i tried to build a house upside down in the sims

1 apr 2021
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I flipped my game upside down and my brain stopped working
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  • Jokes on you, i turned my Phone, its not trippy for me 😏

    SxlemSxlem2 dagar sedan
  • What IF you combine the two challenge? "Build upside down AND make no mistakes" That would be epic xD

    Desire BlackheartDesire Blackheart2 dagar sedan
  • Totally didn’t just watch this video with my phone flipped

    Oshie LocherOshie Locher3 dagar sedan
  • Who else just flipped their phone upside down? lmao

    AuriolusDovahAuriolusDovah6 dagar sedan
  • i have a really nice challenge for you: its the travel challenge and the point is to travel with your sim in every world on every lot, but you can stay just a week in a world tips for more fun gameplay:1take another sim with you 2fill Newcrest with gallery lots 3visit the secret lots to(that will be hard)

    hiti Cowloverhiti Cowlover6 dagar sedan
  • Not me continously trying to flip my phone screen the right way

    wishinyouwhereherewishinyouwherehere7 dagar sedan
  • It’s honestly so freaking weird that our brains can’t comprehend seeing something upside down because literally everything our eyes see is upside down. Like our eyes picks up everything in the wrong direction, and sends it straight to the brain. Then it’s the brains job to flip all the images around so that we register them not upside down. So it’s really weird that the brain would be sooo confused by something that is actually upside down and therefor the eyes would pick up as being in the right direction.

    Evelina ÅkessonEvelina Åkesson7 dagar sedan
  • whole new meaning to house flipper

    Nk NortonNk Norton8 dagar sedan
  • Not me flipping my phone so I can see the build and Kayla is upsidedown.

    Sophia MarieSophia Marie8 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else turn their phones upside down to watch lilsimsie build it right side up because the upside down screen was giving them a headache?

    Anna VettoriAnna Vettori8 dagar sedan
  • I'm mostly going to listen to this one cause I'm already nauseous and I'm about 4 minutes in 😅

    Appa TayAppa Tay9 dagar sedan
  • Lilsimsie- "lets make this house RED" And then smiles when she says this... "THE COLOR OF PAIN" XD

    Isla ArmstrongIsla Armstrong10 dagar sedan
  • im watchng this drunl

    nn10 dagar sedan

    Sarah HarmerSarah Harmer10 dagar sedan
  • Honestly, it’s not bad considering what she put herself through

    Victoria ScofieldVictoria Scofield11 dagar sedan
  • I flipped my display so it was right-side-up :) No motion-sickness for me todayyyy

    tiasimlishtiasimlish11 dagar sedan
  • I locked my screen so it wouldn't auto-rotate, and watched the majority of this video like that. I have escaped the nausea!!

    Potterhead SimmerPotterhead Simmer12 dagar sedan
  • I love you , Kayla, but we all know Kate Emerald is objectively the best builder

    The Virtual TravelerThe Virtual Traveler12 dagar sedan
  • Honestly most of the time building right way up makes gives me motion sickness

    razzley dazzleyrazzley dazzley12 dagar sedan
  • You should build a upside down house with no mistakes. Lol

    Katelyn KKatelyn K12 dagar sedan
  • "Maybe we make the house red! THE COLOR OF PAIN!"

    Zaida J-WhiteZaida J-White13 dagar sedan
  • Imagine this challenge no mistakes xDD it would just be... make a bad house challenge at that point

    GloriaGloria13 dagar sedan
  • quick tip for poeple who get nausous. Just flip your screen and then only she is unpside down... have fun getting it back to normal thoooo lolll

    GloriaGloria13 dagar sedan
  • You should build a Florida house. You talk about them all the time but i've got no clue what they look like

    MaritMarzipanMaritMarzipan13 dagar sedan
  • I never thought that watching something could make you nauseous

    Vanessa Jane WongVanessa Jane Wong13 dagar sedan
  • I think you did OK for being upside down good job

    Angel GirlAngel Girl13 dagar sedan
  • plot twist: she did it normal but flipped her monitor in editing, and really this is an april fools trick

    Lemony SistersLemony Sisters13 dagar sedan
  • i literally scream-laughed when she said "don't mind me, just checking twitter"

    Petra ElekPetra Elek14 dagar sedan
  • Do this again but invert your controls to make it easier

    Dakota WardDakota Ward14 dagar sedan
  • I would like to see a build with the layout reversed, bedrooms on lower floor, kitchen and living area upstairs. Maybe the front door is at the side of the house, just for shts n giggles. 😁🏡

    bladepantherabladepanthera14 dagar sedan
  • You should make a video where you try to fix this house but keep it within the same price range of this house.

    Gene MarieGene Marie14 dagar sedan
  • Pro gamer tip change your computer settings to landscape flipped to watch this video 😌😌

    Pizza WeebPizza Weeb15 dagar sedan
  • Watched this video with my screen upside down.. the vid became drunk simsie building, hilarious 😂

    DannisenDannisen15 dagar sedan
  • Not me forgetting that it was upside down and shaking my phone for it to flip the screen.

    Emma CamposEmma Campos15 dagar sedan
  • Is it weird that I once did an upside down and inverted Challange and had a House that looked totally fine? I'm just so used to reading upside down and have all Colorscemes memorized, even inverted. Sometimes I forget if my screen is upside down or rightside up.

    Tau SnowTau Snow15 dagar sedan
  • Not me watching the video upside down just to see kayla struggle over nothing

    mette Theamette Thea15 dagar sedan
  • "I already feel sick, click off the video, GO AWAY!" -Kayla.

    AddisonAddison15 dagar sedan
  • I got such a bad headache watching this lol

    Alex KAlex K15 dagar sedan
  • this whole video, i was searching for a reason that you would even need a display setting to flip your screen like this??? i cannot even fathom a situation where you would want/need to inflict this pain on yourself...

    Cass RiceCass Rice15 dagar sedan
  • This video reminds me of me when I bought The Sims for the first time

    Michaela K.Michaela K.15 dagar sedan
  • Oh my! I was trying to eat breakfast while watching this and had to stop because I was beginning to feel sick. 😂😂 But truly, it was fun to see you torturing yourself with this crazy build.

    Blu3frogeeBlu3frogee15 dagar sedan
  • This is exactly what I sounded like when I first played sims ... "Where's the furniture?" How do I even place these walls? " I can't get these controls! " "I HATE THIS GAME! 😂

    Gracie ChambersGracie Chambers16 dagar sedan
  • Lilsimsie: "I am going to prank myself..." Me: Uhm...

    Gracie ChambersGracie Chambers16 dagar sedan
  • I'd love to see you build more European style houses! Some Irish one would be cool (and I don't mean stereotypical thatched house from years ago)

    Ciara FarrellCiara Farrell16 dagar sedan
  • I was so confused watching this...

    Its zebrelllIts zebrelll16 dagar sedan
  • My head hurts april fools to myself

    Allison CookAllison Cook16 dagar sedan
  • do you have a discors server? if you have i want to join

    OliziloヶOliziloヶ16 dagar sedan
  • dont know if you have already done it but you could build a house using only those pre made rooms

    Rita MariaRita Maria16 dagar sedan
  • Build a house with your eyes closed

    MxttyIsVxntageMxttyIsVxntage16 dagar sedan
  • Ow my head 🤣

    Megan McGuiganMegan McGuigan16 dagar sedan
  • if watching this starts to make you nauseated, watch the video upside down and watch a normal build while kayla struggles for no reason !!!

    grace hopkinsgrace hopkins16 dagar sedan
  • The ‘don’t mind me, I’m just checking Twitter’ sent me 😂😂😂

    Katie JayneKatie Jayne16 dagar sedan
  • I LOVE your challenges!❤️

    Stefan JonssonStefan Jonsson16 dagar sedan
  • My April Fool's Day: At 5:15 am someone set off the fire alarms and I stood outside without a jacket on in 28F temperatures for half an hour. Thanks.

    ShadoeLandmanShadoeLandman16 dagar sedan
  • ahskak I flipped my phone to watch this video normally and I wanted to rewind 10 seconds to hear what u had said and I was so confused when it didn't repeat it, it's cause I skipped ahead lmaoooo

    AlahnaAlahna16 dagar sedan
  • She could do an upside down and inverted colors build.. :)

    Kara GrantKara Grant16 dagar sedan
  • kayla: "this made me feel nauseous, but i'm prone to that kind of thing, so if you are too, maybe don't watch this one." me: "oh hey same." *keeps watching in a smaller window* xD

    Lady RaritatumLady Raritatum16 dagar sedan
  • "I can't get it, help!" 😂 I don't think we can Simsie. Lmao

    VoidKittyVoidKitty16 dagar sedan
  • oh Kayla, is not easy XD

    nyytitiitunyytitiitu16 dagar sedan
  • ur previous vid is NOT LINKED

    Creeper Aw ManCreeper Aw Man16 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one who flipped there phone upside down to watch the building and not her

    kelsey frankkelsey frank16 dagar sedan
  • Kayla : don’t watch this if you get motion sickness and stuff Me: challenge accepted

    KelsynKelsyn16 dagar sedan
  • Broke: Watching this video as is. Woke: Fullscreen watching and using your monitor settings set to upside-down Bespoke: Use a browser plugin that allows you to flip the video and watch the video while doing other things.

    aerendyllaerendyll17 dagar sedan
  • Me eating while watching

    Bodeboop -Bodeboop -17 dagar sedan
  • I love you. And I tried watching the whole thing but the upsode down thing made nauseous. Really fun idea though! Don't know how you were able to do that.

    Laura GantzLaura Gantz17 dagar sedan
  • If you flip your screen upside down as well it is really funny to watch because it looks like Kayla forgot how to play Sims!

    Slaminaevoli XSlaminaevoli X17 dagar sedan
  • My gf loves you so now I’m subbed too

    Tristen TyletTristen Tylet17 dagar sedan
  • you should do a 'upside down no going back challenge' !!

    Nina OdijkNina Odijk17 dagar sedan
  • I pressed full screen and then I turned my screen upside down so I could see the bill normally

    Trynity CastroTrynity Castro17 dagar sedan
  • Me turning my phone upside down to watch her suffer

    LonelyCoffeeLonelyCoffee17 dagar sedan
  • "I can't talk while I do this!" *continues to talk*

    Zoe ThomsonZoe Thomson17 dagar sedan
  • You need to build the House thats for furnishing purposes Like the House you See when you Look for chairs , ive never Seen that before!

    Resi HehResi Heh17 dagar sedan
  • You should make the apartment from New Girl

    Avaeana MarescaAvaeana Maresca17 dagar sedan
  • I got dizzy watching this 😂

    SS17 dagar sedan
  • I almost unintentionally flipped my phone because my brain instantly thought I had my phone the wrong way when she flipped the screen.

    Brandon PadillaBrandon Padilla17 dagar sedan
  • Im watching this upside down.

    Goran SGoran S17 dagar sedan
    • I am much confusion

      Goran SGoran S17 dagar sedan
  • It’s always the Get Together columns.

    Elisa LeeElisa Lee17 dagar sedan
  • Okay, I had to stop watching. I was getting vertigo... lol. So dizzy, lol.

    Kat_FliesKat_Flies17 dagar sedan
  • why not renovate it?

    Meme BubshaitMeme Bubshait17 dagar sedan
  • And I didn't watch this when it first came out and I thought no no I can do it nope nope can't do it I tried I made 2 minutes in can't do it

    kira wkira w17 dagar sedan
  • This give so much anxiety omg

    Julieta LegueJulieta Legue17 dagar sedan
  • inverse next please

    Aliahya BlackledgeAliahya Blackledge17 dagar sedan
  • Is this how EA makes their builds? That would explain the missing toilet...

    Andy HumbleAndy Humble17 dagar sedan
  • can you do this challenge + make no mistake that’ll be so good

    Hannah HorokyHannah Horoky17 dagar sedan
  • She should've turned the video right side up in editing and not acknowledge the fact it was upside down until the end

    motherlodemanmotherlodeman17 dagar sedan
  • Now do the 10 minute upside down build challenge 🤣

    SpoolOfThreadSpoolOfThread17 dagar sedan
  • Deli and James must build like this all the time and fix the footage for us Americans lol

    Super Fan SophieSuper Fan Sophie17 dagar sedan
  • Imagine building upside down and doing the 10 minute challenge

    ChulzChulz17 dagar sedan
  • Simsie: I HATE THIS I HATE IT SO MUCH Also Simsie: let's do it diagonal as well next time

    Lauren bLauren b17 dagar sedan
  • her commentary is me building but... normally

    Lora JacksonLora Jackson17 dagar sedan
  • so THATS how EA makes their buildssss. it all makes sense now

    Avery AcevedoAvery Acevedo17 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for the warning!!

    Amy JohnsonAmy Johnson18 dagar sedan
  • I was sick before you ever mentioned the first "sick". o_o Oh my.

    CrayolaMommy SimmerCrayolaMommy Simmer18 dagar sedan
  • This challenge but you can't make changes after the item is placed!!!!!!

    Lilianna KeithLilianna Keith18 dagar sedan
  • Kayla can you please create the Sims Mobile starter home in TS4 by giving it your touches pleaseee.🤞🏽

    NeelSims PlayNeelSims Play18 dagar sedan
  • Kayla missed a perfect opportunity since everything is backwards she could have tricked us and did introduce last and close ouf first bahah

    X. Pxstel Queen. XX. Pxstel Queen. X18 dagar sedan
  • ahhhhh yesss!! i remember requesting this, i’m happy kyak decided to do it!

    victoria Koopmanvictoria Koopman18 dagar sedan
  • Legend says her computer is still upside down

    TotallyNotVibyTotallyNotViby18 dagar sedan
  • American plumbella

    ArfuirIArfuirI18 dagar sedan
  • Congratulations 🎊

    M BlackM Black18 dagar sedan