my sims got engaged on their first date x

24 mar 2021
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This video is family friendly, but The Sims 4 is rated T for Teen and this video is intended for an audience aged 13 and up.
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  • lilsimsie getting upset because of the dust is exactly why I didn't buy the pack

    homegrillhomegrill6 dagar sedan
  • Taco bell

    Áine O'ConnorÁine O'Connor11 dagar sedan
  • when you hover over him you see the club "hot singles in your area" and he is engaged lmaaaoo Leave tinder you're about to be a dad.

    lolnynylolnyny11 dagar sedan
  • It was really bugging me but I finally noticed who he flirted with (or at least tried to/said the wrong thing). It was the person sitting with them and her dad at the table during the romance festival. I can't read the name on my phone but Mavis showed a negative heart and the other person also had a negative reaction. It quickly became an awkward conversation. They are right next to Mavis in his relationship panel. There's no romance bar but there was still some lit6slip up.

    barkergirl33barkergirl3312 dagar sedan
  • We’re all agreed, yes, that Kayla needs to do another LP like this... but on long life so she flaps less?

    JamestopboyJamestopboy12 dagar sedan
  • maybe his fashion column is just him gushing about his wife

    apennypriceapennyprice13 dagar sedan
  • If they have a girl later I think Adora Bell would be so cute

    Grace McKayGrace McKay15 dagar sedan
  • I'm a little late to this episode but like vegetarian sims have a higher chance of dying from pufferfish nigiri at normal quality thanks to that negative moodlet

    Rosaide767Rosaide76715 dagar sedan
  • I love how Noah the guy that dresses in frumpy dad sweaters is a fashion icon now lol.

    Obi-Wan PierogiObi-Wan Pierogi15 dagar sedan
  • if one of them isn't called taco i will riot

    Existential QueerExistential Queer16 dagar sedan
  • Noah: buys a new chair Jim: rips it

    lou_the_crocodile ._.lou_the_crocodile ._.16 dagar sedan
  • Baby names: Adora Bell (Adorable) Blu Bell (The flower) Reecea Bell (Ring A Bell) Dub Bell (Dumbell) Nick Bell (Nickel) Dora Bell (Door Bell) Rick Bell (Ring Bell) Ella Bell (My name is Ella so there)

    msmegzmsmegz18 dagar sedan
  • Throwback to meep. The old maid

    Allie BAllie B18 dagar sedan
  • i do this all the time when im bored lmao

    Hailey BlumHailey Blum19 dagar sedan
  • nonono don't divorce Mavis, I like Mavis. Have one of the twins marry Father Winter, I feel like Mavis and Noah are soulmates :(

    ThePinkQueenThePinkQueen19 dagar sedan

    Lillyan SchweichLillyan Schweich19 dagar sedan
  • The stairs doen't work because of the fence on top of the stairs (the part that goes invisible when you place the stairs). If you remove that part of the fence the stairs will work again.

    Sandra SaarinenSandra Saarinen19 dagar sedan
  • The cat on this is named Jim and in real life I kid you not I have. A cat named TIM

    Anxiety SimsAnxiety Sims19 dagar sedan
  • The fence at the top of the stairs is the issue

    Alexis Gordon-MartinAlexis Gordon-Martin19 dagar sedan
  • there's probably an invisible fence under the stairs... just need to delete it i think?

    LeeAnna DimoulasLeeAnna Dimoulas20 dagar sedan
  • alf

    Shadowy PenumbraShadowy Penumbra20 dagar sedan
  • chesper

    SilentSnake GamingSilentSnake Gaming20 dagar sedan
  • Noah has big chaotic bi energy I really love Mavis but Noah and Daddy Winters are endgame :P

    hibiscusandmistletoehibiscusandmistletoe21 dag sedan
  • Taco Bell and Jingle Bell please

    The EnderThe Ender21 dag sedan
  • How did you get the sims menu up where you can see if they’re having twins or not??

    Charlotte HeatonCharlotte Heaton21 dag sedan
  • There might be an invisible fence where the stairs meet. Had this happen to me when I have a open area and went to delete the invisible fence.

    Yumi JaymesmeYumi Jaymesme21 dag sedan
  • If they have a daughter after these twins, name her Pepper Bell

    Dana MeyersonDana Meyerson21 dag sedan
  • Baby names: Bob Bell 😎 Dylan Bell *after Dylan Lemons 😎* Jeff Bell *After Jeff the killer 😎* Kayla Bell *After you 🥰* 👁👄👁

    Roblox RxsesRoblox Rxses21 dag sedan
  • I see Noah as a gardener more than anything else

    Ashley PeterAshley Peter21 dag sedan
  • You need to delete the invisible fence where the top of the stairs are! Please 👍🏼 up so Kayla can see! 💕

    Stefani KayStefani Kay21 dag sedan
  • Fun names with Belle could include Taco, Blue, Brass and especially Zatch. Also, when we say “hooking up with Father Winter”, would that be Noah or Mavis? At any rate, this video is kinda old already so it’s probably too late.

    Diego RaimondiDiego Raimondi22 dagar sedan
  • Mavis thinks he cheated because texted h8m a flirty text for the festival

    Aubrielle FlemingAubrielle Fleming22 dagar sedan
  • Maybe Drake and Josh like someone suggested and also maybe another kid could be named Jingle

    Layla RasheedLayla Rasheed22 dagar sedan
  • i mean..,.,.,Tinker Bell

    Alyssa MicalizziAlyssa Micalizzi22 dagar sedan
  • Hey there! I also had problems with the open staircases since the last update. When I deleted the fence closing off the room at the stairs (where it's not visible) It worked and I could delete the floor where I didn't need it as well without a problem. Sending lots of love your way! 😊

    Enikő Jázmin KovácsEnikő Jázmin Kovács22 dagar sedan
  • I have one for a girl but not a boy yet. The name is Isabelle Bell (I just thought it was funny :) )

    Bubble Gum GirlBubble Gum Girl22 dagar sedan
  • What if you named the baby... Church, or Kirk? Like, church bell.

    Maiken ReinfjellMaiken Reinfjell22 dagar sedan
  • baby name girl chelsea and lucy boy name Donny and zac

    wellchels 64wellchels 6422 dagar sedan
  • “give them my number!! no!!” YES *clicks yes* omg i couldn’t stop laughing

    Bridgette ArianeBridgette Ariane22 dagar sedan
  • I’m my experience, if your Sims can’t use the stairs when they’re open to the downstairs, try moving the staircase and deleting the fence/half wall where the stairs go and it should fix the problem.

    SofiloidSofiloid22 dagar sedan
  • Name the kids Conrad and Thomas pls :D

    OctobrisOctobris23 dagar sedan

    Anna MacQueenAnna MacQueen23 dagar sedan
  • when you know, you know

    Kimberly MaryKimberly Mary23 dagar sedan
  • Next girl heir gets an affair with daddy winter (and a child named Jingle Bell).

    vertigine69vertigine6923 dagar sedan
  • Luke or Lucas maybe?? Btw i luv ur vids simsie!!

    Annemi BurdenAnnemi Burden23 dagar sedan
  • Name Suggestions: Camp Bell, Blue Bell... if it were a girl, I'd suggest Barb Bell.

    Sarah M.Sarah M.23 dagar sedan
  • Oliver and Zach

    Chloe JazChloe Jaz23 dagar sedan
  • please name a baby blue bell

    Sophia PaintedSophia Painted23 dagar sedan
  • Bella

    Dave GernDave Gern23 dagar sedan
  • Bella

    Dave GernDave Gern23 dagar sedan
  • Don’t get divorced. There’s always the next generation.

    TJ RosesTJ Roses23 dagar sedan
  • bellamy. please. or bellian.

    nathan dnathan d23 dagar sedan
  • LET THE NAMES BE TERRY AND ISA (Terry Bell - Terrible, Isa Bell - Isabelle)

    Nisa İşlerNisa İşler23 dagar sedan
  • You should name one of the babies Dustin or Dusty because of the amount of dust bunnies that kept on showing up

    Adama BockarieAdama Bockarie23 dagar sedan
  • Noah changes jobs as much as I’ve changed college majors in the last year. 😂

    LaurenLauren23 dagar sedan
  • I'm just here to say, that a daughter needs to be named Pepper lol For out of the box names for the boys, Ring and Chime would be cute

    AnimeLove03AnimeLove0323 dagar sedan
  • baby names - Winter Bell Sebastian Bell Oliver Bell Bentley Bell :)))

    kayla schaykayla schay23 dagar sedan
  • Tom bob jerry richern Bobby Jason mike tod

    Ella HardingElla Harding23 dagar sedan
  • Like and see who your last digit sim is! 0: Amber 1: Dylan Lemons 2: Mariam 3: Belle 4: Spatula 5: Skyla 6: Noah 7: Chelsea 8: Turtle 9: Mavis sorry Jim no more space :(

    Rose MadeleineRose Madeleine23 dagar sedan
  • taco bell sounds amazing

    Laura Castillo GarcíaLaura Castillo García23 dagar sedan
  • Girl: Savanna Emliy Lily Bella Boy: Josh Adrian Preston Drake

    AdrinaAdrina24 dagar sedan
  • Elyas and Elijah for boys and for girls Fern and Flo

    Sophia Barnett—vineySophia Barnett—viney24 dagar sedan
  • Silver Bell???

    Kyrstin StonekingKyrstin Stoneking24 dagar sedan
  • Inreally ike the baby Called Taco Bell And the other one Inreally don’t care

    Carolina CorreaCarolina Correa24 dagar sedan
  • Fix the stairs by deleting the invisible “wall” across the stairs.

    Jillian JJillian J24 dagar sedan
  • "can I give them your number?" Kayla:NO! also Kayla: Yes!

    Alina CarrieAlina Carrie24 dagar sedan
  • DO NOT MAKE THEM GET A DIVORCE. I LOVE MARVIS TO MUCH. I REPEAR D O N O T. Also Taco Bell Liberty Bell Jingle Bell (can have baby with daddy winter) Blue Bell Bar Bell

    Bob Ross, let’s beat the devil out of itBob Ross, let’s beat the devil out of it24 dagar sedan
  • Apparently cheating happened at 4:20 and at 4:27 you can see reputation loss 👀

    Maria RachkovskayaMaria Rachkovskaya24 dagar sedan
  • Plant bell

    sims photosims photo24 dagar sedan
  • You could name the baby's jack or Mathilde. Hermione and Harry or Ron are fun too :D

    Mathildesims4Mathildesims424 dagar sedan
  • Taco Bell, Drake Bell, Cow Bell, Clock Bell, Fae Bell (like 'fable'), Tay Bell (like 'table'), Kay Bell (like 'cable')

    SashaSasha24 dagar sedan
  • day 68 of asking kayla for a main character house

    mxladiqmxladiq24 dagar sedan
  • Omg so close to death fixing that fridge standing in a puddle that the cat is also drinking out of! 😂

    Yvette NaudYvette Naud24 dagar sedan
  • can you name a kid tinker

    Payton MinifiePayton Minifie24 dagar sedan
  • He should be a stay at home dad

    MaritMarzipanMaritMarzipan24 dagar sedan
  • Jingle Bel is a vibe ngl

    Annemijn VerloopAnnemijn Verloop24 dagar sedan
  • Please can you put a pool in the game

    Sibhon SteynSibhon Steyn24 dagar sedan
  • It took my man 5 years to propose, I feel robbed 😂

    Lotta DivineLotta Divine24 dagar sedan
  • JINGLE Bell ;)

    Klaus HargreevesKlaus Hargreeves24 dagar sedan
  • Tinker Bell Tinker Bell Tinker Bell

    Shelby Iris SkyShelby Iris Sky24 dagar sedan
  • joshua evan charlie emmie alya jakayla

    Patrick star from spongebobPatrick star from spongebob24 dagar sedan
  • Taco (taco bell) and drake ( drake and Josh) or camp ( the soup) and door ( door bell) for baby names and can you have Maeve get pregnant by father winter so they can have jingle bell

    Dayvonna KingDayvonna King24 dagar sedan
  • Hale bell and William bell 🔔

    Kyla PlumleeKyla Plumlee24 dagar sedan
  • Possible baby names: liberty, ringo, drake, anna, jingle 😜

    Mimmi XOXOMimmi XOXO24 dagar sedan
  • lola and cola belle twins 10/10 orrr oopsie and doopsie well now i know what ım going to name my future children like its perfect its even non binary unisex so cool and im sure my children going to be like art piece of an alcoholizm so oopsie and doopsie how convinient

    ulrike elibelindeulrike elibelinde24 dagar sedan
  • taco and door belle

    Paul AdewunmiPaul Adewunmi24 dagar sedan
  • Kayla: I'm gonna let her sleep. Jim: *jumps on the bed and meows loudly*

    Grace HowellGrace Howell25 dagar sedan
  • What about Calix? It means handsome in Greek

    sunset_cloudzsunset_cloudz25 dagar sedan
  • Maybe for one of them glo bell like global but spelled with an e instead of an a

    Kelsey KuligowskiKelsey Kuligowski25 dagar sedan
  • how about blue and boni bell?

    lιllισиуχlιllισиуχ25 dagar sedan
  • Should I download whicked whims........

    Mxddi GurlMxddi Gurl25 dagar sedan
  • How does the cat get to the top floor when the stair don't work? Also yes marry Santa Clause.

    DewDropsFallDewDropsFall25 dagar sedan
  • Day 11 of asking lilsimsie to make a house inspired by my little ponies.

    MagsMags25 dagar sedan
  • noah needs to be a stay at home dad because jobs just aren’t for him. and you should like give the kids super meaningful yet cheesy names 😂

    Clara ChristensenClara Christensen25 dagar sedan
  • Taco and Joni

    גל גרוסגל גרוס25 dagar sedan
  • If you dont call one of the kids taco bell and the other Theodore Bell. sounds like the doorbell

    Gimme5minutesGimme5minutes25 dagar sedan
  • Alexander and Gram Bell please

    Rebecca LlanesRebecca Llanes25 dagar sedan
  • I have a baby name suggestion!!! Blue Bell, they could be a flower arranger or maybe something to do with ice-cream!

    Aquafena CashfloAquafena Cashflo25 dagar sedan
  • Name girl: Yuri Name boy: Nicole

    marvinjr71marvinjr7125 dagar sedan
  • Chat is very hectic XD

    echung168echung16825 dagar sedan