raising the stakes on the 10 minute build challenge...

17 mar 2021
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This time I used a random number generator to determine how many Sims need to live here
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  • It looks AMAZING! ♥

    MOLPE SIMSMOLPE SIMS8 timmar sedan
  • 19 minute sims 4 house, who wants it? Dinggggg no more sims 4 house Original: 19 dollar Fortnite card Who wants it ? Dingg no more Fortnite

    💗💗16 dagar sedan
  • This build which was done In 19 minutes looks better than every single one of ea’s builds. You can’t prove me wrong. Just look at del sol valley.

    Rosa BrownRosa Brown17 dagar sedan
  • Lilsimsie: 19 mins Me: the video is only 15 lmao

    Aicha DAicha D24 dagar sedan
  • 07:44 "why can't i pick a base game rug?" i really felt that

    NidaNida25 dagar sedan
  • day 63 of asking kayla for a main character house

    mxladiqmxladiq27 dagar sedan
  • When Kayla gets stressed sometimes she sounds like the video is sped up because she speaks fast when she gets worked up and it is my FAVORITE thing because I feel like nothing represents being stressed quite like the speed of her nervous talking. Also this house was really impressive considering how stressed you got! I could never have done it

    Heather WrenchHeather Wrench27 dagar sedan
  • Has "it's not that deep" crossed to America or is it just Dans influence

    Sof HSof H28 dagar sedan
  • @Lilsimsie. CHALLENGE!!!!!!!! Can you do a challenge. You have to choose at least 5 different houses (on Google Images) to build and auto generate it from 1 to 5 (Like on a spinning wheel) and each house is a different style. Also with a time limit. Like 15 minutes or whatever you want. Just an idea I had.

    harliizharliiz28 dagar sedan
  • She should do a challenge where she makes a house in one hour then the same house in 30 min and then again but with 10 min and see how bad or surprisingly good it turns out

    audball978audball97829 dagar sedan
  • What if all EA's builds are actually restricted by build challenges, and that's why there's weird mistakes because they don't have time to fix mistakes or are too stressed and forget things lol

    MetteMette29 dagar sedan
  • I think you should at least have 1 minute per sim in the household, so I like if you spin 8 sims and only 4 minutes you would default to 8 minutes

    Jessie AnnJessie Ann29 dagar sedan
  • I think she should try to make a base game mansion

    Veronica HVeronica HMånad sedan
  • pls check out my corgi eating a carrot :D

    Christy JoyChristy JoyMånad sedan
  • u should raise the minimum to 5 minutes! 1 is a bit too much

    haruwuharuwuMånad sedan
  • Next time you should add how much money you have

    Laird FergusonLaird FergusonMånad sedan
  • Petition for Kayla to go ham with CC No gallery shame whatsoever (Day 5)

    Just Me ContentJust Me ContentMånad sedan
  • This might be the only limited time build challenge I've seen where someone appears to get LESS stressed the more time goes on. xD

    simemiesimemieMånad sedan
  • You should do a build challenge where you try to build a house in 20 minutes with a strict floorplan :D

    SluggN'OzzySluggN'OzzyMånad sedan
  • Anyone else want to be able to download Stanley, our local hotdog, to do a legacy challenge with? I do so badly

    Grace WheelerGrace WheelerMånad sedan
  • You should try a landscape challenge. Like maybe find a photo of a house with really cool landscaping and try to recreate it.

    PeanutButterFLsPeanutButterFLsMånad sedan
  • I think i may have downloaded this without knowing it was a times build challenge 🤔

    msmegzmsmegzMånad sedan
  • Catching up on Kayla vids.

    AlecAlecMånad sedan
  • you forgot to random gen the budget, lol and i think base game builds, you shouldn't be able to use cheats (i'll forgive you for landscaping). otherwise newbies playing in your houses struggle to upgrade things (i've ran into this issue before in one of your houses, I couldn't upgrade my bed because of object conflicts).

    Chaya KakitaChaya KakitaMånad sedan
  • Hey simsie! I saw you in the hotdog eating competition and u refused to take a selfie without a mask can you plz apologise to me?

    I FI FMånad sedan
  • Kayla: "Look, look, look! Not to brag, I'm even getting us a dishwasher!" Me: Where's the trash can, simsie?

    Jordan blankjordanblankJordan blankjordanblankMånad sedan
  • CHALLENGE: take one of your color challenge builds and try to fix it only by changing the swatch

    Hej AllaHej AllaMånad sedan
  • Next time she should also randomize the amount of money she can use (like a reasonable amount 16k-40k)

    Mae MaeMae MaeMånad sedan
  • If I did a ten minute house, I would only have half a living room.

    Mae MaeMae MaeMånad sedan
  • Challenge idea: Make a house from your favorite tv show or movie.

    Glitzy NuggetGlitzy NuggetMånad sedan
  • kayla i love you but pleaseeeeee stop using the same base game front door, windows and porch fence

    Jade PaulaJade PaulaMånad sedan
  • genuinely made me laugh when i didn't think i could. love you simsie

    Lil SocksLil SocksMånad sedan
  • I feel like 19 minutes is almost worse than 10. Your brain goes 'oh 1.9x time, it should be at least 1.9x good' and then panic is unleashed.

    98029802Månad sedan
  • kayak: "lets focus on making the house functional" also kayak: fenced off the entire porch and nobody can get to the front door

    IsabellaIsabellaMånad sedan
  • This idea is so fun! I’d like to see more of these!

    Jordan ZuelsdorfJordan ZuelsdorfMånad sedan
  • how about a challenge where you randomly generate a number between 1-5 and that's how many minutes/seconds you get to work on each room

    Celeste FeliciaCeleste FeliciaMånad sedan
  • That porch alignment looks like a burglar invitation

    Vlad KravchenkoVlad KravchenkoMånad sedan
  • You should do like a 10-20 minute house flipper challenge. I think it would be an added challenge since you have to delete a bunch of trash, but at least you don’t have to build a shell so that kind of compensates for it. Edit: I have now watched the whole video and realized that would stress you out a lot I don’t want to cause you to stress about another timed challenge never mind lol. (Although if you still want to try it that would be cool)

    NerdyGaming0NerdyGaming0Månad sedan
  • You should mix the ,,10 minute” and the ,,try not to make a mistake” build challenges

    Cheonsa KimCheonsa KimMånad sedan
  • She never uses rugs in the bedrooms... why?

    Beatriz CarvalhoBeatriz CarvalhoMånad sedan
  • *I usually think this through and enable cheats beforehand* no, Kayla, you never do 😁

    Nastia RiabenkoNastia RiabenkoMånad sedan
  • Why do you always make the living room look same?

    Piret SaarPiret SaarMånad sedan
  • Why are there little sparkles popping up randomly in the house as she's adding furniture???

    lizardninja007lizardninja007Månad sedan
  • what if you did a random time limit for each room as well as a random budget for each room or overall

    Kaylin LivingstonKaylin LivingstonMånad sedan
  • simsie: *gives us a lecture on how we shouldn't spend time decorating when you haven't done the priorities* meanwhile also simsie: *decorates a childs room*

    toria :Ptoria :PMånad sedan
  • This is how EA made their staff build houses

    Lina OpilowskaLina OpilowskaMånad sedan
  • Kayla please do more builds with all the packs!! I don’t have them all BUT that’s why I want you to use them. I want to see the most OP looking houses that I could never withstand to create and that’s YOUR JOB!! you’ve done plenty of base game houses! I tbh got mad when I saw you use that rug in the living room. I’m sick of looking at it and also the dining chairs 😭😭

    Lily 920Lily 920Månad sedan
  • What pack should I get next! I have these 👇👇👇👇👇 - Cats and Dogs - Get to Work - City Living - Island Living - Strangerville - Jungle Adventure - Dine Out - Vampires - Vintage Glamour - Nifty Knitting - Backyard Stuff - Tiny Living - Movie Night Stuff - Laundry Day Stuff

    Mae BarnettMae BarnettMånad sedan
    • I second parenthood. and snowy escape has such good cas and building items. like I use them all the time

      Natalie StangisNatalie StangisMånad sedan
    • I I think you should get parenthood because it's good for game play and building and cas

      xXAyrizaXxxXAyrizaXxMånad sedan
  • Simsie should do a challenge where she has only 1 min for each room to furnish, 1 min for exterior and 1 min for the floorplan

    uwuuwuMånad sedan
  • 666 made me uncomfortable

    Nhaje' AlexanderNhaje' AlexanderMånad sedan
  • Me randomly finding lilsimsie's channel through Clare Siobhan one day, and getting obsessively obsessed!

    Eva ReeceEva ReeceMånad sedan
  • No One Literally No One: LilSimsie: Makes an amazing 19 minute house for four sims!

    Eva ReeceEva ReeceMånad sedan
  • still can't get up to the house with the latest update they had they glitched fences through the stairs.

    bob dolebob doleMånad sedan
  • What if you built a house based on your boyfriend’s/mom’s/friend’s description of something on the internet? Like without seeing it, i think it could be interesting if you run out of ideas someday!🐥

    severnivitrjekrutysevernivitrjekrutyMånad sedan
  • I understand why Kayla is under the pressure, she is building it, but why am I stressing? I'm just watching it... :D I supposed to be enjoying it and instead of that I am sweating... :D :D

    Zuzana MejsnarováZuzana MejsnarováMånad sedan
  • Raising the steaks nah why don't you do no mistake Build challenge in 10 minutes

    Sweetstar87Sweetstar87Månad sedan
  • manifesting pietro

    Mikayla GranforsMikayla GranforsMånad sedan
  • Why does the build have ea build vibes?

    Ian MasseyIan MasseyMånad sedan
  • Please do a 10min build challenge but also the no mistake challenge in the same build. Might make it interesting

    Rhiannon WelsfordRhiannon WelsfordMånad sedan
  • a house but only using the pre made rooms! could do it so you can move the furniture around but you have to keep the same stuff, or the pre made rooms but you get to decorate them

    leah graceleah graceMånad sedan
  • Spin for how much time you get, and spin for how many rooms you have to do :D

    Chloie DaltonChloie DaltonMånad sedan
  • How about a challenge where you get a random number and you have to use items that are in a row that exact number.

    Ināra ŅeverovskaInāra ŅeverovskaMånad sedan
  • I know Kayla has nothing to do with this but I've gotten 4 ads in 12 minutes of this 15 minute video and that's just ridiculous.

    NuaprilNuaprilMånad sedan
  • She never puts a rug in the parents room lol

    Zoe ThomsonZoe ThomsonMånad sedan
  • Maybe next time you'll try 10min + no mistake challenge 👀

    Kacper BKacper BMånad sedan
  • No shamrock shaped house for St Paddy's day??

    Casey CatCasey CatMånad sedan
  • at least you finish houses, i swear i have 10 unfinished ones in my save

    Lauren G.Lauren G.Månad sedan

    Lara B.Lara B.Månad sedan
  • I can't get over how she makes her eyebrows so clean and straight

    CarrotFromParis 457CarrotFromParis 457Månad sedan
  • My bearded dragon, Pickles, loves watching your videos!!!

    Lex HowardLex HowardMånad sedan
  • What are the little sparkles on the floor?

    EmmehxEmmehxMånad sedan
  • Lilsimsie: Don't aim too high Also Lilsimsie: Let's aim high

    TashTashMånad sedan
  • Kayla: uses base game items only Me: "Yay, an everyone house🥳"

    Elise RoseElise RoseMånad sedan
  • "We can probably afford..." well, time is money.

    Cody GisselCody GisselMånad sedan
  • Me: takes days to do a build. Sometimes weeks. Kayla: 19 minutes 😲😲

    Savannah-ElouisaSavannah-ElouisaMånad sedan
  • These videos are stressful, but very fun to watch and you're doing a great job!!

    mrlnxfmrlnxfMånad sedan
  • Rather than uninstall all the packs why don't you just filter the items to only show base game

    Emma GouldEmma GouldMånad sedan
  • what about no mistakes & 10 minutes challenge??

    get wellget wellMånad sedan
  • is this how ea builds sims 4 houses ?

    Eduarda REduarda RMånad sedan
  • you should randomize how many minutes you get to spend on each room:) For eksampel: 6 for the floorplan 2 for the kitchen and so on

    Olivia HOlivia HMånad sedan
  • Make a build challenge where you randomize a color for every furniture set/tab (e.g. kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc) but that affects only the items within that tab! So you have to randomize a color for the walls and if you get yellow, that would mean that that’s for every room in the house including exterior (same goes for floor and windows and doors etc) you’re only allowed to change wether it’s a wallpaper or tiling or wood etc... but you always have to stick to the color!

    Quill ChiiQuill ChiiMånad sedan
  • You don't need to uninstall packs to get their stuff not to show up, just filter by base game in the build/buy catalog.

    Rachel WolfeRachel WolfeMånad sedan
  • How about you spin for the time, the amount limit, the number of sims AND the STYLE OF THE HOUSE.

    Dee AntenorDee AntenorMånad sedan
  • Hi can somebody please tell me how can you get infinite money i neēd to know!!!!!🥺💕❤️

    Maija lolMaija lolMånad sedan
  • I've only recently discovered your channel and that light and happiness you have brought into my life is unreal, its nice to switch off from the world and watch your videos. Thank you x

    Farah NisaFarah NisaMånad sedan
  • Kayla: What can I add to the inside to make it look finished? Me: *screaming for her to add a TV over the fireplace*

    Aubrey ReynoldsAubrey ReynoldsMånad sedan
    • omg same!!! there was like a full minute there where I couldn't pay attention to what she was saying cus I just kept staring at the empty spot above the fireplace and saying "a TV maybe???" out loud

      Amanda K BorgAmanda K BorgMånad sedan
  • These challenges are always like *I HATE THIS* .... *no no no, this is fine* *it's fine, that's fine*

    EviEviMånad sedan
  • New drinking game: Take a shot every time Kayla says "fine".

    Elri OttoElri OttoMånad sedan
  • The way she starts by saying 10 minutes is too easy and the video ends with her being so stressed lol love your vids kayak!

    Julianna JakiniJulianna JakiniMånad sedan
  • This looks like 90% of the houses Simsie makes. Right down to that awful rug

    babybathduckbabybathduckMånad sedan
  • Kayla every time she does a time limit challenge: “I SHOULD’VE PUT CHEATS ON FIRST”

    Elizabeth KrugElizabeth KrugMånad sedan
  • Day 2 of asking Kayla to do ottoman inspired palace(?)

    İrem Sezerİrem SezerMånad sedan
  • Build a house that uses nothing blue! If you watch any simsie video there is always something blue 😂

    Tilly RigbyTilly RigbyMånad sedan
  • omfg she built that whole ass shell in less than 3 minutes. roofs alone take me 3 years...

    Sarah SSarah SMånad sedan
  • *Lilsimsie _ The Sims 4 Speedrun _ Building categorie _ 19min 00sec (WR) !!!*

    Sonia FelicitéSonia FelicitéMånad sedan
  • You should try a “ten minute build challenge” but incorporating the “once you place it you can’t change it” challenge.

    Maya DekovenMaya DekovenMånad sedan
  • Lately I've been saying the lil simsie mantra "everything's fine I'm fine" when I'm stressed out and it does help actually

    Consensual FrogConsensual FrogMånad sedan
  • "3, 2, 1, go, AHHH!"

    Danni SchiDanni SchiMånad sedan
  • a few days ago I spent 1 30 hours recording a 3 Sim house build on a 30x40 lot (and covered most of it in fountain) and here she goes building a 4 Sim house with baegame only in 19 mins! Impressive °-°

    Jose TanoJose TanoMånad sedan
  • U have this same Pulli like me :D

    Justyna OrlowskiJustyna OrlowskiMånad sedan