I built a 90s McMansion in The Sims 4

16 mar 2021
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I was feeling inspired to build something outdated and icky
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  • This remindes me of the Gilmore Girls grandparents home 😂

    ohheysarahohheysarah16 timmar sedan
  • lilsimsie: I hate putting up stinky houses to the gallery. Me: Hi! I am trying to build the worst house in the sims :D

  • Your literally all I watch anymore. I can’t go sleep without SEworld and yes your the only one I watch anymore. 😂😂

    rhettlogan16 _rhettlogan16 _Dag sedan
  • I actually like this house. I think it's pretty, especially the front of the house. So nice!

    Málna KissMálna Kiss9 dagar sedan
  • could do another video remodelling this one

    Sylvia DaveySylvia Davey11 dagar sedan
  • "oh eww, lets use that" Me: laughing!!

    Gabby DaCunhaGabby DaCunha12 dagar sedan
  • "oh eww, yeah let's use that"

    Marina HennemanMarina Henneman13 dagar sedan
  • so I live with my grandma and everything Kayla complained about is in my house

    Coochie ObtainerCoochie Obtainer14 dagar sedan
  • My 14 year old horse-themed wallpaper trim from when I was 8 feels attacked. Honestly it's not that bad, it's not a very kid-ish style, but the one in my parent's room is nicer.

    Ivy99999Ivy9999915 dagar sedan
  • it’s kinda cute idk

    Raleigh MitchellRaleigh Mitchell16 dagar sedan
  • "I feel like people in the comments are going to rip me apart for doing this wrong" she says, after flawlessly recreating the kitchen from my childhood house (born in '86 so my kitchen was quite the 90s kitchen)

    Steven CowanSteven Cowan17 dagar sedan
  • I love how this whole video is EWWW!..... Im going to use it

    WolfLovesQuipzyWolfLovesQuipzy17 dagar sedan
  • Nobody: Kayla: “oh ew... let’s use that.”

    Arili Leonard-BrownArili Leonard-Brown18 dagar sedan
  • That thumbnail is perfection

    ProxUrAimzProxUrAimz18 dagar sedan
  • Honestly, this feels like the kind of house that could have been in Sims 1 if they weren't so bare. Feels authentically 90s-early 2000s to me.

    JLynnEchelonJLynnEchelon18 dagar sedan
  • I don't know about the US, but in Germany, black furniture was all the rage in the 90s. Bonus points if there was glass mixed in somewhere. I look back on it and I honestly really don't understand how anyone thought that was a good idea.

    blueblue19 dagar sedan
    • That was the 80s my friend. Just look at old music vids from the late eighties.

      FranHunneFranHunne15 dagar sedan
  • Low rise jeans just aren't it😂

    Karly WarnerKarly Warner20 dagar sedan
  • People still wear low rise jeans 😂

    Armecia GrayArmecia Gray20 dagar sedan
    • How dare they

      Rando With internetRando With internet15 dagar sedan
  • This looks like a build you'd see in ts1 on the story mode

    Sleeman0980Sleeman098022 dagar sedan
  • I was born in 93, brings back a lot of memories lmfao...ahh yes, the fake fruits 🤣🤣🤣

    Aly PAly P22 dagar sedan
  • "oh ew! yea lets use that :0" OMG I LOVE THAT IT HAD ME WHEEZING BAHAHAH

    Luna Oofer -3-Luna Oofer -3-23 dagar sedan
  • Real architect that created those houses in 90s watching this like : T-T

    AWESDAWESD23 dagar sedan
  • Simsie slandering low rise jeans while I'm wearing them ☹️

    prettybitch-666prettybitch-66623 dagar sedan
  • This looks like every single one of my simsfreeplay builds

    Emily69 Walemother05Emily69 Walemother0523 dagar sedan
  • I find it funny that Americans always think that build in fridges are fancy. Pretty much every house in the Netherlands with a kitchen build in the last 20 years or so has a build in fridge, freezer and dishwasher.

    CharissaHoogyCharissaHoogy24 dagar sedan
  • oh jeus i didn't expect you to be younger than me XD

    C0pyKattC0pyKatt24 dagar sedan
  • imagine if the kits promo box thing was just. a vacuum

    Toasty AshToasty Ash24 dagar sedan
  • I find it very funny that Kayla was talking about how build in fridges are fancy and my parents kitchen which was build over 20 years ago has that and i don't consider it fancy by any means...but to be fair thats what i have seen my entire life and maybe if it was more modern i would feel differently but oh well just thought i'd share that...anyway good job Kayla!

    nobodyknowsnobodyknows24 dagar sedan
  • I saw mcmansion and thought Ronald McDonald lived there 😂😭

    TeaganTeagan24 dagar sedan
  • my grandparents have a plushie humpty dumpty and jars of lollies that havent moved in years on top of their fridge, the plant and books dont seem that random

    cheesecake humancheesecake human24 dagar sedan
  • It looks like ts3 lol

    Beata OrłowskaBeata Orłowska24 dagar sedan
  • Big Little Fires has great 90's decor inspiration!

    Valentina GonzalezValentina Gonzalez25 dagar sedan
  • "you know the couches with the skirts? Yeah..." Me looking at the two couches in the room that have skirts like 👁️👄👁️

    Stemara Bella the CatStemara Bella the Cat25 dagar sedan
  • What’s sad is this style of house is literally my dream house that I want to build one day

    Jayna RiveraJayna Rivera25 dagar sedan
  • holy shit i just realized that kayla is gen z

    ester uwuester uwu25 dagar sedan

    Hoesb4broesHoesb4broes25 dagar sedan
    • A lot

      Rando With internetRando With internet15 dagar sedan

    LinalarityLinalarity25 dagar sedan
  • Well I can honestly say I’ve never said “man I wish we had some frosted glass bathroom cube windows right now” and yet here we are

    Ainsley WilliamsAinsley Williams25 dagar sedan
  • These houses are like, everywhere in my neighborhood.

    Iris XIris X25 dagar sedan
  • You should’ve done along dining table

    Troiano Family TroianoTroiano Family Troiano25 dagar sedan
  • Kayla: “Oh EW...” Kayla: “Oh yeah let’s use that”

    Lia’sGachaLia’sGacha25 dagar sedan
  • My bedroom as a kid had the wallpaper border thing, same with my bro's room. And the bathroom, still up in the bathroom, but i looks okay in there xD. Anndddd the dining room.

    Alora WAlora W26 dagar sedan
  • Who's gonna tell her low rise pants are back

    Lupy LeafLupy Leaf26 dagar sedan
    • @Lupy Leaf no thanks

      Rando With internetRando With internet15 dagar sedan
    • @Rando With internet but but see belly button make me happy make brain go :)

      Lupy LeafLupy Leaf15 dagar sedan
    • They shouldn’t

      Rando With internetRando With internet15 dagar sedan
  • I want those Sims gifts...wow you were born the year I graduated high school

    Shadow WeaverShadow Weaver26 dagar sedan
  • very the sims 2-ish

    Nalu PolakNalu Polak27 dagar sedan
  • Not this house looking like my cousin's old house. Also this looks like an older 2000's house because that is what my cousins lived in.

    Emmeline TaylorEmmeline Taylor27 dagar sedan
  • day 62 of asking kayla for a main character house

    mxladiqmxladiq27 dagar sedan
  • It’s funny how taste differs 😂 I love houses that are fully brick and actually, I love the before pic of the fixer upper house. 😂

    Backwards ReesaBackwards Reesa27 dagar sedan
    • I hate the mish mash of windows. But the red brick look is fine with me.

      FranHunneFranHunne15 dagar sedan
  • Me taking a bath while watching this.... looking at my pedestal sink, sponge painted walls and fake flowers that match the wallpaper boarder. (Haven’t remodeled this room yet lol)

    MsTurtleWhispererMsTurtleWhisperer27 dagar sedan
  • Who has a white tub with white shower curtains? I’ve never seen that in my life. And I’m the same age as you

    Jhinelle BrownJhinelle Brown27 dagar sedan
  • uhm yeah, i still wear low rise jeans

    LisaLisa28 dagar sedan
    • How dare u

      Rando With internetRando With internet15 dagar sedan
  • I can so clearly imagine the smell to this house, along with being bored while grown ups talked and I had nothing to do hahaha

    SamiSami28 dagar sedan
  • Oh god you said “plants on top of cabinets” and turned around to see exactly that in my house, my dad hasn’t changed the decor is a whiiiiiile lmao

    Ally HentonAlly Henton28 dagar sedan
  • tell me WHY I can't buy the sims kaboodle?? I have never needed anything more in my life

    Kate VanderbeckKate Vanderbeck28 dagar sedan
  • Sooo..we can’t buy the Sims Kit merch? 🥴

    Ronald Armstrong IIIRonald Armstrong III28 dagar sedan
  • ok but kayla’s green eyes, gets me every time.

    alexis .alexis .28 dagar sedan
  • “I feel like it makes sense” Literally just me trying to convince myself I’m doing something right when I know it’s totally wrong 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Adam KnightAdam Knight28 dagar sedan
  • Buliding challenge idea :- ( I dont know if you have done this already but) you could do a build where each room is a different decade and use the wheel of doom to choose which room is which decade? 😊

    Mvl07Mvl0728 dagar sedan
  • This looks like trying to build a house in the sims 1

    lonklonk28 dagar sedan
  • today is the day that i realised that i'm older than simsie. not even a month older, but still older!

    Kristina LarsenKristina Larsen28 dagar sedan
  • Ok but, The Sims NEED to sell that winderbreaker. I MUST HAVE IT.

    Dylan LantermanDylan Lanterman28 dagar sedan
  • I feel just a *teensy* bit bad telling you this... but low rise jeans are on the verge of making a comeback. Bellbottoms too.

    The Virtual TravelerThe Virtual Traveler28 dagar sedan
    • The low rise jeans are evil

      Rando With internetRando With internet15 dagar sedan
  • Definitely inspired now to recreate my first childhood home from the 90's!

    Brooke PrichardBrooke Prichard28 dagar sedan
  • Feels very judged with my black appliances. Actually stainless steel appliances with ALL of the fingerprints was the big thing in the 90s. (I'm only kind of joking about the fingerprints). The thing with McMansions was that they'd be on the smallest lot possible and be at least 4000 sq ft inside , they'd have no backyard and no fence, but a super expensive and lush front area. The entry way was always two stories. They all looked exactly the same. Well the color brick changed, and a lot would have brick accents next to siding. They would have massive windows in the front and no windows in the back. They would have sliding glass doors out the kitchen to their deck, under which would be their only back yard space. The ones in my area tended to have the grand stairway to the front door so it was kind of split level.

    turtledoveturtledove28 dagar sedan
  • I’d be drunk for every time she said hate in this video. 🙄🙄

    Heather KinslowHeather Kinslow28 dagar sedan
  • I put up a build that I would love for you to critique and fix for me. I only have the base game and don't use placement cheats. I've got a grandparent's suite in the basement, that was "reno'd in the 70s then never updated".

    Chaya KakitaChaya Kakita28 dagar sedan
  • Oh look it’s my house!

    sky peterssky peters28 dagar sedan
  • simsie: lets make a 90s house also simsie: lets make a hous with things i hate hahah

    RiaXandraRiaXandra28 dagar sedan
  • Calling out my mom with the plants on the cabinets 💀💀💀

    MakeitmagicalMakeitmagical29 dagar sedan
  • Oh Ew! Let's use it- LilSimsie 2021

    Iona McKnightIona McKnight29 dagar sedan
  • Agghhh. The sponge paint walls.. we just bought a house built in the 80s and the walls were brown sponge paint and it was so so bad. And the carpet oh lawd. It was this yellow and brown with floral designs. 🤮

    Alison PostmaAlison Postma29 dagar sedan
  • My house was built in the 90s. And it’s kinda still decorated that way. We have plants on top of cabinets and a plant on top of the fridge.

    LaurenLauren29 dagar sedan
  • I was born in 1972(yes that makes me old, 49 in April). I grew up with everything in this house. So it's weird for me when you say this house is old and that it's a 90's house. And while I'm here, those little windows are to let in natural light but also give the bedrooms some privacy from neighbors and just the world outside.

    Terri MasseyTerri Massey29 dagar sedan
  • "Stinky pedestal sink" 🤣🤣🤣

    Hannah GollingsHannah Gollings29 dagar sedan
  • at 8:38, thats just any western european kitchen hahah

    Marit de GoedeMarit de Goede29 dagar sedan
  • look, growing up in the 90s/early 2000s I had the BEST unicorn wallpaper trim, I loved it so much it broke my heart to take it down when we did and I was a teenager lol

    leyotoleyoto29 dagar sedan
  • The 137 dislikes on this video are from Kayla's parents and grandparents on burner accounts

    Sabrina SatterthwaiteSabrina Satterthwaite29 dagar sedan
  • This house is reminding me of walks around the neighborhood as a teen in the 90s.

    Kerridwynn the Isolation GoblinKerridwynn the Isolation Goblin29 dagar sedan
  • It’s so painfully obvious how much Kayla loves the color blue and dislikes every other color 😹

    JellyfishmoonJellyfishmoon29 dagar sedan
  • I hate to break it to you Kayla....But..low rise jeans are unfortunately making a come back. :/

    Rae ButlerRae Butler29 dagar sedan
  • kayla is u dont like that bucket had i would love to take it off ur hands for u :))

    nathan wadenathan wadeMånad sedan
  • What a WASTE of packaging ....

    teddy20111000teddy20111000Månad sedan
  • I must say that I always had a plant on top of my fridge though so it doesn't look weird to me

    Aska ChatonAska ChatonMånad sedan
  • Is lilsimsies parents kitchen my parents kitchen? Haha I grew up in a kitchen like that

    pørcupinepørcupineMånad sedan
  • whenever kayla says that hardwood floors feel warm, it really confuses me, my icey achey feet disagree on the hardwood statements.

    Gummi-Bear NikoleGummi-Bear NikoleMånad sedan
  • “Oh *_EW..._* let’s use that! :D”

    I Swear I'm Not a FurryI Swear I'm Not a FurryMånad sedan
  • kayla just told me i’ve been building mcmansions for three years without actually telling me.

    livlivMånad sedan
  • me looking at my black fridge and white oven 👁👄👁

    Claire MaeClaire MaeMånad sedan
  • Fake plants and glass dishware on top of the cabinets is something my mom had (miss her so much). It look good but having to dust that and potential bugs up there was not it lol. There 2 things I dislike about older houses: Wood paneling and carpet bathrooms. Like whyyyy?

    JeanieinabottleJeanieinabottleMånad sedan
  • Is it wrong that I love this?

    Natalia PeláezNatalia PeláezMånad sedan
  • Petition for Kayla to go ham with CC No gallery shame whatsoever (Day 4)

    Just Me ContentJust Me ContentMånad sedan
  • I remember pink carpet being popular for awhile

    Megan SandsMegan SandsMånad sedan
  • Lilsimsie: people used to wear low-rise jeans! Me, who hasn't ever followed clothing trends and is wearing low-rise jeans as we speak: oh. Uh. Right.

    SparrowSparrowMånad sedan
  • i kinda just looks like houses in texas

    kyndelkyndelMånad sedan
  • Love the 90s stuff. Not the kit, but the package you got. The kaboodle thing is cool. My mom said her mom got her one for makeup when she was younger. She used it to store her hotwheels instead. :P

    Astronaut CricketAstronaut CricketMånad sedan
  • Newest cleanse diet: take a drink of water every time simsie doesn't like something in this build!

    Dawn CicchiniDawn CicchiniMånad sedan
  • Kayla, if you hate it, just renovate it. Make it nice and you like.

    Kate_isAwesome120Kate_isAwesome120Månad sedan
  • Kinda like this weird house

    hey, polinahey, polinaMånad sedan
  • Who send you this? EA 🤔 maybe but it looks cool when you wear it.

    FreeMovies CZFreeMovies CZMånad sedan
  • she is just the biggest 90’s baby. such a millennial

    claireclaireMånad sedan