FINALLY more stuff for families in The Sims 4

9 mar 2021
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I think I found my favorite custom content for The Sims 4
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Functional Slide:
Family Portrait:
Download their other mods!
Ravasheen's Patreon:
Ravasheen also has a bunk bed mod!
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  • i thought i posted this an hour ago but apparently i did not... so... here you go.

    lilsimsielilsimsieMånad sedan
    • lmao

      Mr Sniper114Mr Sniper114Månad sedan
    • @Wind Flower why are you saying RIP!??

      SuperSmiley1981SuperSmiley1981Månad sedan
    • Like watching your videos

      Elaine WaltersElaine WaltersMånad sedan
    • Oof!

      Molly's Game ZoneMolly's Game ZoneMånad sedan
    • 😂all good

      Annie 2008Annie 2008Månad sedan
  • i'm late but could you add the parents' ghosts to the households and take a family portrait like that?

    JemmaJemma7 dagar sedan
  • My gamespeed: *chuckles* I’m in danger

    Alice AndersonAlice Anderson9 dagar sedan
  • So lucky to be on PC 🥺

    RahliaRahlia10 dagar sedan
  • So I tried downloading the family portrait mod and it isn't working. I could use some assistance on where's the link. The link you provided doesn't help download it. Please and thank you! :)

    Angelina AthertonAngelina Atherton11 dagar sedan
  • This mod is revolutionary oh My God!!

    Vaamika SharmaVaamika Sharma11 dagar sedan
  • My sim child got killed by fire....didn't even meant to smh

    Child of GodChild of God12 dagar sedan
  • the link to the family photo doesn't work for me :(

    Ava BackusAva Backus12 dagar sedan
    • @Nicole Genter you mean the one I have to pay for?

      Ava BackusAva Backus9 dagar sedan
    • There is an updated version with new backgrounds that is currently on her Patreon page

      Nicole GenterNicole Genter11 dagar sedan
  • lot of the links wont work cant find the content and i'd love to have the family portrait one

    Rebeccaxruthx91Rebeccaxruthx9121 dag sedan
  • LOVE IT! Have to try the photo frame ♥

    MOLPE SIMSMOLPE SIMS23 dagar sedan
  • That's odd, I'm really sure I found such a photo frame in the game once. I don't have that build anymore unfortunetely though

    Faeryn van den BergFaeryn van den Berg24 dagar sedan
  • I built a castle in the Sims 4 and I use it for an orphanage.

    ThePinkQueenThePinkQueen26 dagar sedan
  • New bunk bed update wiped out my portraits...any way of getting them back😭

    kimberly redinkimberly redin27 dagar sedan
  • When are you updating to your legacy challenge!

    Lisa ZammarelliLisa Zammarelli29 dagar sedan
  • the mosquito camera set

    RyuwutaRyuwuta29 dagar sedan
  • i'd much rather give my money to a cc creator than spend £30 on a half-arsed pack from ea..

    Lydia ALydia AMånad sedan
  • Ravasheen has updated this mod to include more backgrounds and outfits, you should definitely check it out!

    Rund SunnaRund SunnaMånad sedan
  • The family portraits mod would probably be good for people who Play with families a lot

    Sparkle Simmer 4Sparkle Simmer 4Månad sedan
  • The family photo is actually in The Sims Mobile. Weird that they wouldn't have it in The Sims 4

    Codename MangoCodename MangoMånad sedan
  • Hey everyone hope your have a good day☺️,can you please subscribe to my channel,ii Loovvvveeee the sims and ii know that yu do too,God bless you and have a great day hope y’all keeping safe👏🏽💗

    TheSimsIs LifeTheSimsIs LifeMånad sedan
  • Now, what about if we don't lock photos and family members die? Do they still show up maybe as ghosts?

    WickedResinWickedResinMånad sedan
    • @Henri Chase what a pity 😔

      WickedResinWickedResinMånad sedan
    • Know because it only shows the sims that are in your household. It’s just the picture from the loading screen.

      Henri ChaseHenri ChaseMånad sedan
  • The frame one is like something they do in the mobile sims. I honestly wonder why they never added to the PC/Console version as well.

    Lau MoonchildLau MoonchildMånad sedan
  • Can you add CC into the title of videos like this so I don’t get all excited then disappointed?

    Kat BoytonKat BoytonMånad sedan
  • i havent heard an og simsie outro in so long

    nathan wadenathan wadeMånad sedan
  • It’s crazy to me how random people that mod the game, perhaps for fun? Are releasing better content and items than EA/Maxis. It’s quite sad if you think about it but that’s EA for you -_- These people, these modders, are the ones they need to hire..or something! Jeebus it irks me. We shouldn’t have to get CC for some of these things they should most definitely already be in the game. Pfft So, hats off to those modders that release better items/content for the game!! 🙌🙌💜

    AmberAmberMånad sedan
  • When she said “Brock, ew...” I kinda went “huh. That’s my brothers name... ok...”

    Mae MaeMae MaeMånad sedan
  • Piggy bank locked for one kid + madlen's mod for allowance for kids = awesome!! kid gets money, kid stores them.

    Christian ValentineChristian ValentineMånad sedan
  • How do you resize the frame(I play on a mac)?

    Lily BLily BMånad sedan
  • I checked site and patreon, not out for public yet :( It's 3/12/2021.

    Leia DhoroLeia DhoroMånad sedan
  • like half of my cc is ravasheen lmao

    caroline barnescaroline barnesMånad sedan
  • How awesome! One thing I wish I could fine for my maxis save is pack where u get lots of cas items. Its tireing to try and dl many packs.

    PawtilePawtileMånad sedan
  • Didn't Get Together add a family photo frame ?

    Daniel DaniarDaniel DaniarMånad sedan
    • @Henri Chase oh. I have that pack 😅

      Daniel DaniarDaniel DaniarMånad sedan
    • @Daniel Daniar you had to download it, like the free holiday pack.

      Henri ChaseHenri ChaseMånad sedan
    • @Henri Chase that was patched out? I know plantsim wasn't supposed to be in the game but the family portrait is removed?

      Daniel DaniarDaniel DaniarMånad sedan
    • @Daniel Daniar ok yes that is the one that was available for a short time only It’s so stupid that the sims team does this, similar with the plant sims, also only available for like a month wtf

      Henri ChaseHenri ChaseMånad sedan
    • @Henri Chase 8 swear to god there's a family portrait in the game. I can't remember where exactly it is from since i don't play the sims 4 anymore. The frame is very "antique" Looking and the color is golden and it's massive too

      Daniel DaniarDaniel DaniarMånad sedan
  • I want the kids to be able to do more stuff than just drawing and violin practice. Put some sports in the game for them. Where they can be become pro little atheletes.

    Anne WatsonAnne WatsonMånad sedan
  • You should do a cc house!! I would love to see it

    Charlotte SherlockCharlotte SherlockMånad sedan
  • I literally had to go to the lengths of taking a screenshot of my sims using a pose pack, put a painting filter over it, took it into photoshop, re-textured an existing painting and add that to the game as new cc. I had to MAKE my own portrait cc in order to have a portrait of one specific household. that automatic portrait mod is genuinely game changing.

    anaanaMånad sedan
  • i NEED that family photo mod

    CeceCeceMånad sedan
  • I can't find the family portrait mod with the link!

    Sonnia RobinsonSonnia RobinsonMånad sedan
  • The family photo mod will be SOOO usefull

    LivgirlplayzLivgirlplayzMånad sedan
  • I heard you say "Ravasheen" and almost cheered. I have EVERY mod on their site, I LOVE the pegboards!! Haven't figured out the storage cubbies. I follow the instructions but it just doesn't work.

    Queer CrippleQueer CrippleMånad sedan
  • Is there anypoint watching her when its just all mods why dont we all watch fakegamergirl who doesnt do mods and makes things good WITHOUT MODS

    jessigamesjessigamesMånad sedan
  • Why does sims on the ps4 doesn’t haveeee modssssssss😭😭😭😭

    OoNaOoNaMånad sedan
  • Did...did you just call Mortimer Morty 👀😭

    Dovah GhoulDovah GhoulMånad sedan
  • should i go maxis match?

    PlutoPlutoMånad sedan
  • It’s sooooo anoying when u have like sims on console bc u CANT get mods or cc

    h brewerh brewerMånad sedan

    Imbi GeorgImbi GeorgMånad sedan
  • OMG FINALLY edit: its mods

    KRRKTKRRKTMånad sedan
  • Omgsh this just made me realize that I never took photos of my legacy family. I have photos of them but they are not like portraits. And my 1st gen grandma already died, the 2nd gen parents are old, and the 3rd gen kids are all adults.... omg

    Music_LightsMusic_LightsMånad sedan
  • Really hate these mod videos because it isn’t for Consoles too

    Jess EssJess EssMånad sedan
  • Oh my god I'm downloading ALL their cc-

    AzuriteStarAzuriteStarMånad sedan
  • I loved the idea of the family photos so I took a look and Ravasheen has such cute stuff! Looks like cc is going back in my game lol (I took it out along with mods months ago with an update and haven't bothered putting anything back yet lol. Probably because I'm a mod and cc noob 🤣)

    LLMånad sedan
  • Aka: *Mods make The Sims*

    Princess_PaeganPrincess_PaeganMånad sedan
  • i kind of really want kayla to do an lp (stream oriented i think) about the life of brock goth. brock? jock. pov: the goth’s raise a “brad/chad” (sorry for the brads and chads), make him canon.

    Kir RichardsonKir RichardsonMånad sedan
  • This photo mod looks awesome! Need it.

    johcoh1johcoh1Månad sedan
  • I’m playing the legacy challenge for the first time ever and I’m on Gen 3 and SO DESPERATELY wanted nice family photos this mod is THRILLING

    Samantha PerkinsSamantha PerkinsMånad sedan
  • Hi everyone. You'll probably end up recognising me because I ask so many questions about sims. How do you increase and decrease the size of items, like the photo?

    Bethany SparlingBethany SparlingMånad sedan
    • You just tap the bracket keys [ & ]

      sneep snoopsneep snoopMånad sedan
  • These mods are perfect

    HoneyFlowerHoneyFlowerMånad sedan
  • I usually don't watch mod videos because I play on console, but I'm glad I watched this one. That photo one is *amazing*. The Sims team needs to pay that creator immediately and have this item/feature put into the game officially.

    CepheusLuCepheusLuMånad sedan
  • Yay!! I support her on patreon she's awesome!!

    ghoulsruleghoulsruleMånad sedan
  • it has an error wheel I try downloading

    Meg GearyMeg GearyMånad sedan
  • Me downloading the mods and cc Kayla makes videos about My laptop: gosh darn lady I ain’t atlas I can’t hold up the sky let alone all the darn content you download

    Emma LenaEmma LenaMånad sedan
  • Would be great if we could get this stuff on console

    Joey ElliottJoey ElliottMånad sedan
  • those look great , i'd agree about the portrait mod idk why we can't do those things something like that should be base-game frankly.

    styx971styx971Månad sedan
  • Can the portrait be sized down and placed on things like on the fireplace?

    Jessica GeeJessica GeeMånad sedan
  • please stop clickbaiting...

    YonkerzYonkerzMånad sedan
  • dude help i started downloading and i can't live without cc now my computer's gonna lag, someone stop meeee

    Ana Carolina SouzaAna Carolina SouzaMånad sedan
  • Now that I have pets it will be cute with the family photo 💕

    KatKatMånad sedan
  • I like 👍🏽

    KatKatMånad sedan
  • What I do which is EXTRA long and tedious is I use pose packs and have someone take a photo of my current family.

    CharlizarCharlizarMånad sedan
  • That photo mod is amazing

    Shadow WeaverShadow WeaverMånad sedan
  • Can you please make a house in the sims BUT you can't use the same object more than once (if you use the same object the color for each object HAVE to be different) I like seeing you tortured (kidding~)

    호ᄒTazz호ᄒTazzMånad sedan
  • So are you actually going to keep the photo frame in your game, because the last time you said this it was when you reviewed the twisted mexi the betterbuildbuy mod. You lied to us.

    Dee GDee GMånad sedan
  • Shes having dust problems too.....

    Matt RossMatt RossMånad sedan
  • What kind of laptop do you have???

    William FriendWilliam FriendMånad sedan
  • I wish you would put custom content in the title so I don't get really excited lol (ps4 simmer here )

    Cortney BodineCortney BodineMånad sedan
  • *i though they added this for base game but it's only for mods* 😢

    Chloe NormaChloe NormaMånad sedan
  • I’m new to the mod world 😩 how do I start downloading to my game on pc

  • This what i expect How is Parenthood pack

    AbyanAbyanMånad sedan
  • I am so glad you give love to these CC creators because they definitely deserve it

    Dee GDee GMånad sedan
  • Im getting tired of this clickbait videos...

    Oink OinkOink OinkMånad sedan
  • Ravasheen is a hard worker and I love being one of her Patrons. She is fantastic and lets her patrons request items, like me asking for the talking toys rather than Blarffy, and she lets us troubleshoot things. It’s sad some people become patrons just to rip off her work. I love her though! Soooo freaking sweet and talented. She posted this vid in her discord. 💜💕

    Majik AceMajik AceMånad sedan
  • thought this was about an EA pack atleast now I know it will be good tho

    Red RioRed RioMånad sedan
  • With the help of the teleporter mod and different poses I managed to take a huge family photo of 20 sims and it looks amazing but took me an hour to do 😬

    N FN FMånad sedan
  • Of course I see this when I’m on my 4th generation of my legacy challenge... LOL

    Peterson Family ResalePeterson Family ResaleMånad sedan
  • Lilsimsie: Is that slide and this way of taking pictures too much to ask? EA: Yes but you can have another counter.

    Pablur PilgrimPablur PilgrimMånad sedan
  • Love love love the family portrait mod!! I’ve always wanted to have family photos in my game! Thanks for sharing

    Tangie LeeTangie LeeMånad sedan
  • Why do you always pronounce moschino as mosquito 😭

    sarasthoughtssarasthoughtsMånad sedan
  • YUP! RVSN deserves the love. All mods, more experienced or not, deserve the love. But RVSN is, alongside with IllogicalSims & Peacemaker one of my favourites because they produce a lot of functional & fun but also realistic stuff, with style.

    MCGMCGMånad sedan
  • It's such a struggle to take family portraits in this game, even more if you don't own Get To Work or Moschino Stuff. I somehow find a way to make do, but gosh, it still takes me so damn much for just a single photo!

    CrystalHGCrystalHGMånad sedan
  • things like these aren't in the game because EA knows they don't need it because modders and cc creators will do it for them for free. Unlike any other game, the sims don't need to be complete in other for people to buy them, because they know the community alone will keep buying and recruiting more fans. I mean we all complain about stuff but as soon as a new thing comes out our memories get erased and suddenly is all praise, and then when everyone has bought the new thing suddenly i's all bugs and glitches and stuff that's missing, and then the independent creators do those things and suddenly everything is right again and no one complains anymore and the cycle beguins

    ForgetTheSForgetTheSMånad sedan
  • I thought you would have said bunkbeds were your most wanted thing

    The Everything KidThe Everything KidMånad sedan
  • How do I size down the objects?

    Carolina PandolfoCarolina PandolfoMånad sedan
  • Anyone else wish she’d put mod or CC in the title so people who don’t use mods or CC know it’s that and not an actual update

    elizabeth sharpelizabeth sharpMånad sedan
  • Full cc build?

    Erin BaileyErin BaileyMånad sedan
  • ravasheen is so amazing, i can't have my game without those mods 🧡

    maddy hattersmaddy hattersMånad sedan
  • Bubbles!!!! Our mini aussie is named bubbles!!!

    Tina DelphTina DelphMånad sedan
  • Omg that portrait is amazing!!!

    Tina DelphTina DelphMånad sedan
  • E A

    •Black Rose YT••Black Rose YT•Månad sedan
  • Yeah, I downloaded a bunch of this stuff off The Sims Resource.

    Maiden MinnesotaMaiden MinnesotaMånad sedan
  • But Kayla, this already exists....

    Hannah ParkerHannah ParkerMånad sedan
  • But the first one is in the base game... just bigger

    Hiva KhormaieHiva KhormaieMånad sedan
    • only if you unlocked it through sims mobile

      Kasandra MariscalKasandra MariscalMånad sedan