22 mar 2021
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Sims in The Sims 4 are BORING - talking about traits:
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    TT’s LawTT’s Law20 dagar sedan
  • Can you do sim3

    Bryron WesleyBryron Wesley21 dag sedan
  • That was actually a few days ago for me because I’m watching this from the future currently it’s Thursday, March 25 I don’t watch Sims every day

    K DunnK Dunn25 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone know how to get the update on pc

    Cassidy LynnCassidy Lynn26 dagar sedan
  • Who are these mysterious Red Alert Simmers tho? 🤓

    Petra MatulováPetra Matulová26 dagar sedan
  • How can i update my sims that i downloaded for free??

    Mihaila MilanovaMihaila Milanova26 dagar sedan

    Jurate RaudonieneJurate Raudoniene26 dagar sedan
  • I want a pool update pleasee. 😔

    morningflowermorningflower27 dagar sedan
  • OMG we have the same wallpaper on our computer!!

    Klara LKlara L27 dagar sedan
  • The have had bunk beds in the sims 4 for a long time it is on cc

    Hadley SiemonsmaHadley Siemonsma27 dagar sedan
  • I miss my Sims 3. Alt building is so much fun, but the overall game content was awesome. I wonder if with 8gb RAM could run the game in the same laptop as the one I'm using for TS4.

    Giselle EnidGiselle Enid27 dagar sedan
  • day 66 of asking kayla for a main character house

    mxladiqmxladiq27 dagar sedan
  • i really hope they will finally give sims actual personality. maybe more traits or sth that acually affects gameplay. coz bunk beds doesnt really matter if the game gets boring after barely playing it and i dont think this trait update really did much of anything

    Ola AbramczykOla Abramczyk27 dagar sedan

    Lucyplaysroblox -Lucyplaysroblox -27 dagar sedan
  • I'm just so excited about this because the animation for Ravasheen's bunk beds will be a lot better now than it was before!!! like yaaaaaaas.

    cham chamcham cham27 dagar sedan
  • is anyone else having any problems with the new update? i can’t select anything from the build/buy catalog. i can move existing furniture, but i can’t add new furniture. (it won’t even let me click it) all of my script mods (ui, mccc, ww, etc) are updated.

    denasdumbassdenasdumbass27 dagar sedan
    • @lwomar that might be the case, thank you! when i tried to search for solutions nothing popped up, and i’m very scared about going to anyone’s discord 😂

      denasdumbassdenasdumbass27 dagar sedan
    • Yes. A lot of people are. Check if you have the Better Build Mod or the Expandable Build mod. Those two mods are broken after this update and will need to be removed until updated. For me, it was the Expandable Build mod.

      lwomarlwomar27 dagar sedan
  • I love your video’s so much 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Antonina ŚwiderskiAntonina Świderski27 dagar sedan
  • I really want them to bring the creative tool back

    JazmineJazmine27 dagar sedan
  • Kayla I would NOT describe you as a snob!

    Melissa SimmondsMelissa Simmonds27 dagar sedan
  • bring astrology and favourite colours/foods back!

    iuliaiulia27 dagar sedan
  • I don't know what I would do without you lilsimsie

    Sage SharpeSage Sharpe27 dagar sedan
  • I wish they’d bring back the CAS options from sims 3 - zodiac signs... fave colors... etc !!! AND THE COLOR WHEEL!!!! Come onnnn

    Shendi Marie SimShendi Marie Sim27 dagar sedan
  • Are the bunk beds free

    Rachel plays With ginnea pigsRachel plays With ginnea pigs27 dagar sedan
  • Did they add new food?

    Savanah MarsawSavanah Marsaw27 dagar sedan
  • Oh it's interesting all right

    Asher WalkerAsher Walker27 dagar sedan
  • I specifically didn’t watch these videos so I wouldn’t be questioning anything 🤣🤣

    Lazy EyeLazy Eye27 dagar sedan
  • Sims 3 build challenge: every room is a different pattern

    G DPG DP27 dagar sedan
  • did anyone else notice how this bunk bed video and the cc bunk bed video she made 1 year ago are both 9 minutes and 12 seconds long🤯🤯🤯🤯

    Conrad ClementsConrad Clements27 dagar sedan
  • ahhh i’m updating my game rnnnnn

    Emilie HammondsEmilie Hammonds28 dagar sedan
  • can we get the color wheel back plz like why don’t they put that in the game

    Emilie HammondsEmilie Hammonds28 dagar sedan
  • i hope u can put any bed in the bunks even if it’s not base game and i hope u can put desks in the bottom

    Emilie HammondsEmilie Hammonds28 dagar sedan
  • and like you should do seasond

    Ava MuellerAva Mueller28 dagar sedan
  • you should do a series of like a family lets play

    Ava MuellerAva Mueller28 dagar sedan
  • when i waching tthis its out but its not letting me updatie it

    me Rogersme Rogers28 dagar sedan

    me Rogersme Rogers28 dagar sedan
  • I forgot about the swatches in Sims 3 😅 I miss that

    Jadzia ChanceJadzia Chance28 dagar sedan
  • Yesss!!!!

    LilyLily28 dagar sedan
  • does anyone still play with POV feature?

    Peanut ButterPeanut Butter28 dagar sedan
  • Im waiting for Kayla's video now, cant be fals alarm😅

    Lisanne JannaLisanne Janna28 dagar sedan
  • Why for God's sake after 7 YEARS of begging do they give us two bunk beds (two types each so technical four) and don't let us easily put a desk or whatever underneath? And why does one have to be uncomfortable? So we have to use mods to be able to use the bed without negative outcome. Great... I was really excited for this update and now I'm kinda disappointed to be honest. Well, not like we aren't all used to disappointment by now

    NefeleeNefelee28 dagar sedan
  • Tbh I'm so dissapointed. You can't even put a desk under them. I hope they change it in the future.

    Autumn KallnerAutumn Kallner28 dagar sedan
  • Dude it feels like we JUST got the lame hot tub😂 has it already been another year

    Carrie GrigsbyCarrie Grigsby28 dagar sedan
  • BuNK Bedroom 7jhdrg

    Fun GangFun Gang28 dagar sedan
  • You can't even put a desk under the new bunk beds...

    I’mHELLAgayI’mHELLAgay28 dagar sedan
    • @Arkadiusz Back to using cc bunk beds until they fix it then

      I’mHELLAgayI’mHELLAgay28 dagar sedan
    • @Nefelee lol it's disappointment

      ArkadiuszArkadiusz28 dagar sedan
    • @Arkadiusz For now you can't. I tried it with and without the moveobjects cheat and it still doesn't work.

      Autumn KallnerAutumn Kallner28 dagar sedan
    • ​@Arkadiusz I just tested it, there is no slot under the bunk bed... You can move a desk there with moveobjects but at least my sims refused to sleep in the top bed with a desk underneath. Also, one of the beds is labelled "uncomfortable"... WHY SIMS TEAM WHY???

      NefeleeNefelee28 dagar sedan
    • It is confirmed?

      ArkadiuszArkadiusz28 dagar sedan
  • So excited I’ve never had bunk beds in my game

    Katy likesBasilKaty likesBasil28 dagar sedan
  • I’m pissed the week or two befor the update I’m not aloud to play the sims 4

    Evelyn C.Evelyn C.28 dagar sedan
  • I’m gonna miss how the sims used to just yeet themselves into CC bunk beds😭😂

    Eireann McEireann Mc28 dagar sedan
  • We need that swatch system back

    Marika MiettinenMarika Miettinen28 dagar sedan
  • Just wish they'd separate the mattresses and frames already, it makes building so much easier. But at least we have CC :)

    remy lewisremy lewis28 dagar sedan
  • i dropped out of school to focus on watching all of kayla’s content

    ryluigiryluigi28 dagar sedan

    MaddyFayeMaddyFaye28 dagar sedan
  • "I guess we only have to think about this for 24 hours" *posted 23 hours ago* 🥴🥴🥴🥴

    AcezPlacezAcezPlacez28 dagar sedan

    Sydnei SmithSydnei Smith28 dagar sedan
  • Bunk bed are life saving for apartment living

    thebillie Jeanthebillie Jean28 dagar sedan
  • I had no idea why my game was updating......and then I clicked on the video

    Kameron LaceyKameron Lacey28 dagar sedan

    Izzy thewhizzyIzzy thewhizzy28 dagar sedan
    • happy birthday

      batata bbatata b28 dagar sedan
  • Hi Kayla I just got the new update early on xbox.i just updated it and I have it early.🙂🥳.I am so excited.ther are 4 different bunk beds.i am so excited for you to see them tomorrow.

    demi groucuttdemi groucutt28 dagar sedan
  • omgggggggggg i cant wait toooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Bella Rose VlogsBella Rose Vlogs28 dagar sedan
  • Very annoyed you still need a cheat to put a desk under the loft bed...

    Beatrice HooperBeatrice Hooper28 dagar sedan
  • simsie: *really excited for bunk beds* also simsie: *gets distracted by hair*

    saigesaige28 dagar sedan
  • code red they are here

    Sydnei SmithSydnei Smith28 dagar sedan
  • Where do you got the mods? Cold you tell me the app's name? Please!

    Emīlija ButkusEmīlija Butkus28 dagar sedan
  • why can she see her walls? when i build or do stuff in the house, the walls just... disappear. i mean it makes sense to a certain degree in order to be able to see all the rooms but i can't find an option to change it to hers

    Aline Aguiar WirthAline Aguiar Wirth28 dagar sedan
  • I wish they’d bring back the swatch system for clothes and items. I effing loved that!

    Stephy2185Stephy218528 dagar sedan
  • ITS OUT!!!

    deletedelete28 dagar sedan
  • I got this update now !! Its amazing

    Wszechświat według internetuWszechświat według internetu28 dagar sedan
  • Omg it is now OUT

    Fireboy409Fireboy40928 dagar sedan
    • The Update

      Fireboy409Fireboy40928 dagar sedan
  • I want allergies like lactose intolerant

    Khloe RogowayKhloe Rogoway28 dagar sedan
  • I'm so excited I stayed up until 4am in game decorating and sharing builds to gallery waiting for the patch to be released but it wasn't 🤣🙈

    OG BambiOG Bambi28 dagar sedan
  • Its here!!!!!!!!!!!

    Landon RichterLandon Richter28 dagar sedan
  • If we're talking Sims 3 things I miss, I wish they'd bring back the interior designer/architect career.

    Jessica RJessica R28 dagar sedan
  • When time is it coming out

    AdrinaAdrina28 dagar sedan
    • it's out now, I just updated my game

      batata bbatata b28 dagar sedan
  • Omg

    LadybugLadybug28 dagar sedan
  • My game's updateing now! Im so happy!

    XxMasterImpostorxX 17XxMasterImpostorxX 1728 dagar sedan
  • The people using cc bunk beds with a glitchy scary animation watching this: 👁👄👁

    Addie MusrepAddie Musrep28 dagar sedan
  • Downloading now

    Emily vloggingEmily vlogging28 dagar sedan
  • you know how the bowls for the dogs and cats pack, and how you can take the bowl away from the holder, maybe the beds will be set up like that

    Trevor AronTrevor Aron28 dagar sedan
  • Me: Watching this at 10Am and at 1:29 looks at when its live OMG

    Bailey EngblomBailey Engblom28 dagar sedan
  • I updated my sims but nothing?🥲 does it come later in other countries? Does anyone know?

    Nerys KoopmanNerys Koopman28 dagar sedan
    • same! i updated my game and on the home menu it says bunk beds are here or something like that, but i’m in build mode right now and have looked everywhere for them but can’t find it!?

      Sadie MariSadie Mari28 dagar sedan
  • my game is updating as we speak

    CJ Is BoredCJ Is Bored28 dagar sedan

    Sadie MariSadie Mari28 dagar sedan
  • Been waiting for bunk beds for so long, I got way too excited when I saw the tweet

    Chloe MorganChloe Morgan28 dagar sedan
  • So what time is it coming out?

    Kamryn MKamryn M28 dagar sedan
    • @Sadie Mari omg I’m updating my game now thank you!

      Kamryn MKamryn M28 dagar sedan
    • it’s out now

      Sadie MariSadie Mari28 dagar sedan

    Captain Killy #TillytheTrekkieCaptain Killy #TillytheTrekkie28 dagar sedan
  • I see some spoiler about legacy challenge.. 🤔😅

    Aija ĀriņaAija Āriņa28 dagar sedan
  • I’m waiting for the video 😩

    em goodem good28 dagar sedan
  • Now when I have twins or sims if a similar age I don’t have to spend hella money on a bigger house 👏🏻 they can’t suffer by sharing a room ~ from experience I shared a room with my brother who’s 3 years older than me.. he was in his mid teens sharing with his little sister.. it was hell for both of us

    EmilyEmily28 dagar sedan
  • ohh ehh i cant imagine having to pick one or two more traits for my sims! i really hope they dont add more trait slots cause in real life i dont even have a sense of my own self lol. more and better traits would be amazing tho

    Vhaee HulVhaee Hul28 dagar sedan

    Marko ĐurićMarko Đurić28 dagar sedan
  • i feel like they actually are starting to listen to us. but just watch we ask something again and we just get something random lol.

    riley charlriley charl28 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me who want them to ad a new feature that could be called “minor traits” or something like that..? Like you have three main traits, but then you could have like 7 minor traits? That could make every Sim a bit more personal. Imagine two Sims having the same three main traits, but then having different minor traits!

    Alicia SpinnetAlicia Spinnet28 dagar sedan
  • Me waiting for simsie to release another video with the actual bunk beds...

    Melanie DevineMelanie Devine28 dagar sedan
  • I really hope they add new traits! There aren’t enough traits in the Sims 4 for all my sims so almost all my sims have the same traits!

    Emma GhetuEmma Ghetu28 dagar sedan
  • yo wat happend to the sims 5

    Temazulu MbathaTemazulu Mbatha28 dagar sedan
  • How do I update the Sims 4

    Nevaeh GarrettNevaeh Garrett28 dagar sedan
    • Thank you so much

      Nevaeh GarrettNevaeh Garrett28 dagar sedan
    • @Nevaeh Garrett I meant 6 pm

      A Random Goose with a PhoneA Random Goose with a Phone28 dagar sedan
    • What is 18:00

      Nevaeh GarrettNevaeh Garrett28 dagar sedan
    • The update isnt out yet it comes out at 18:00 GMT

      A Random Goose with a PhoneA Random Goose with a Phone28 dagar sedan
  • Clock watching waiting for 5pm(uk time) excited!

    nicola Dannnicola Dann28 dagar sedan
  • You made me want to play The Sims 3 again.

    Laryssa AkLaryssa Ak28 dagar sedan
  • I have a question for the sims bust the dust kit. If my sim doesn't own a vacuum in their household, will dust and dust bunnies still accumulate?

    Kloe BielskiKloe Bielski28 dagar sedan

    Nat Cat Does StuffNat Cat Does Stuff28 dagar sedan
  • do anyone know what time the update is?

    cajsa malmbergcajsa malmberg28 dagar sedan