 dagar sedan
  • You are all over the place and I LOVE IT, reminds me of my own brain and makes me a feel a bit more normal.

    Alyssa JamersonAlyssa Jamerson19 dagar sedan
  • "Why do you watch my channel? I don't know what I'm doing!" Well, it's right because of what you said that we love you! You go ahead no matter what! 💙💚😂 You're right, the hallways (same with garages) in The Sims feel a bit "out of place", well, simply because we don't have access to many specific objects for them. T__T

    groundmisterygroundmistery19 dagar sedan
  • Can u put this on the gallery?

    Julia EmannJulia Emann19 dagar sedan
  • I love this so much!

    Assumpta KiarieAssumpta Kiarie19 dagar sedan
  • ( 𓁹‿𓁹 )

    Maren NerleirmoMaren Nerleirmo19 dagar sedan
  • I seriously can't build without floor plans, all my rooms would end up being half empty squares lmao

    UniqueDayaUniqueDaya19 dagar sedan
  • Can you pleaseee have another shell challange??

    Emma SofieEmma Sofie19 dagar sedan
  • I usually just estimate and make it to my liking. I don’t like rooms smaller than 4 boxes long and wide and bathrooms no shorter than 3 boxes. I also keep in mind the furniture boxes as well.

    Hachi KyōkiHachi Kyōki19 dagar sedan
  • When looking at the floor plan to the sims, I see one block as three real like square feet. I start smaller and then go bigger if I need to.

    Hannah DudleyHannah Dudley19 dagar sedan
  • You can make terrain paint sharper with yknow the shape things under that

    fairycrossingfairycrossing20 dagar sedan
  • hey, is this house on the gallery? i cant find it

    IsadoraIsadora20 dagar sedan
  • There’s a garage door. It’s from City Living, you can spray paint it but it looks pretty good

    Alessandra CoppesAlessandra Coppes20 dagar sedan
  • Kayak that house is green

    Nell FernaldNell Fernald20 dagar sedan
  • That’s what I do in Minecraft

    Sylvie CyanSylvie Cyan20 dagar sedan
  • Can you build a beach mikro home with bunk beds 🛌 🏖

    Anna MiklovicsAnna Miklovics20 dagar sedan
  • I do that almost everytime... I try to find good houses and their floor plan... I get floor plans at Pinterest, like always hahah

    Sara IdkSara Idk20 dagar sedan
  • Wish this was on the gallery

    Kirsty TegerdineKirsty Tegerdine20 dagar sedan
  • Please kayla we need more less limited builds, use whatever packs and bigger budgets. You make too many basegame budget builds it gets kinda boring... sorry luv, love you! 😫

    MiyakiesMiyakies20 dagar sedan
  • to make ramps up to your garages you could use a roof piece instead of terrain tools :)

    Megan BuckleyMegan Buckley20 dagar sedan
  • So glad I’m not the only one who hates sliding glass doors

    SilvoidSilvoid20 dagar sedan
  • I LOVE making house plans into the sims like this. My advice -> One wall square (small door size) is about 3 feet. So when I see rooms that are like 12'x15' I translate it to be about 4 sims squares by 5 sims grid squares. Love these floorplan recreate videos

    greasy burgergreasy burger20 dagar sedan
  • Should have started with the kitchen! You can actually match the scale and exactly recreate the kitchen, each counter piece and appliances matches up.

    troberts1troberts121 dag sedan
  • Americans : « It’s a really small house » Europeans : 👁👄👁

    MayohooeMayohooe21 dag sedan
  • All i see is Chloe's house from Life is Strange.

    Calin AppleCalin Apple21 dag sedan
  • Kayla: “I don’t know how to landscape.” Me: Amazed at her landscaping. Kayla: “This should isn’t very good.” Me(again): Still amazed at her house. Kayla: “I am not very good.” Me: YOU ARE THE BEST SIMMER I KNOW!!!!!!!! *continues to daydream about Kayla’s amazing builds

    Loraya WestrikLoraya Westrik21 dag sedan
  • For the room above the garage, which is probably my favourite part of this house, but is there a way to change the wall height of different floors for the same house? I think so but it looked a little off with just a roof on top of the garage. I feel like it might look physically better if she changed the wall height to medium or small wall height for the second floor and put a room on top of the garage. Then added a small roof.

    Greg PutnamGreg Putnam21 dag sedan
  • Might as well name this channel Lilsimsie Builds cause...

    Isaiah BankssIsaiah Bankss21 dag sedan
  • I'm so tired of base game houses DDDD: I know you're trying to make the accessible to players otherwise they complain all the time, but they all look the same after you've built a million of them

    notsoyellowbrickroadnotsoyellowbrickroad21 dag sedan
  • Can u make a house with every skill

    Abigail OstermanAbigail Osterman21 dag sedan
  • Hey Kalya, hope ur doing well bc I remember you saying you were saying pre-recored vids for when u got really sick. So I hope you are feeling well! Get better soon!

    LoreleiLorelei21 dag sedan
  • I swear Kayla have figured out the recipe for getting what she wants in Sims. She just talks about it in every single episode until the Sims team does it....BUILD A HOUSE IN THE SHAPE OF A PLAIN BUSH! THAT SHOULD DO IT!

    Robert SimpsonRobert Simpson21 dag sedan
  • Please build in Sulani!!!

    MK MKMK MK21 dag sedan
  • "I recommend this so beginners" *immediate panic*

    Aretha St.HilaireAretha St.Hilaire21 dag sedan
  • Kayla, I have an idea for a build. Make a build prob a mansion that would be on a Sims reality show

    L WebbL Webb21 dag sedan
  • I wish that The Sims 4 had cars because it would be so much easier to travel who else agrees?

    Olivia SchwendemanOlivia Schwendeman21 dag sedan
  • why do i wanna take this house, make it into an older/falling apart home, and get kayla to re-renovate it better than this?

    CookieSimsCookieSims21 dag sedan
  • you should definitely do more of your traditional builds to stay some-what in your comfort zone except branch out and use more furniture that you typically don't use, like drifting away from the stuff you gravitate towards and make it work, you could even start a new series called "Make It Work" or something, id love the see that!

    Jesse-Taylor YTJesse-Taylor YT21 dag sedan
  • lilsimsie loves cc but never uses it 💔. she should do a build where she gets to use only CC

    Areeb UsmaniAreeb Usmani21 dag sedan
  • kayla: i just want more beds, that's all!!! kayla's sims wishlist: - more beds - more plain greenery - more bushes - more (matching) color swatches on everything - more skinny long horizontal windows - more skinny long vertical windows - taller sliding glass doors anything else, everyone?

    madie solbergmadie solberg21 dag sedan
    • @sweatpantsprincess yes!!!

      madie solbergmadie solberg17 dagar sedan
    • Plain, normal sofas in neutral swatches!

      sweatpantsprincesssweatpantsprincess21 dag sedan
  • For some reason floor plans come easy to me and it's actually my favorite part of building

    Kyleigh's LifeKyleigh's Life21 dag sedan
  • Kayla, kayla! Can you link us your pinterest boards for sims home inspiration? What kind of websites do you use, what kinds of floorplans do you recommend? I want to follow you on pinterest, which is not a thing I say, but I'm very interested in seeing your process and tastes and what you admire and yeah I think it'd be fun!

    sweatpantsprincesssweatpantsprincess21 dag sedan
  • I want Kayla to do a build challenge in the sims 3 👀

    Asche TrashAsche Trash21 dag sedan
  • You can use a roof with a concrete texture to make the driveway next time.

    gaylemonadegaylemonade21 dag sedan
  • In my opinion that house is cute, the side is pretty uh- yikes, but I could live with that. Honestly, you make your builds look so realistic they just become better than the actual house. AND I didn't think about building fake garages until now because that's actually super useful for exercise equipment that wouldn't really fit in the house, and the trashcans I hate looking at.

    Leah ScottLeah Scott21 dag sedan
  • You should try building a house with at least 2 items from every single pack you own

    SamqueenSamqueen21 dag sedan
  • I really want to download The Sims 4 but I'm scared my parents won't approve even though I'm fifteen. Also, I am not good at electronics and I find the Sims 4 website very confusing. I mainly want The Sims 4 to build houses because I absolutely love architecture and interior design. (I want to major in either one when I go to college. I just don't know what pack to purchase and how to purchase it. Can anyone give me some advice?

    Samantha ThomasSamantha Thomas21 dag sedan
  • stop building houses 4 people who don’t buy packs 😭😭😭, without packs there’s nothing to do in this game

    Samuele UrbanSamuele Urban21 dag sedan
  • you should do a build where you can use any pack- except for base game. I don’t think it’d be that hard but it’d be interesting see, especially to those of us with many packs but not sure how to use them all!

    Emma GantEmma Gant21 dag sedan
  • I don’t know if half of you know this game.. but I want Kayla to play Bloxburg on Roblox and try and build something.

    Brennan and KlaraBrennan and Klara21 dag sedan
  • When lil simsie does a limited pack build and you have those packs and you can download the build :O :D

    DoodlebugDoodlebug21 dag sedan
  • Recreate madonnas 1995 mansion

    AyarAyar21 dag sedan
  • Cute ! I wish you could make like some of your subscribers house plans or something

    Brittney WaldheimBrittney Waldheim21 dag sedan
  • So I recently discovered the closest to scale equation in the sims is each square is 2ft! I figured this out the other day cause I use using the sims to model some potential apartment layouts the other day 😅

    DisplacerKatSidheDisplacerKatSidhe21 dag sedan
  • ah, lilsimsie. a moment i look forward to every day.

    jujujuju21 dag sedan
  • Make a micro home and all rooms have to be in a own room (like dining room in one room, livingroom in another)

    Lilly CederLilly Ceder21 dag sedan
  • Heyy Kayla :) a tip from an architect for you in reading the floorplan: the arrow on the stairs show the direction in which the stairs go upstairs (does this sentence make sense? xD ) So, it is like this: Downstairs -------------> Upstairs I think this was kinda proplematic in this video :)) i really enjoy watching your videos :) unfortunately i live in germany, so I cannot watch your streams :(

    KookooalaKookooala21 dag sedan
    • I took another look at the floorplans you used here and it seems to be a mistake in the plans. in the groundplan from downstairs, the arrow points in the wrong direction. Buuut it is kinda written on there, where it's up and where down

      KookooalaKookooala21 dag sedan
  • Every time I or I see others struggle with item or CAS colour swatches, I cry at the memory of Create a Style

    Jeff the HoboJeff the Hobo21 dag sedan
  • I think the stairs were too close to the front door that's why you couldn't fit the bathroom upstairs. Should have done three by 3 bathroom upstairs and then put the stairs behind them and scaled everything from there.

    Kathryn GreenKathryn Green21 dag sedan
  • 7:01 Why is she anti sliding glass doors ? 😭😭

    depphead xdepphead x21 dag sedan
  • Is anyone else watching this at 3am ill and wanna play sims4 and u play on ps4 so u do

    Mavel4ever And everMavel4ever And ever21 dag sedan
  • I would’ve done 1/2 walls on one side of the kitchen and skipped the upper cabinets on that side. Then it’s more open and you could even put a counter top with bar stools on the outside ☺️

    Sarah DoodySarah Doody21 dag sedan
  • Ok but cc sliding glass doors and windows are a chefs kiss

    Hailey WheelerHailey Wheeler21 dag sedan
  • Recreating floorplans is one of my fave things to do on the Sims!❤

    Punky ReggaePartyPunky ReggaeParty21 dag sedan
  • In the floor plan, the kitchen has either a door or archway to the den-dining and has what looks like a hidey hole (half wall) section into the living-dining.

    J KJ K21 dag sedan
  • Lmao, in Belgium these kind of houses are normal, she keeps saying that the hallway is long... but it’s often like this. I couldn’t help but laugh

    emilie bivortemilie bivort21 dag sedan
  • no one: kayla: I HATE THIS GAME! kayla *2 seconds later* : I quite like this house

    soapie esoapie e21 dag sedan
  • i love that you try to make your builds accessible to everyone, but as someone who doesn't have many packs i would love to see you use any items you want. I'm just here for sims content and while it would be nice to get a basegame build every once in a while, i think most of us would enjoy seeing other packs in use as well:)

    Müller RékaMüller Réka21 dag sedan
    • 🥵🥰🥰😙

      Farkas BertaFarkas Berta21 dag sedan
  • Simsie: it’s not meant to be a fancy looking house Me being English: that would cost like a million quid here! It’s fancy!

    Amber Is UnnecessaryAmber Is Unnecessary21 dag sedan
  • kayla girl you can make the terrain paint sharper with the slider lol

    Ella BrooksElla Brooks21 dag sedan
  • How did she move whole house?

    Naima IrfanNaima Irfan21 dag sedan
  • Love if you did completely different styles and didn't use base game. As a new challenge for yourself 🙂🙂

    M. RoboM. Robo21 dag sedan
  • kaylaaa i have a video idea, why dont you make a house using items and furniture you hate. if she alrdy done it im sorry, im a new sub

    ItsJasmineGutierrezItsJasmineGutierrez21 dag sedan
  • it would be the best thing ever if you made the houses from modern family

    ana luiza rodriguesana luiza rodrigues21 dag sedan
  • Omg, I need to build this in Sims 2 ❤️

    Marcella MaragnoMarcella Maragno21 dag sedan
  • It takes me days to make houses and idk why

    Emily TarrantEmily Tarrant21 dag sedan
  • Make more house flipper

    Anya CreatsAnya Creats21 dag sedan
  • We're only 2 mins 38 secs into the video Kayla: this is a disaster

    J U L I E TJ U L I E T21 dag sedan
  • Hey, not sure if it has been mentioned, but the sliding glass door leads to a platform outside, but doesn't have a platform inside. Does that still work gameplay wise? Just curious.

    Ellie BjerreEllie Bjerre21 dag sedan
  • Hi, I have the sims 4 and also updated it, but the platform tools are still missing. Is there anything I can do?

    Annalena HerzigAnnalena Herzig21 dag sedan
  • Don't worry, in my house there is more hallway than kitchen. My house has a super tiny kitchen.

    Purple0Rain -3-Purple0Rain -3-21 dag sedan
  • Hey simsie, what about Vlad's mansion but tiny? I kinda miss that series

    CharikCharik21 dag sedan
  • Kayla could you recreate a British house of rightmove Thanks

    Samuel MitchellSamuel Mitchell21 dag sedan
  • Ugh I do that too much lol, but also, I spend way to long, probably days, into week(s) on some houses, but I jump around, I am on a legacy family atm, but also just built one of the prettiest houses I’ve built 😂 having fun 😂

    Emily PughEmily Pugh21 dag sedan
  • Im watching your chanell exactly because you have no idea what you're doing sometimes. Thanks to that Im not jealous😂😂. Still love you

    ZuzaZuza21 dag sedan
  • Tip for garage door: take the little pet door from cats and dogs and size them up 😊

    Luna von MoonlightLuna von Moonlight21 dag sedan