27 mar 2021
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Checking out a new custom content pack for The Sims 4!
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  • Lol I never thought we need more plants in The Sims because I watch Sydney Macoretta and she totally makes 150% of it. This pack is cool but it’s not true that we haven’t got enough in game! Especially for landscaping

    Aleksandra PieńkoszAleksandra Pieńkosz9 timmar sedan
  • how do u download it? i tried to do it the same way i download clothing cc but it isnt in my game?

    Boba tokBoba tok13 dagar sedan
  • Where are the windows from she used?

    Pia -PiaPia -Pia13 dagar sedan
  • I think this is what kits should be for. More plants. More décorations. Etc

    Marie-Christine LaurinMarie-Christine Laurin15 dagar sedan
  • Yeahhh, lilies smell like cat urine

    Fynne BruceFynne Bruce16 dagar sedan
  • Considering I am a plant fanatic in real life, yes i need

    Arina BradshawArina Bradshaw17 dagar sedan
  • You have a cat so not liking lilies is totally a good thing. They're really toxic to kitties. Like, fatally toxic.

    LadyAJLadyAJ18 dagar sedan
  • I'm just wondering how her shadows (on game) look like that and how it is so smooth

    Blizard O.oBlizard O.o18 dagar sedan
  • 1k comment😃😃

    LilCanadianLilCanadian18 dagar sedan
  • You should make a whole house out of only CC. Sure, it's not downloadable. But it would be GORGEOUS.

    Bee TyBee Ty18 dagar sedan
  • I think it would also be cool if your sims could tend plants, such as water, check on it etc

    Clara JewelgardenClara Jewelgarden19 dagar sedan
  • Kayla, have you ever wanted to produce a song? Do you know Jason Donovan's song "Any Dream Will Do"? You could make a cover, "Any Plant Will Do".

    Peter WilsonPeter Wilson19 dagar sedan
  • Lol I don’t like Lily’s either I’m allergic too them

    Emily LEEEmily LEE20 dagar sedan
  • I'm not a big fan of lilies either, but mostly because of how toxic they are to cats! Cat owners should never ever have lilies in their house, even just brushing up against a lily and then grooming themselves is enough for a cat to get very ill or even die :(

    Jo SalisburyJo Salisbury20 dagar sedan
  • Nice video, i would like to know if it is free to download the cc via Tumblr? or do you have to pay for the account? or are same things free? I am now downloadeing stuf from thesimsresource site, but that is not a nice site. maybe you can maken a video about that sometime? where and how to download sims cc for free? I love your videos, keep up your good work.

    Emelie RothengatterEmelie Rothengatter20 dagar sedan
  • Im sad that she didn't do the first comment

    Sterre UzunSterre Uzun21 dag sedan
  • The reason I don't like the smell of lily's is because most funerals have lily's as a flower and that smell just reminds me of that. @4:07

    Gabrielle TrejoGabrielle Trejo21 dag sedan
  • You should really do a cc build. Like. Seriously. Just put a big fat warning that it's not going to be up in the gallery. Make it unlimited everything. I believe it's going to show your actual taste and personality when u build without any restriction.

    Faiqah AzmirFaiqah Azmir21 dag sedan
  • Tip? Size up indoor plants and put them outside, prolly cover up their pots so new plant? Sometimes you can bb. 2 plants to make a new one. Or add flowers to a big pot. Also use vases as plant pots.

    PrincessArielPrincessAriel21 dag sedan
  • Lily flowers smell like pee and I’ll die on that hill. I used to be a CNA when I was in college and every time a family left potted lilies for their grandma at Easter I would go nuts looking for the urine smell before realizing it was the flowers. 🤢

    Minnepeg and CamMinnepeg and Cam21 dag sedan
  • Kayla the title jebaited me I thought EA actually came out with another kit and was prepared to be Big Mad

    MadameBluebellMadameBluebell21 dag sedan
  • they should just make all kits base game and get rid of bust the dust

    am carpussam carpuss22 dagar sedan
    • or keep bust the dust but get rid of dust bunnies

      am carpussam carpuss22 dagar sedan
  • For a moment my heart beat wildly, then you find out it's "just" another cc/mod. Oh, well, time to use the last bits of space in my PC's memory. TT__TT

    groundmisterygroundmistery22 dagar sedan
  • can you do a tutorial on how to build a simple house ?

    Bellabou 31Bellabou 3122 dagar sedan
  • I'm highkey obsessed with the leafy wallpaper tho, I have done so many builds based solely around using it lol

    Lia StLia St22 dagar sedan
  • Can you make a video using cc, just one build pls i know others wanna download it but just one.... pls....

    Catherine SloanCatherine Sloan22 dagar sedan
  • “console players can’t use it” as a console player I feel so appreciated 🥺 this is amazing CC though

    EricaErica22 dagar sedan
  • Regarding lilies smell... You probably just don't like funeral home smell, cuz yeah, they're used a lot there

    mackybarrmackybarr22 dagar sedan
  • "There from parenthood, *but* it's good!" kayla casualy hating on the parenthood dlc.

    Aimee BruntAimee Brunt22 dagar sedan
  • I wish my computer would let me use cc. I'm lucky if I can use mccc

    Alyssa Brown-CarletonAlyssa Brown-Carleton22 dagar sedan
  • I’m actually surprised that they haven’t made us a plant pack!!!

    Matthew UtterMatthew Utter22 dagar sedan
  • I wish we could paint drop whatever color we wanted like illustrator.

    tinker2286tinker228622 dagar sedan
  • id be nice if the sims team made stands that we could place the plants on

    CaitlynCaitlyn22 dagar sedan
  • they should make a horse kit

    angelina kingangelina king22 dagar sedan
  • Lilies are bad for cats so maybe that's a good thing you dont like them

    Ko Eun YooKo Eun Yoo22 dagar sedan
  • I don't think anyone would be mad if she made a cc build and just linked the cc in the description. I'd be excited to see what she could create with some more stylish items

    Lauren smithLauren smith22 dagar sedan
  • Omg yes, I've been downloading TONS of plants 😰

    Marianne BoivinMarianne Boivin22 dagar sedan
  • Now I want a mod to take your opinion of lillies into account. An uncomfortable moodlet "what's that smell? You walked past a vase of lillies... ewwww" 3 hrs feeling uncomfortable

    GinmegsyGinmegsy22 dagar sedan
  • *sitting here with a huge vase of lilies in my room while watching this*

    SwiftyPie123SwiftyPie12322 dagar sedan
  • I would buy a plant kit.

    amricattamricatt22 dagar sedan

    SkySimmerSkySimmer22 dagar sedan
  • simsie I am a console user and I would love to see you build a house using only cc !! :)

    Natalie BeneshNatalie Benesh22 dagar sedan
  • guys i think she likes plants

    NooBokaNooBoka22 dagar sedan
  • I really thought this was a new kit! Wow these CC creators are so generous they pour so many hours into making our game exponentially better. I hope they have a patreon bc I feel bad downloading this for free!

    Anna BananaAnna Banana22 dagar sedan
  • well, 1st they need to fix glitch making plants disappear, every plant disappears in my game on my lot and I'm not the only one having this issue

    Ann GeeAnn Gee22 dagar sedan
  • Oh God I downloaded this earlier and thought it was a real kit and had a heart attack when I saw the thumbnail-

    Charlotte WalkerCharlotte Walker22 dagar sedan
  • Lilly is a death flower. You give them at funerals

    Bes LanderinBes Landerin22 dagar sedan
  • Fine line colours in the kitchen😍😁😁

    Maddy HewsonMaddy Hewson22 dagar sedan
  • Awesome

    Dylan ListerDylan Lister22 dagar sedan
  • Some of theses plants look very familiar, from Animal Crossing New Horizons... ?

    Kim WildKim Wild22 dagar sedan
  • not so fun fact: Lillies are poisonous to cats. If you have cats (or dogs) its best not to bring Lillies into your home.

    Melissa McCauslandMelissa McCausland22 dagar sedan
  • am i the only want who want plant should be watering everyday.. so the butler have a new must do and not just spraying the table..

    SYUA SIMSSYUA SIMS22 dagar sedan
  • Can you do an in-depth video on how to find and install CC. I seriously have no idea, and there is no good video on it.

    youtube_addiction23youtube_addiction2322 dagar sedan
  • My name is Lily-

    Lily ChocolateLily Chocolate22 dagar sedan
  • Do not fUcking give EA any ideas for christ sake.

    Blobbert McblobBlobbert Mcblob22 dagar sedan
  • i kinda wish we didn’t have to pay for the kits :(

    alexis .alexis .22 dagar sedan
  • could u make a 2 family home!

    Chloe OneillChloe Oneill22 dagar sedan
  • please do a CC only build. I really don't even care if I can't access the CC you use, I just wanna see what you can do with the massively talented and incredible CC people produce

    kinzokukinzoku22 dagar sedan
  • modular plants. plasticbox knew what was up

    JQ HaniJQ Hani22 dagar sedan
  • I downloaded it but I can’t find it anywhere. In which category are the flowers?

    Mia HanMia Han22 dagar sedan
  • You introduced me to living rum cc pack, and it CHANGED MY LIFE😍🤤

    JafaaJafaa22 dagar sedan

    livy farrislivy farris23 dagar sedan
  • You should do a cc only build

    DevonDevon23 dagar sedan
  • I don't know if this has already been recommended, so apologies if it has, but you should do a house only using CC content

    Dani SmithDani Smith23 dagar sedan
  • My game for some reason doesn't let me use modes I press the button and leave the game and when I come back it shows me that the game was updated so I can't use mods and I do the same thing over and over again it just won't let me! So frustrating..

    Noa VeNoa Ve23 dagar sedan
  • I don't use much CC but this...I shall use

    DezzyDoesThingsDezzyDoesThings23 dagar sedan
  • Ooooooo imagine Kayla making an only cc build I wanna see that!!!!!

    Miya MarieMiya Marie23 dagar sedan
  • You should do a challenge where you build a house from the ground up, quite literally. Start with terrain paints, then flooring, then plants, so on and so on....

    Dorian LysanderDorian Lysander23 dagar sedan
  • I just want kitchen Clutter tbh. Lol. And porch swings. Maybe cuter beds cause well, they are ok. Sectionals would be nice. Lol 😂 I want a lot. I have all the packs but like 3, I don’t really care about them but I am gonna have to get them it’s driving me crazy 🙄

    Emily PughEmily Pugh23 dagar sedan
  • Also for a brief moment I thought your floor was carpet and I had flashbacks to my carpet kitchen in my childhood. Yeah... 😬

    Jazzatic2011Jazzatic201123 dagar sedan
  • Hey lilsimsie or any simmers. Do you automatically get access to all the sims packs or extras for subscribing? Vs buying each pack?

    Jazzatic2011Jazzatic201123 dagar sedan
  • I have a question! When I want to buy the cats and dogs expansion pack it says "This pack is unavailable to purchase" ..... does anyone know why that is?

    Regan CuppsRegan Cupps23 dagar sedan
  • 7:51 lights look like a bear face

    Stan Stray KidsStan Stray Kids23 dagar sedan
  • can you please make a SIMS house only using CC

    Bakugo DekuBakugo Deku23 dagar sedan
  • I want a house with ONLY CC!!!🥰🥰🥰

    Silje WoldSilje Wold23 dagar sedan
  • I would die happy if they made an indoor gardening hobby/skill with collectible plants, the ability to watch them grow, trading cuttings with other sims with the skill. Imagine making a little plant store!

    Diana AlexisDiana Alexis23 dagar sedan
  • Could you someday make a video with tips on how you landscape your houses? You're so good at it!

    Lauren CristadoroLauren Cristadoro23 dagar sedan
  • I hate the smell of lilies as well! 👌🏻👌🏻

    Luuk JolingLuuk Joling23 dagar sedan
  • When are you streaming next

    Dale MercerDale Mercer23 dagar sedan
  • How do I get sims 4 on my computer?

    Emily RileyEmily Riley23 dagar sedan
  • suddenly i need to download more cc than my computer can handle

    tammytammy23 dagar sedan
  • Is anyone else having a problem where after the bunkbeds update, you can't place anything, like I can't put any furniture in my game, I can't even play a household, and for example when I try to use terrain I can see little pictures of cabinets and fences, its a weird glitch i think.

    Emma DempseyEmma Dempsey23 dagar sedan
  • My name is Lily and lilies are my favorite flowers 😅 Love the Cc though!!! I wish I could download it into my game!

    Lily EllisLily Ellis23 dagar sedan
  • About lilies irl: if you get them and remove the pollen when they flower, they are so much better! They don’t smell as strongly and don’t stain anything. They live longer that way too. A quick paper towel wipe of the pollen removes them and makes lilies enjoyable! Just try it. 🌺

    Lindsay PaananenLindsay Paananen23 dagar sedan
  • Please do a reptile kit

    Natalie AllardNatalie Allard23 dagar sedan
  • I will always need more plants for my sims houses

    Seven LouiseSeven Louise23 dagar sedan
  • All the sims needs is L shaped couches

    Pj’s Whatever TimePj’s Whatever Time23 dagar sedan
  • You're making your plant sad 😂

    Monica ValenciaMonica Valencia23 dagar sedan
  • The art for that is amazing. I thought this was real in that thumbnail and got soo excited.

    ItavianItavian23 dagar sedan
  • Tpn fans when they see the red flower swatch: was this conny’s flower?

    GingernuteditsGingernutedits23 dagar sedan
  • I want to be able to use the mushrooms and crystals that are in the neighborhood landscaping

    Natassia RichardsonNatassia Richardson23 dagar sedan
  • misleading thumb nail. love you, but please put CC in the title maybe? sims youtubers have been doing this a lot lately and it's a bummer for us that can't use CC

    TaraTara23 dagar sedan
  • Maybe we will finally see a set with cars from the game developers

    kamil.xantoskamil.xantos23 dagar sedan
  • I would like to have all the houseplants behaving like real plants, so that you need to take care of them and they can die if you don't water them and that your sims gardening skill improves with houseplants as well. I mean, we have dirt and dust now, why stop there? :D

    Maria SteinmetzMaria Steinmetz23 dagar sedan
  • I want you to make a house using all your favorite CC. Even if people can't download it, I would love to see a collection of all your faves together and for you to have fun with it without worrying about the gallery

    Cortney BrownCortney Brown23 dagar sedan
  • Thought this was an actual pack we were getting

    Coco ACoco A23 dagar sedan
  • Lilies are also suuuper toxic to cats, so probably a good thing you don’t have them!

    cuteycat2214cuteycat221423 dagar sedan
  • I would LOVE a plant kit

    Ayla ASMRAyla ASMR23 dagar sedan
  • In Sims 4, you only need chairs

    Tia WalkerTia Walker23 dagar sedan
  • at least someone cares about us console players 🥺🥺🥺

    Yagirl AnafayzYagirl Anafayz23 dagar sedan