come build a plant apartment in the sims with me

6 apr 2021
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idk i just love plants
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  • This is my favorite apartment ever. I love all of the plants

    Melanie KenneyMelanie Kenney19 timmar sedan
  • why doesn’t ms simsie use the red msvp shelf thing

    Savannah OklandSavannah OklandDag sedan
  • In which Sims pack is this World included

    Isalie GatzertIsalie Gatzert3 dagar sedan
    • @megan ty🥰

      Isalie GatzertIsalie GatzertDag sedan
    • This is from Eco Lifestyle

      meganmeganDag sedan
  • Someone in the design team of the Sims is a Swiftie

    Flor TedescoFlor Tedesco4 dagar sedan
  • OmG Taylor Swift Woodland Stuff pack CoNfIrmEd 15:28 ?!

    Jorja GrapeJorja Grape4 dagar sedan
  • I love how wholesome the sims community is

    Jeff KacherisJeff Kacheris4 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for the pro tips!!!! It has been bugging me so much!!! I was looking for a way to put the items on the countertops at a better angle and the quarter slot thing for so long now and now I know how, thanks to you :)

    İrem Birolİrem Birol5 dagar sedan
  • Currently having a lilsimsie marathon yes yes

    MK MoviesMK Movies5 dagar sedan
  • The fact that TikTok banned you because they thought you were underage is genuinely hilarious to me, and I feel so bad for you.

    Zap the DemonZap the Demon5 dagar sedan
  • Kayla: The kitchen can go like that, i dont know, the living- Also Kayla: *AIJPT*

    Mia PotterMia Potter6 dagar sedan
  • smol

    CoolGamer2000CoolGamer20006 dagar sedan
  • i have a really nice challenge for you: its the travel challenge and the point is to travel with your sim in every world on every lot, but you can stay just a week in a world tips for more fun gameplay:1take another sim with you 2fill Newcrest with gallery lots 3visit the secret lots to(that will be hard)

    narwalsnarwals7 dagar sedan
  • Tiktok 3xperiment advice. Post two videos a day. After u post one video stay off of tiktok for two hrs or do a live directly after posting a video. I'd watch u game on a tiktok live stream fyi

    AJ IllanarAJ Illanar7 dagar sedan
  • Love it!

    BookupiedBookupied7 dagar sedan
  • This apartment gets really big windows if u vote for the neighbourhood update! Especially where the bathroom is haha

    BookupiedBookupied7 dagar sedan
  • I wish we could slot things on windowsills too without using cheats.

    Sitivia AllenSitivia Allen7 dagar sedan
  • I hate that Im from Romania and they said I can’t have the fund (they’ve made me a creator) and I fell very bed.

    DisneyxpotterheadDisneyxpotterhead7 dagar sedan
  • How do you resize the paintings?

    PyroshenPyroshen7 dagar sedan
  • Noooo! Don’t be budget friendly

    Frey VFrey V8 dagar sedan
  • For the bathrooms you only need 6 tiles in a 2x3 format with the sink/toilet on one side and the shower/bath on the other and the door in the middle. That’s what I do at least

    Natalya PorterNatalya Porter8 dagar sedan
  • When she said “how do the good builders do it?” I was like ask urself then bc ur an amazing builder I wish I had ur talent

    Eva Salvatore-DurhamEva Salvatore-Durham8 dagar sedan
  • “Why do I feel like it’s still not good enough” -me, about literally everything, 24/7

    Emm PatenaudeEmm Patenaude8 dagar sedan
  • could anybody please tell me what pack this is to get these apartments?

    Toni-lea StreenerToni-lea Streener8 dagar sedan
  • Hi Lil:this is my favourite apartment Me:yesssssssss same

    Leanne KingtonLeanne Kington8 dagar sedan
  • Can we get a count on how many times she said, "Mmm. No." in this video?🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

    Potterhead SimmerPotterhead Simmer8 dagar sedan
  • I like how she says: "back in the sims 3" xD I still play sims 3. I own both games and like 3 waaay more than 4. I try, I really try to like 4, but I just don't like the gameplay and "swatches". I like style creator in the sims 3. I think there are many good ideas in 4, though, but they just develop this game really slowly and is pretty limited to whatever creators decided is pretty.

    gziakigziaki8 dagar sedan
  • this is the apartment that eco lifestyle needed

    z chowz chow9 dagar sedan
  • San Myshuno apartments drive me nuts! How can I have a broke newlywed couple in an apartment bigger than my house?!!

    Carlie PearcyCarlie Pearcy9 dagar sedan
  • The apartment name should be "do you think we are made of money?" apartment. XD

    Hunter WolfeHunter Wolfe9 dagar sedan
  • Sounds a silly question to ask, I play on console. Is it possible to do the ‘alt’ thing? Ly Kayla ❤️

    Ambs LouiseAmbs Louise10 dagar sedan
  • Kayla: I'm not good at building me: is so bad at building that most of my houses are from the gallery

    Alicia RiceAlicia Rice10 dagar sedan
  • I do understand you though 😆 I wasn’t allowed to purchase alcohol in a shop even though I had a valid ID. They didn’t believe I was over 18. They thought I was 13, so they refused me to purchase alcohols. That was ridiculous However, how many kids have you seen on TikTok? Like so many and then you get blocked ._.

    UsagiWhiteNightUsagiWhiteNight10 dagar sedan
  • How have I played the sims 4 for almost 6 years and not known about the F5 thingy??? Thank you kayla💀

    Emelie NojonenEmelie Nojonen10 dagar sedan
  • oooh i didn't know the F5 thing

    ArdelinArdelin10 dagar sedan
  • okay but i would genuinely live here in real life

    Janessa MitchellJanessa Mitchell10 dagar sedan
  • What’s up with the sparkles sometimes u see

    Stubborn FawnStubborn Fawn10 dagar sedan
  • Kayla didn’t get the first comment on the build???

    MopRocksMopRocks10 dagar sedan
  • Hank Green made enough to donate like $300,000 or something from TikTok

    Autumn PeacockAutumn Peacock11 dagar sedan
  • omg this apartment is perfect!!!!

    Asia KoterAsia Koter11 dagar sedan
  • Petition for Kayla to do Sims 4 Pre-Built Rooms renovations and/or to make a house out of the rooms.

    Dogfood DevinDogfood Devin11 dagar sedan
  • I had no idea about f5 placement! Thanks 😊

    Patton The Intel GamerPatton The Intel Gamer11 dagar sedan
  • All that green and no avocado rug😔

    Kamran RehmanKamran Rehman11 dagar sedan
  • im sorry but this is the ugliest apartment uve ever made :'(

    flOr3QflOr3Q11 dagar sedan
  • I miss create a style and making wood tones match so much.

    Sarah EmSarah Em11 dagar sedan
  • my boyfriend has like 100 plants (literally 100) in his apartment ahahaha

    Jewwy MeekJewwy Meek11 dagar sedan
  • Just dont vote for the modern development choice at the community board otherwise those small windows won't be small anymore, Kayla!

    Kry 93Kry 9311 dagar sedan

    LuxBugLuxBug11 dagar sedan
  • They thought you were 13? How rude. You look at least 14 and a half.

    RakulRakul11 dagar sedan
  • Post sim stuff on TikTok

    sara parkersara parker11 dagar sedan
  • I love thiiis😍😍😍

    Thea AndreasenThea Andreasen11 dagar sedan
  • if you don’t want a TV in the lounge, don’t forget we can now use tv in the bedroom!

    Michaella ArmstrongMichaella Armstrong11 dagar sedan
  • I literally want to unfollow you for a 3×4 bathroom in a 1 bedroom apartment

    Andrew MigAndrew Mig11 dagar sedan

    Calum HayesCalum Hayes11 dagar sedan
  • build idea: literally any non basegame-only/almost-only-basegame build

    NinoNino11 dagar sedan
  • lilsimsie: "I'm in the mood to decorate an apartment -- who's with me?" Me: *Instant Thumbs up*

    BroodMangoBroodMango11 dagar sedan
  • im buying eco lifestyle for this

    KRRKTKRRKT11 dagar sedan
  • the tips in the vid are so so good and very helpful...especially for those of us that play all the time but show how forget how to do basic stuff! and you explain stuff so well!! vid category idea thingy?? --- build mode tips n tricks ???

    Caroline RamblesCaroline Rambles11 dagar sedan
  • You're the greatest Sim builder in the whole world Kayla! Never doubt yourself!💜

    JewelterraJewelterra11 dagar sedan
  • okay i have a messed up know how you have the series where you get a random word to help decide your build - what if you do that for each room? say you get chicken hotdog banana car....then one room has to be chook themed (lounge?), one hotdog (bathroom?), one banana (bedroom?), one car (kitchen?)

    Sylvia DaveySylvia Davey11 dagar sedan
  • My actual last name is bell ... all of these bell jokes are really getting to me

    Allie bAllie b11 dagar sedan
  • hello

    Flo SmithFlo Smith11 dagar sedan
  • I was doing mouthwash when Kayla said why she was banned from TikTok and I almost spit it out

    TheN00bmonsterTheN00bmonster11 dagar sedan
  • Can you post video bloopers on tik tok?

    Kimberly GuevaraKimberly Guevara11 dagar sedan
  • BULID CHALLENGE: Do a build with all the packs

    Idaris MarchanteIdaris Marchante11 dagar sedan
  • Can you pleeease try to build your own House? It would be sooo fun to see!!

    Ninna SørensenNinna Sørensen11 dagar sedan
  • I did NOT know about the F5 thing wow

    Севара ХатамбековаСевара Хатамбекова12 dagar sedan
  • This is actually so cute 🥺 I love this build I'm adding it to my new save

    Kiana StaplesKiana Staples12 dagar sedan
  • I always watch you whole I play the sims idk it just makes me not want to stop playing for some reason

    •Tall GaTcHtUbEe••Tall GaTcHtUbEe•12 dagar sedan
  • When it comes to the side tables in the bedroom, I tend to just use alt placement. But now that I know about the f5 thing I might use that more often

    Alphonse WeeksAlphonse Weeks12 dagar sedan
  • i started this video high and i just realized now, 9 minutes in, that the title isnt "come plant an apartment in the sims with me"

    CaptainBroomCaptainBroom12 dagar sedan
  • You should try to build a house using an interior design website, my personal favorite is FloorPlanner!

    Grace ???Grace ???12 dagar sedan
  • Please renovate a pent house

    Khathu MasiloKhathu Masilo12 dagar sedan
  • My weeks been good, I'm dating my crush rn so AHHHH :), love you kayla

    Betty CarterBetty Carter12 dagar sedan
  • 10:30 It's a funny statement when you think about how often and how many people complain about some stuff in Sims 4 don't match exactly lol

    FóranzóFóranzó12 dagar sedan
  • How many times has she said leaves in this video? 😂🌿

    Marianne FortinMarianne Fortin12 dagar sedan
  • I love to use the leaf paper in offices

    Ela EsquivelEla Esquivel12 dagar sedan
  • guys, if any of u haven't noticed, the sims 4 and the packs are currently on sale!! if u r missing something u'd like to add to ur collection, now's the time. never pay full price for ea's bs!!

    envyenvy12 dagar sedan
  • I'm weirdly intrigued by the single room next door... What is that about???

    KhayriaKhayria12 dagar sedan
  • I clicked so fast. I recently moved out of state into a studio apartment at 18 with just my dog, and I’m slowly transforming the studio into plant, tapestry, dog hair paradise. Your room still looks way cooler as usual Simsie ✋🏼🥺

    Sunshine & LeonSunshine & Leon12 dagar sedan
  • build series idea: building homes in the sims from different decades! i’d love to see how home design has changed throughout time and how certain rooms played a larger/less significant role in the home.

    Laura ChipmanLaura Chipman12 dagar sedan
  • is Eco lifestyle worth the money ???? pleas help i want an expansion pack and i don know wat to get i have seasons get together cats and dogs city living

    Mae JohnsonMae Johnson12 dagar sedan
  • That move objects trick is gonna save my life, thank you

    ahh uhhhahh uhhh12 dagar sedan
  • I have a 5 sims family living in that cramped apartment lol

    another user of this websiteanother user of this website12 dagar sedan
  • i love your videos so much! i know it sounds weird haha but i build an apartment alongside you.

    Morgan KandracMorgan Kandrac12 dagar sedan
  • Kayak I swear if you r mean to yourself 1 more time I WILL CRY and that is a THREAT

    NoNo12 dagar sedan
  • so i came up with this idea i have no idea if it’s bad buttttt u could maybe do a build challenge were each room has to have every color of the rainbow??

    theainslycreationtheainslycreation12 dagar sedan
  • i think it would be better if she switched the living room stuff with the dinning room stuff

    Abigail FritzAbigail Fritz12 dagar sedan
  • I downloaded Reddit so people could answer this but it has the stupid karma rule, so I came to SEworld to ask. So I have a couple of worlds in the Sims4 that I use cheats for, and I went to start a brand new world and the cheats were still on. I turned them off and started another new world and they were still on automatically again. I’ve tried everything from, restarting the game, making new worlds, and turning them off in the text box. Someone please help, all I want is to unlock achievements (I play on Xbox1)!

    Bailey BrumleyBailey Brumley12 dagar sedan
  • You Love leaves 🍃

    Mirander BlingsfanMirander Blingsfan12 dagar sedan
  • Love when you add in build tips! I have learned so much wathcing you and plumbella build! Also you and I have the same name and both love sims!

    Kayla SimsKayla Sims12 dagar sedan
  • Guilty! I really do like matchy matchy 🙈 But more in the sense off combinding a few colours what looks goed together. Mostly in my builds I use black, white and light wood as my basics and then I get 1, 2 or even 3 colours ' like green, orange and gray ' for details, wallpaper or clutter to combine with the basics. But thats mostly for the kitchen, living and bathrooms. I just like that these rooms having a little bit of the same style and it makes me feel calm I guess. The bedrooms I like they do have the basics (if it works with the themes) but with a nice theme in it! Like a nice teenroom with interest in fashion, knitting and the colour pink? 🤣 I know I am just weird but I like it. But I do build with so much cc so I have a little bit more furnishing 'colour' options. 🙈 Some items in the game just making me cry.

    Anita FeenstraAnita Feenstra12 dagar sedan

    bethanybethany12 dagar sedan
  • I think the wallpaper options in the Sims 4 is severely lacking. 😭

    Annie CratonAnnie Craton13 dagar sedan
  • Did she just start with the wall paper? Who is she?

    Elis Freire MurahovschiElis Freire Murahovschi13 dagar sedan
  • Do speed builds on tik tok or decorating a room! People love stuff like that. ((Also vids of your cat would be A+++))

    Casanova CosplayCasanova Cosplay13 dagar sedan
  • I think this base game wood floor really limits you and the fact you always use this or the lighter one is kind of the reason why your build are so similar. It's ok to use other woods or expansion packs or couches! It's hard to really be creative when you restrict yourself so much.

    klea kklea k13 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one that prefers high ceilings and big apartments/houses, whether they’re within a budget or not? I feel like I can’t see what all of my Sims are doing in small spaces.

    Francine SmithFrancine Smith13 dagar sedan
  • kayak is being very teacher-y today i actually didn't know the f5 thing

    Starkid PottahStarkid Pottah13 dagar sedan
  • wouldnt it be hilarious that there would be a program on tv where diehard-sims fans get to design real homes

    ahahadelaaijdeahahadelaaijde13 dagar sedan
  • have you never thought in combining tile to create a cuter design because usually bathrooms will combine tiles

    Rafael GeraldoRafael Geraldo13 dagar sedan