I tried building a cheap house for a BIG family in The Sims 4

28 mar 2021
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If only you could buy a real house for only $45k
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  • Maybe someone reported you for da memes

    Jess ASMRJess ASMRDag sedan
  • Lol so relatable. I have a building problem too. Several times a week I build immaculate creations. From over the top fully decked out single wide trailer… to a 4 story mansion with a guest house haha 😂 all my builds are like at least §100,000

    Zach RainbowZach Rainbow2 dagar sedan
  • I mean you do look fairly young and your voice makes you sound young as well. 🤭🤷 LOL

    Rainbows and Black RosesRainbows and Black Roses3 dagar sedan
  • First of all it was for kids so kids should be on the app not 23 year old 21 and 30 I Love ur videos but sorry I kinda gotta agree 😬😐

    Jordy EJordy E3 dagar sedan
  • When I was 19 I got it'd for a 15 movie 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Britt PagetBritt Paget6 dagar sedan
  • I want a farm pack so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kailey DingleKailey Dingle6 dagar sedan
  • Perhaps tiktok thought Snap was running Kayla's account? 😂

    Emily HubbardEmily Hubbard7 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone know how to uninstall game expansion packs on PS4?

    UsagiWhiteNightUsagiWhiteNight10 dagar sedan
  • They should make a family pack!!Like u can do more with babies and dress them up more cuter beds and pictures

    Gabriella CGabriella C10 dagar sedan
  • What did you name this house in the gallery?

    Betty PospisilBetty Pospisil11 dagar sedan
  • agree with the couch sectionals

    Vibe With MikalaVibe With Mikala11 dagar sedan
  • I would LOVE sectional sofas!!

    Lexis BrownsteinLexis Brownstein14 dagar sedan
  • I have no problem at all with your more expensive builds. It's not like money is a problem on Sims 4, so they are al affordable after a couple of hours of gameplay

    jinmavjinmav14 dagar sedan
  • I love the pride flag sm

    Cup cakesCup cakes14 dagar sedan
  • I mean at least she knows she looks young right?!

    ElleMSP VlogsElleMSP Vlogs14 dagar sedan
  • God I’ve spent to much money on this game, to not have sectionals yet, or FRIKKIN PORCH SWINGS. I am screaming.

    Emily PughEmily Pugh14 dagar sedan
  • before covid, i went to an R-rated movie with my bf (i was 20) and the ticket guy asked to see my id bc he didn’t think i was old enough for the movie ..

    Em KraeuterEm Kraeuter14 dagar sedan
  • I feel you I'm almost 21 but without my glasses I look 16 max 17 and I'm 5'5 foot tall

    Elizabeth LéveilléElizabeth Léveillé15 dagar sedan
  • Simsie losing it over not looking 12 was the funniest thing I've seen. 😂

    Petr StuchlýPetr Stuchlý15 dagar sedan
  • Omg I feel your pain on the age thing. I"m 31 now so I don't have this problem anymore, but when I was TWENTY-ONE I was in a mexican restaurant with my brother and my mom and I got asked, to my in person face if I WANTED A KIDS MENU. Also when I was TWENTY-FIVE I was not allowed to purchase those little popper fireworks that you hadn to three year olds ( one pack mind you) because I didn't look 16 and I didn't have my ID on me. Could have probably walked out of there with a set of brand new kitchen knives, but god forbid we let the maybe not sixteen year old take the tiny fireworks that you let little babies stomp on. Omg. OMG.

    Fyre Heart StudiosFyre Heart Studios16 dagar sedan
  • “I’ll ban myself from Facebook” : a mood 😆

    Angela BAngela B16 dagar sedan
  • So I actually didn’t know your birthday, (I only watch SEworld, too busy to be active else where) and I alway thought you were older than me, but turns out I have you beat by 45 days. 😂

    N_Forgotten 1302N_Forgotten 130216 dagar sedan
  • The tiktok saga is like the time my partner got id-ed for a 15 rated game when he was 21. I have never laughed at him so much.

    R.T. LoganR.T. Logan17 dagar sedan
  • I’m 21 and I also look young for my age and I still get the comments all the time 😩

    Chelsey JoynerChelsey Joyner17 dagar sedan
  • i NEED a generations pack omg

    Bella FalconeBella Falcone17 dagar sedan
  • I wish the sims team regularly added base game content, it only feels fair to me. I’m not talking about a whole stuff pack but a new sofa or counter here and there would be nice. I also agree they have all these whacky sofas but I think it’s because they don’t wanna sell a pack and you get this super basic normal looking sofa, another reason they should regularly add new base game items...

    Ryan MurphyRyan Murphy17 dagar sedan
  • Dozens of comments about her age and no one talking about how she looks like a real life sim and that's why she builds so well. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Jason PrinceJason Prince17 dagar sedan
  • IM KAYLA. The cafeteria in my school doesn’t allow students under the age of 11 to buy Coca Cola. I once wanted to buy it, and the worker says i cant. I was 14 at the time. I am one year younger than the rest of the students in my grade, but COME ON! My sister is 2 years younger than me, and ok, we look kinda similar, but people think we’re twins.

    Hedi HostikHedi Hostik17 dagar sedan
  • Could you do a step by step build on this house

    Korie PhillipsKorie Phillips17 dagar sedan
  • I propably rewatched this video 70 times trying to make this roof thing Kayla did

    Isadora ArvelosIsadora Arvelos17 dagar sedan
  • Impossible challenge: upside down + no mistakes challenge

    Gréta PiršelováGréta Piršelová18 dagar sedan
  • That happened to me on Twitter, but you can appeal it. It takes a few weeks, but they just make you send a picture of your ID; you just will lose any tweets that were posted before you turned 13.

    Kendall NewtonKendall Newton18 dagar sedan
  • You're 5' 5"?? I'm 5' even so I feel like that's so tall....I'm a little jealous that you don't have to hem any pants you buy

    Gaming KatGaming Kat18 dagar sedan
  • I did not look at this build once, I spent the whole time screaming about her being 12! 😂😂

    Mia McareeMia Mcaree18 dagar sedan
  • Oh man, I was well over 20 when both Facebook and Twitter became a thing. Kayla if it helps, I do not have a TikTok, and I don't foresee myself getting one... ever.

    Crowned LilyCrowned Lily18 dagar sedan
  • you should work on the sims 4 design team for EA

    Random fun TvRandom fun Tv19 dagar sedan
  • We need a Generations expansion pack with furniture items for big family homes. I could definitely see a couple sectionals in this pack!

    Carly WardCarly Ward19 dagar sedan
  • At 2:19 she said “Well this house is pretty much just a big rectangle”. Those words can be used to describe every house I build

    Aviekins :DAviekins :D19 dagar sedan
  • Can relate to being treated differently for having a baby face

    VictorVictor19 dagar sedan
  • 8:21 Kayla: I don’t look 12 I’m 5,5 Me: i was 5,5 when I was 12 😂

    SolaraxisSolaraxis19 dagar sedan
  • Can you pleaseee have another shell challange??

    Emma SofieEmma Sofie19 dagar sedan
  • Kayla when you said toddlers can’t use the activity table well there’s actually a mod which lets toddlers use the activity table and don’t worry it works for all activity tables like the base game the seasons snowy escape every one in the sims

    cloudyx xox gamingcloudyx xox gaming19 dagar sedan
  • I bought Parenthood for that bed... and Outdoor Retreat for the Gordian Cot. And now they're both free. Ok, I got them for plenty of other things, but if they're gonna move them to basegame, at least add some extra swatches.

    Andrew MoellerAndrew Moeller19 dagar sedan
  • "pride flag ofc" I GOT SO HAPPY

    Forgotten weirdoForgotten weirdo20 dagar sedan
  • Hey question how did you get the house flipper game? Saw you play it and love it.

    HopeandRafeforeverHopeandRafeforever20 dagar sedan
  • I need a farming pack.....like no argument ✋🏼🙄😂

    Mackenzie HutchinsonMackenzie Hutchinson20 dagar sedan
  • kayla: i make expensive houses kayla in her latest builds: making a cheap starter homes

    joakim edlundjoakim edlund20 dagar sedan
  • i literally have tgat green couch

    Merritt JonesMerritt Jones20 dagar sedan
    • omg we have the same name

      Merritt JonesMerritt Jones20 dagar sedan
  • imagine thinking ur banned because ur impersonating urself, a semi famous person, and then u relize they dont know who u are ane they think ur 12

    Merritt JonesMerritt Jones20 dagar sedan
  • OMG yes! For the sofa!

    Marie MikealsonMarie Mikealson20 dagar sedan
  • Challenge idea: 10 minute build challenge but creating a floor plan with someone else’s shell challenge! Maybe with filler furniture idk

    Jo LeaJo Lea20 dagar sedan
  • I have no idea why, but I get major final 100 baby challenge house vibes from this build. Thought it on the stream and again watching this video

    Jo LeaJo Lea20 dagar sedan
  • wait.. in usa if you are born in january 2000, are you in higher class than those who are born in september 2000 😳😳

    Enna PihlajaEnna Pihlaja20 dagar sedan
  • Miss sim reno has a theory that we are going to be getting a generations pack soon because in a lot of the new content in the description it says "generation" somewhere in their.

    IceLillie 2000IceLillie 200020 dagar sedan
  • Yaaaassss!!!! Base game only!!!! Thank you so much! I can't wait to download this. I think it will be great for my legacy challenge family!

    TheJediNinjaTheJediNinja20 dagar sedan
  • Just downloaded this for my 100 baby challenge so my sims can have a better house! 😁

    Charlotte GroomCharlotte Groom20 dagar sedan
  • I think the automatic ban was because of your big eyes and round face (which are gorgeous, btw) but I was uploading my photography portfolio to an app and one of my younger brides has a similar face shape and she was flagged for being a child...despite that she was wearing a wedding dress. AI is def not human *facepalm*

    Carissa CarterCarissa Carter20 dagar sedan
  • I’m 12 and I’m 5,3

    Holly HoskerHolly Hosker20 dagar sedan
  • You should do a base game family for this house

    Level BellaLevel Bella20 dagar sedan
  • U always forget to add tissue at the toilet😂. But its okay cuz i still like to see ur video eventhought i dont play this game😍😅

    Marlyn JMarlyn J20 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact: I am also 21 (22 in June) and am often being mistaken as YOUNGER THAN MY 19 YEAR OLD (turned in early March) LITTLE SIBLING!! Like bro the gamestop employee asked my mom if it was okay that I'm buying a rated M game the other day 😭😭

    Shust KiddingShust Kidding20 dagar sedan
  • I'm glad you got your tiktok back. I don't think you look 12, but some people think my mom is in middle school. The school bus tried to pick her up once when she was just going for a walk. XD It's weird to me. She doesn't look like a kid to me.

    Astronaut CricketAstronaut Cricket20 dagar sedan
  • my mom made me a facebook acct when i was 8 so i could play farmville 🤠

    Rowan AurelioRowan Aurelio20 dagar sedan
  • Your account: *exist* TikTok: A CHILD You: NO

    KacperKacper20 dagar sedan
  • I downloaded this house and I’m literally obsessed with it! Thank you so much! Your so amazingly talented!😱

    Emily SchurmerEmily Schurmer20 dagar sedan
  • Kayla popped up on my fyp today.

    OliviaOlivia20 dagar sedan
  • Honestly, I did buy Parenthood for that bed...and one rug. But that was like two years ago, so I'm not too mad about it

    KariahBengaliiKariahBengalii20 dagar sedan
  • 13:00 - You got to have it before everyone else, think of it that way.

    Ellen 2Ellen 220 dagar sedan
  • 11:00 - *me creating a Neopets account at the age of 8* Why yes, I was born in the year 1901

    Ellen 2Ellen 220 dagar sedan
  • Yeah, just more reasons not to have social media lol.

    Pure DemonPure Demon20 dagar sedan
  • I begged my parents to let me get a Facebook before I was 13, but my dad didn't want to lie about my age so they made me a 'shared' account with my mom, named it "Emily-Chantel" (my mom and I) and put my mom's birthday in it. I then proceeded to do nothing but use it to play Farmville 😂

    Doodle DustDoodle Dust20 dagar sedan
  • Kayla is only 12 and she passed university!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jade attlesjade attles20 dagar sedan
  • I feel you so much for tik tok thinking you're thirteen. Soml 🤦

    klea kklea k20 dagar sedan
  • When Kayla started talking about packs my mind just went "Can't WAIT for the next Star Wars pack!" 😔

    JenInOrbitJenInOrbit21 dag sedan
  • Honestly, like screw tic tok, why would they think that?! That's awful

    Ana ThompsonAna Thompson21 dag sedan
  • 5:30 - I think it's funny, people are going around saying they're like 10 and they're okay. But "YOU LOOK UNDER 13. BANNED"

    Ellen 2Ellen 221 dag sedan
  • were you unbanned from tik tok kayla ⁉️😁

    cash moneycash money21 dag sedan
  • I want to see Kayla try to make a dollhouse irl and see how her sim-building skills transfer

    Madi SeawrightMadi Seawright21 dag sedan
  • imagine she got banned bc of the kelly the 12 year old jokes

    15 Maldonado Ortega Christen Danae15 Maldonado Ortega Christen Danae21 dag sedan
  • Yep! It's super annoying that the Hipster Hugger is by default locked behind a career, and has so few swatches, when it's one of the very few normal couches in the game. I probably wouldn't cheat away the requirements if they didn't put really basic, generic items there. The other annoying thing is that Get Together column. I don't own Get Together. I don't want Get Together. I really *only* want it for that one SUPER BASIC column, so I never buy it because I'm not paying that much for one a single, basic column which *should be base game in the first place* because it IS so super basic.

    TiaKattTiaKatt21 dag sedan
  • try changing your nickname in oldiesimsie, it might work!

    Chiara ToccoChiara Tocco21 dag sedan

    Thomas !Thomas !21 dag sedan
  • Hang on how can it be a 45k budget, just before 17:00 you added an extra £5000, would that then be classed as a 50k budget

    The Everything KidThe Everything Kid21 dag sedan
  • This was the perfect house for my sims! I renovated the upstairs to make it a lofted space the master bedroom and added a bathroom!

    Ava FalleafAva Falleaf21 dag sedan
  • Kayla: "I don't look 12! I'm 5'5!" Me at 12 being 5'6: "Haha, nope"

    kiki fredrickskiki fredricks21 dag sedan
  • She makes me want to major in interior designing

    J U L I E TJ U L I E T21 dag sedan
  • Don't feel too bad... I also got banned from Twitter for being underage. I was 40.

    Knitten SimthingKnitten Simthing21 dag sedan
  • I am 5,6 and I am 12 love your house

    Ruby BarkerRuby Barker21 dag sedan
  • I have a questions is bunk beds in a pack or did it just put it in the game?

    Regan MartinRegan Martin21 dag sedan

    Bailey BumBailey Bum21 dag sedan
  • Take the “you look 12” as a compliment. I’m 26 and I still get told that I look 14/15. It’s just good genes

    Jiggly KorruptionJiggly Korruption21 dag sedan
  • personally i would love to have open space floor plan in my dream house too but thinking about how the smell of food (or anything i cook) will penetrate into couches and curtains.. maybe not...

    elel21 dag sedan
  • I don't even have a tick tock nor do I care 2 have one I only use SEworld and fb

    heatherhinsdaleheatherhinsdale21 dag sedan
  • How do you make items bigger or smaller? I saw this in one of the videos

    Iwie AlvarezIwie Alvarez21 dag sedan
  • I don't think its too bad from EA to have added hot tubs in the base game. 1. Those who bought the pack didn't habe to wait for ages like the ones who only got the anniversary one. 2. The pack has actually got GOOD hot tubs.

    Vicky99Vicky9921 dag sedan
  • IronSeagull showed in his video that someone found the option "auto-sofas [on]" in the inside maxis livestream recently!

    Jose TanoJose Tano21 dag sedan
  • Is that true that the cut off of each grade is in the fall in the US? That is so odd. Where i live its always that all the people born in the same year belong in the same class. So like the cut off would be between december and january

    jee/nni xcjee/nni xc21 dag sedan
  • I was 5'6 when I was 12/13 😂

    Jilly BeanJilly Bean21 dag sedan
  • Aww poor Kayla lol people say I look young too

    Anxiety SimsAnxiety Sims21 dag sedan
  • i made my fb account when i was 8 👁👄👁

    LinettLinett21 dag sedan