i wish i could live in this sims house :(

14 mar 2021
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I built this with lots of the new stuff from the last free update!
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  • To get 100000 simoleons or something type in motherload

    Mel TaylorMel Taylor6 dagar sedan
  • take a shot everytime she says platform

    EmilyMarciaEmilyMarcia8 dagar sedan
  • always the pink bedroom 😂😂

    lonklonk8 dagar sedan
  • does anyone know what pack the back fence is from? like the one it ends up with, not any of the ones she goes through before

    SapphireDoodleSapphireDoodle11 dagar sedan
  • What's the cheat that makes you move everything like that? Eg the plant in the kitchen?

    Cathleen AndersonCathleen Anderson17 dagar sedan
  • Sad I don't have the Sims 4 lol :(

    Oliver GarlandOliver Garland17 dagar sedan

    Sasha MakarovSasha Makarov17 dagar sedan
  • It is so sad that I live in Denmark so we have a different time zone, so when you stream on twitch it’s like in the middle of the night, I never get to watch your streams 😞

    Klara PedersenKlara Pedersen20 dagar sedan
  • Yesssss

    Roblox GamerRoblox Gamer20 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if life were like that show upload but instead of moving into just already built things you could get uploaded into a sims build but it have every functioning things like upload. You design where to live before you’re uploaded. that would be cool!

    Paytin RobinsonPaytin Robinson20 dagar sedan
  • it’s soo cuteee!

    Madisyn BabbMadisyn Babb21 dag sedan
  • “ :( “ is so powerful

    karinulkarinul21 dag sedan
  • Really nice house. Very cozy and quite universal

    Asia TomaszewskaAsia Tomaszewska21 dag sedan

    Pazzie Anne KnexxPazzie Anne Knexx21 dag sedan
  • I followed you on twitch

    Lily FraleyLily Fraley24 dagar sedan
  • I was so invested in what you were saying I was watching you talk and had to rewind so many times cause I missed the actual speed build 🤣

    Aliah MirandaAliah Miranda24 dagar sedan
  • Lilsimsie- steal from the rich. Do it. I completely agree

    Alba SpireAlba Spire24 dagar sedan
  • A few weeks (?) ago Kayla showed a video in which she had frames that you could put your sim families photo in, that will change as the family grows or gets smaller. Can someone point me to the site or her video please. Thanks :)

    Mama Young loves youMama Young loves you25 dagar sedan
  • 13.05 OMG! This is bed soon it will be a element of bunk bed

    Zosia KarwinyZosia Karwiny25 dagar sedan
  • I like watching your videos but the last three times i've heard you say you're going to link something below and there hasn't been a link.

    AMc2781AMc278125 dagar sedan
  • 3:00 Kayla: you can just go to rich peoples houses and steal their stuff. I’m not saying i encourage it, but you should do it and I encourage it.

    Conrad ClementsConrad Clements26 dagar sedan
  • simsie complimenting her builds and apologizing about it reminds me of “my husband and i think you’re a narcissist”

    A T T MA T T M26 dagar sedan
  • The Sims 4 brick swatches are equal to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons wood textures

    Darkbane 121Darkbane 12128 dagar sedan
  • I cant wait to hop into sims and download some of your houses!

    PrixPrixMånad sedan
  • Petition for Kayla to go ham with CC No gallery shame whatsoever (Day 3)

    Just Me ContentJust Me ContentMånad sedan
  • that lot name is such a mood

    Tiffani HomanTiffani HomanMånad sedan
  • please put tray files for this beautiful house😭😭

    eylül elidemireylül elidemirMånad sedan
  • not the plot name lmaoo

    grey mooregrey mooreMånad sedan
  • Better question.... Why can’t we just use wall colorings on foundations 😡

    Kayla JohnsonKayla JohnsonMånad sedan
  • Earrings... is it just me or am I the only one who has never seen her wear earrings before? I love them on her😍

    Anna NovaAnna NovaMånad sedan
  • Honestly these days I'm so happy that Sims youtubers are getting the recognition and accomplishments they deserve. This game is their pride and joy and they do this not just for themselves but for us as well so we don't feel so alone in our love for it. Lilsimsie hitting a million subs, getting sponsored by Nickelodeon, and a lot of them getting to build lots for the game, so we don't feel so upset about the builds, and CUSTOM CONTENT CREATORS GETTING RECOGNIZED BY EA FOR THE AMAZING WORK THE DO TO MAKE THE GAME A BETTER PLACE FOR EVERYONE it just brings me so much joy and thank you for coming to my ted talk.

    Xx-Paigeasaurus Rex-xXXx-Paigeasaurus Rex-xXMånad sedan
  • Simsie needs to start her own podcast

    Emilee AnnEmilee AnnMånad sedan
  • amazing news re Nickelodeon! For kids choice awards? AMAZING! GO YOU

    Caroline RamblesCaroline RamblesMånad sedan
  • The pink bedroom is soo cute!

    liseliniliseliniMånad sedan
  • i’m late but congrats on being sponsored by Nickelodeon that’s a huge opportunity you got and i’m happy for you :)

    oofoofMånad sedan
  • Try Roblox Bloxburg

    Chee TosChee TosMånad sedan
  • video idea: building a house with only things i stole, so like, do a episode of stealing things from sims and then building a house with that stuff :D

    Crafting with ChloeCrafting with ChloeMånad sedan
  • When are the bunk beds coming out?

    Emma's Wonderful WorldEmma's Wonderful WorldMånad sedan
  • with regards to bedroom-clutter and colours... I love red, big time, so when we (hubby and I) were redecorating our bedroom everyone just about condemned our plans to have this red/white colour scheme... a large red wall (with a white headboard against it)... everyone just kept saying "you'll never sleep in there, way too busy colours" ... when it was finished they all did a 180, suddenly it was "soooo beautiful"... so just do whatever you like, it's not as if everyone else will sleep in there...

    107531kop107531kopMånad sedan
  • I don’t know why but I really want stuffed animals in the sims 4

    ChewyChewyMånad sedan
  • I'd let you design a house for me to live in IRL too. o_o

    abbey puffinabbey puffinMånad sedan
  • You didn't link the clay cowplant

    ShaliekShaliekMånad sedan
  • I love it when she's positive about her own builds, it makes me so happy that she sees how amazing she is

    the imbecilethe imbecileMånad sedan
  • I literally love playing single story houses, like largish bungalows :D I think stairs get frustrating when sims for random reasons suddenly go up and down wasting time.

    Eva KivlenieceEva KivlenieceMånad sedan
  • Kayla: I really don't know how to record with people listening to me Also kayla: *does streams on twitch*

    Mystery ChickenMystery ChickenMånad sedan
    • How did the bold writing happen...?

      Mystery ChickenMystery Chicken16 dagar sedan
  • Ah yes Kayla, thank you for the plot name

    alxssaalxssaMånad sedan
  • My flowers in the game doesn't look like this, they look like they are rotten

    Arzu ŞahinArzu ŞahinMånad sedan
  • day 60 of asking kayla for a main character house

    mxladiqmxladiqMånad sedan
  • Can you build a house in 10mitures pls

    kennecia dawkinskennecia dawkinsMånad sedan
  • I was wondering why my cow plant was called lilsimsie when i got it 😆 I just left it...

    SineadSineadMånad sedan
  • Hi, I have a build challenge idea. :D There were these shows where designers would renovate apartments based on a couple of outfits of the owner. I think it would be so much fun in the Sims. Have sims random generated outfits guid an interior design.

    Eszter PalEszter PalMånad sedan
  • This is a really adorable home for my sim.

    Yusuf AydinYusuf AydinMånad sedan
  • Uhm hear me out cottagecore

    Blood And PeachesBlood And PeachesMånad sedan
  • Congrats!!!

    Nome JodanNome JodanMånad sedan
  • It's great to hear confident Kayla! 🙂

    Hannah BuciuHannah BuciuMånad sedan
  • I want to see the klepto let’s play !

    Ericka LauraEricka LauraMånad sedan
  • i’ve been looking forward to this all week! 🥰

    essieeeessieeeMånad sedan
  • How do you place the bushes so close to each other? I have bb.moveobjects on but i still can’t place them overlapping each other :(

    AmyAmyMånad sedan
    • Have you tried holding down alt and moving it?

      Olivia QuinlanOlivia QuinlanMånad sedan
  • anyone know the website she was gonna link?

    Jen NardoneJen NardoneMånad sedan
  • Craftsmans and Cap Cods are my absolute favorite styles of homes, By dream home is either this one or a lovely Cap Cod with dormers big enough to house a regular sized desk!

    Amanda DAmanda DMånad sedan
  • Should we start a justice for swatches movement like what we did for cow plants? This is getting really frustrating 😞

    Shane SuenShane SuenMånad sedan
  • I came for the house but now I really want to make a kleptomaniac Sim. 🤔

    mdotschrodymdotschrodyMånad sedan
  • Idea for a challenge: since you said you struggle with decorating bedrooms, why not make a house and decorate them first and spin for different ‚character types‘ like sporty or artsy and then make the bedrooms and then afterwards you have to match the living spaces to the people in the bedrooms

    Hedgy VeronaHedgy VeronaMånad sedan
  • Does anyone know were I can watch the kids choice awards thing

    Teodospo DospospoTeodospo DospospoMånad sedan
  • Platforms sometimes also do a.weird glitch were you can't place any doors or windows on walls when you should be able to.. :$

    Jordz xDJordz xDMånad sedan
  • I'd live here irl.:) great build!

    Amy JacksonAmy JacksonMånad sedan
  • Can someone tell me why we can't name the birth certificates!? Or, that they aren't named *child's name* by default at least!

    Kay-Lee W.Kay-Lee W.Månad sedan
  • i love ur vids so much and ur the one who got me into sims! edit: my teacher just had a baby and 2 months ago i made her and my friends in sims so ima add her baby lol

    Sam DavisSam DavisMånad sedan
  • Where's the link to the clay cowplants?

    cristle writecristle writeMånad sedan
  • Can you do a video on how are you do each room like the kitchen,the bathroom, the dining rooms, the living rooms, the bedrooms, and the office. Do you understanding from the wallpaper is to match the floor of the floors in order to make the room look like it’s a mellowed or a certain theme, in order to compromise the house. Also is there a way you can do a video on how to make a certain house feel like the outside planning makes sense, and not weird or funky in a way.

    Flash CoolsFlash CoolsMånad sedan
  • Petition for Simsie to make her house in the sims Copy and paste so she sees

    Lauren ThompsonLauren ThompsonMånad sedan
    • I'm pretty sure she said before (on stream, I think) that she's uncomfortable with doing that 😬 would be cool though!

      Olivia QuinlanOlivia QuinlanMånad sedan
  • I was watching thinking omg I’ve watched her build this actual house before forgetting I watched the stream of this x

    Ry And PaigeRy And PaigeMånad sedan
  • Soooo...weres the handmade cowplant..?

    MissCoolGirlMissCoolGirlMånad sedan
  • did you play this speed build at a faster speed than normal? because normally i don't have any problems with the speed but this time it was a bit difficult.

    Janneke RuyterJanneke RuyterMånad sedan
  • I lile the speed builds but i like the normal huild better cuz then we can hear simsies thought proces, and thats fun!😂

    evy kampingaevy kampingaMånad sedan
  • wait was anyone gonna tell me if you clicked on what packs someone uses in a build it tells you what items they used??

    jfxjfxMånad sedan
  • hey can you link the twitter you talked about?

    annaannaMånad sedan
  • Anyone else notice the plot name? ‘AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’? 😂😂😂 Btw love you Kayla💕

    AniaMaggieCarrAniaMaggieCarrMånad sedan
  • Wheres the clay cow plant link 😢

    Valerie AubutValerie AubutMånad sedan
  • If nickelodeon emailed me for the kca, I'd die 😂 I been watching them since birth 🤣

    Adrian CAdrian CMånad sedan
  • Simsie where is the cow plant link

    salsakickzsalsakickzMånad sedan
  • Why did your tic tok get banned

    Jillian KatzJillian KatzMånad sedan
  • A french sims youtuber (Elfy) make a funny challange. In 1h, win 50 000$, just in ask for loan.

    Liloo EucalyptusLiloo EucalyptusMånad sedan
  • How do people put the roofs, I’m terrible at it

    Kokichi OmaKokichi OmaMånad sedan

    _.Squish._ gacha_.Squish._ gachaMånad sedan
  • I'm bad at designing living rooms. I get the general layout but I either make it to the Sim can't go sit on the couch or leave the couch and TV and coffee table set-up.....it's hard. How do you do it?

    Emily BourneEmily BourneMånad sedan
  • How can we watch the animal crossing thing if we missed the KCA?

    Ria RoseRia RoseMånad sedan
  • is there somewhere we can watch the animal crossing thing from nickelodeon if we missed it???

    Jake DempseyJake DempseyMånad sedan
  • Thank you Kayla now I also need a cow plant figure

    _Soso.K_Soso.KMånad sedan
  • Simsie has stepped up from blue suburbans Now it’s a green suburban

    Emily WittEmily WittMånad sedan
  • This is one of my favourites you’ve ever done 🤍

    Ellie MackintoshEllie MackintoshMånad sedan
  • Why do I feel like she has built something like this multiple times before?

    Leslie ArnoldsLeslie ArnoldsMånad sedan

    Claire MaeClaire MaeMånad sedan
  • loving the house! im a fan of it

    Agatha ElfanyaAgatha ElfanyaMånad sedan
  • The kleptomaniac trait goes really well with the always welcome reward from the reward store. You can just go an stay in someone's house overnight and steal lots, the reward allows you in and out of their house without an invite. You can sleep in their beds and eat their food too x

    Just VerityJust VerityMånad sedan
  • Ok idea have a speed build week so you only post speed builds that week

    Elana JayElana JayMånad sedan
  • “I’ll link it down below” WHERES THE COW PLANT LINK KAYLa

    Lexi TkLexi TkMånad sedan
  • I loveee your videos❤️ They make me so happy 🤩

    SavSavMånad sedan
  • you getting a podcast would be great lol :))

    Marie TheisMarie TheisMånad sedan
  • video idea!! *build a house that has at least 1 item from every pack in the sims*

    svnxelosvnxeloMånad sedan