Can I turn these random boxes into a house in The Sims 4?

6 mar 2021
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Attempting Zefrine's newest shell challenge!
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  • Please teach me how to build a porch like this 😭😭

    Alysia RuggieroAlysia Ruggiero13 timmar sedan
  • THANK GOD IT IS BASEGAME I ONLY HAVE 2 PACKS! And those 2 packs are only the pet ones.

    Sxmply_RobloxSxmply_Roblox21 timme sedan
  • oh my gosh this house is gorgeous!!!!!

    Hazel VHazel VDag sedan
  • I love stardew valley! It’s so fun

    Roxy StarRoxy Star3 dagar sedan
  • should’ve stayed with the first build i liked it

    Hunter GapolHunter Gapol3 dagar sedan
  • i was randomely genorting a sim for my game and i got the one ur using here

    Beryl DunavantBeryl Dunavant5 dagar sedan
  • I want to buy sims 4 but don't want to spend too much money. Any idea on which expansion packs should I buy? I have it but its cracked and I can't play challanges or use gallery. And I want that.

    Naima IrfanNaima Irfan7 dagar sedan
  • In our home my room on like corner of house. But it's in front of kitchen so that's great.

    Naima IrfanNaima Irfan7 dagar sedan
  • Omg home town is my fav show ever

    Katie SummersKatie Summers10 dagar sedan
  • Being banned for violation of Community rules happened to me on Facebook where I am Not even active. So yeah weird Things Like That happen😅

    Laura HirschLaura Hirsch10 dagar sedan
  • I found ur channel cause of Vixella and I’m so glad I finally decided to listen to Vixella and subscribe

    Mojo FangMojo Fang12 dagar sedan
  • I’d never thought she would say GeorgeNotFound and Tommyinnit

    Anaya ReidAnaya Reid13 dagar sedan
  • There's nothing evil about capitalism..

    MeltedMelted21 dag sedan
    • Yea there is

      Rando With internetRando With internet2 dagar sedan
  • I’m under 13 and I’m not banned yet weird

    Linea 09Linea 0924 dagar sedan
  • Yeah, TikTok does that if your content doesn’t agree with what they want to see. They banned TikTok Jesus twice now

    Skye LindseySkye Lindsey25 dagar sedan
  • 11:17 The Sims is probably the only non violent game i play at the time and I was like 👁️👄👁️

    I_have_good_lifeI_have_good_life25 dagar sedan
  • Kayla: I have no rugs so it’s hard to furnish Me: first time?

    nat natnat nat26 dagar sedan
  • I went to follow u on twitch but it took me to a girl name tazkabaz

    Lily FraleyLily Fraley26 dagar sedan
  • I wish they would give us matching furniture sets. Like couchs coffee table decorations

    Jasmine BestJasmine Best26 dagar sedan
  • Wait a minute. YOU'RE 21!?!?!?!?!?!?! Since when :O

    DayanaDayana27 dagar sedan
    • Since august of last year

      Rando With internetRando With internet2 dagar sedan
  • Your voice is so loud in this vid :( I turned the volume down a LOT and you still kinda scream Sadge

    lilly kixuplilly kixup27 dagar sedan
  • "I'm not 13 I'm 21!" this made me laugh so hard 😂

    Patricia PereiraPatricia Pereira27 dagar sedan
  • Tommy got banned three times and George only got banned once. Ironically, they got banned right after that vegan teacher did.

    Riley FreyRiley Frey28 dagar sedan
  • When you said "I am 21", it hit me so hard... I remember baby Kayla talking about Susan and the miseries of being a high schooler...

    Delphine FDelphine F29 dagar sedan
  • build your own shell challenge

    Lucy BaumannLucy Baumann29 dagar sedan
  • oh yes only 10,000 followers no biggie

    LukyplayzrobloxLukyplayzrobloxMånad sedan
  • btw if you like stardew valley im sure you’d love harvest moon !

    Queen XnaniQueen XnaniMånad sedan
  • Kayla we are the exact same age and I got banned for the reason of being under 13 lol I’m 21 about to graduate from college!

    Chase MackenzieChase MackenzieMånad sedan
  • hey kayak. you should play slime rancher. i think you’d really enjoy it

    Molly SelfMolly SelfMånad sedan
  • This is super cool, I think I will try this myself

    SuperMariaSuperMariaMånad sedan
  • Omg...that porch, with the merging floorboards, Ive never seen that. That looked so good >_

    Luca LeoneLuca LeoneMånad sedan
  • okay but h o w did she do the porch floor like that

    Bee sBee sMånad sedan
  • You should build a town, but all the lots have to have to be 6x6 or less

    French_ToastFrench_ToastMånad sedan
  • Lol it'd be a miracle if I could remember the base gamelan items 😆

    ii_starlite_iiii_starlite_iiMånad sedan
  • I freaking Love Discovery+!!

    Asjah SpannAsjah SpannMånad sedan
  • I think you got banned because u stared liking comments that's what I did before and then I got banned I checked on SEworld that's what they say....

    My GloryisMy GloryisMånad sedan
  • Me too....

    My GloryisMy GloryisMånad sedan
  • I just realised while you mentioned we all having the same taste in games that you'd probably love House Flipper, have you already checked it out? It's about renovating houses

    Mostilia.Mostilia.Månad sedan
  • Who here can NEVER find a good couch in The Sims 4?

    Anna LutzAnna LutzMånad sedan
  • On the tiktok story: they probably got a report for impersonation, as you are a big youtube and twitch personality, and the report probably was not vetted properly. I checked the guidelines, and that is literally the only thing that you would possibly get flagged for (from what I've seen of you, you are a respectful, kind person). They might not be aware that that is Your Actual Account. If you make a new one apply for it to be verified, that could prevent something from happening again. Your general dress wouldn't get you flagged, and it is easy to tell that you are an adult, even if they don't hear your voice. So it is probably not because of anything explicit or age related. So yah, probably just a flag for "impersonation" despite the fact that your account was actually you. According to their website you can dispute the ban by going into the app, and go to notifications. Find the notification of a ban, open it, then tap the button 'appeal'. Further instructions will then be provided. I hope this helps, but if not I do apologize for the unfortunate event that was the date of your account.

    Alexis FloryAlexis FloryMånad sedan
  • You could do Building hacks on TikTok (if u are able to get "unbanned" 😂 )

    Andrea SpinelliAndrea SpinelliMånad sedan
  • have you ever tried to recreate one of your old builds- idk just a thought

    the wolf journalthe wolf journalMånad sedan
  • 8:30 Exactly that happened to me on my youtube account last year ... I did not have any uploaded videos and I almost never commented on anything, I was 22 years old then so I was not too young either :/

    Mikki SweMikki SweMånad sedan
  • Hi kayla, can you maybe reply to this comment the link to the Sims 4 app you use? I can't find it and i've always wanted to play the sims 4 more than ever!

    OwO nOOwO nOMånad sedan
  • you said u would not make a video of this and i just watched the whole live just for this

    Monkey MeadowMonkey MeadowMånad sedan
  • This is a really cool challenge.

    Astronaut CricketAstronaut CricketMånad sedan
  • I have to be completely honest: I clicked on this video as soon as I saw it because Simsie's face in the thumbnail made me laugh.

    JLynnEchelonJLynnEchelonMånad sedan
  • GEORGE AND TOMMY! Also i really like your builds they are awesome❤

    rasberry_ jamrasberry_ jamMånad sedan
  • I'm inlove with that house 😍✨

    Itsme_AutumnItsme_AutumnMånad sedan
  • I want some sort of pack (or kit!) relating to weddings. My Sims wear the same stuff over and over and there are so few wedding accessories. I need more!

    Rachel OlsenRachel OlsenMånad sedan
  • You got banned on tiktok, I got banned on club penguin. The universe doesn't want us to win

    Chris LoweryChris LoweryMånad sedan
  • Because Tiktok is chinese and they actually stalk you through the app, and as communist chinese they do whatever they want. Dont understand why people still support this regime by using fricking Tiktok.

    sirindolsirindolMånad sedan
  • You should make a 'surprise shell challenge' aka draw the shell blindfolded

    Aly_ BelphAly_ BelphMånad sedan
  • I got banned from tinder for being under 18! (I was 21). I feel ur pain

    Bish FishBish FishMånad sedan
  • That_Saurus on twitch does a box challenge every month or so! If you want more to do.

    HeyMrsMayHeyMrsMayMånad sedan
  • I tried Kate’s challenge and had to bulldoze it like 4 times

    Nicole FarmerNicole FarmerMånad sedan
  • hi all!! anyone knows how did she put the floor in triangle form??? i NEED this

    Camila SuarezCamila SuarezMånad sedan
  • How cool would it be if she used pre made rooms from the gallery

    Na Sarah AnweilerNa Sarah AnweilerMånad sedan
  • the most interesting thing that happened to me all of this pandemic was stealing my cousin's guinea pig (with his consent ofc)

    decaffinated heartsdecaffinated heartsMånad sedan
  • Can you add to that list of requests: ovens that can stack, stove tops separate from the oven and microwaves that can connect into the upper cabinets?

    QueenTrollerQueenTrollerMånad sedan
  • tiktok is like, garbage about banning accounts/deleting vids for literally no reason lol. thats why you see a bunch of people censoring seemingly random words in captions

    oswiniartyoswiniartyMånad sedan
  • I wonder how she manages to talk so much. I mean she talked during the stream and then records herself again talking over the same video... 🤯 i need her secret

    Aarón CabreraAarón CabreraMånad sedan
  • Shane from stardew is>>>>

    Hi_im_taylor1Hi_im_taylor1Månad sedan
  • ''the most lacking content in base game is rugs and curtains'' gameplay: am i a joke to you?

    Midori OceanMidori OceanMånad sedan
  • Kayla you will get reinstated because you had 10k followers the lowest that you can have and will get reinstated is 200 followers

    gforceneonaxetake2 time to delete thisgforceneonaxetake2 time to delete thisMånad sedan
  • Weight should I be banned from Tik Tok

    Snow fnafSnow fnafMånad sedan
  • I was hoping you were going to build a house where all the rooms were separate structures. Leave it broken apart and make it house still.

    Cory HCory HMånad sedan
  • I got banned from tiktok. No explanation. And I tried for weeks to get one. They refused to tell me which videos or comments violated guidelines 🙄

    Taylor BoothTaylor BoothMånad sedan
  • I've only played the Sims on other people's devices. I want to start playing again. How do I get the Sims?

    bee affirmationsbee affirmationsMånad sedan
  • Im sure there wasnt actually a true reason for you getting banned from TikTok - my first account got banned before I could even log in a second time. It seems like a bug/random/not regulated why ppl get banned. I hope you can get your account back!

    lilylilyMånad sedan
  • Impossible Build Challenge: -Base game -Time limit (5 mins or 27.34 mins) -400000 simolion budget Enough room for: - 2 parents - 1 Grandma - 2 kids - 1 teenager - 2 toddlers Also: - 599 tiles (or less) - something weird - every room is a different colour - at least 3 floors - Hide 14 rubber ducks somewhere -No debug -No move objects Last rule: -You can break one rule. (I would do time limit) __________________________ She's never going to do this __________________________ I would do this if I had the sims, I don't 🙄 Extra rule if you want to die: -do it in the sims 3, 2 or 1. Don't do ☝️☝️or☝️ Geez.... This is the longest comment that I have ever commented Well done for reading all this❤️ I want Simsie to see this and do the challenge 😁 Like to make this happen 👇🏽(it probably won't)

    Joel YoeliJoel YoeliMånad sedan
    • Tell me if you want a CAS challenge that is just as hard

      Joel YoeliJoel YoeliMånad sedan
  • The tik tok thing your talking about i can relate

    Hermione ParalaHermione ParalaMånad sedan
  • I had a month ban on tiktok because mine is a pet tiktok and apparently it had indecent imagery.... my dog rolled over. And he's a boy.... so that counted as naughty time imagery 🙈😹

    Emy MonroeEmy MonroeMånad sedan
  • simsie: mentions georgenotfound and tommyinnit me: WhEn WoRlDs CoLiDe *screams*

    sydney johnssydney johnsMånad sedan
    • @elsa ! THANK YOU SMMM!!!!

      sydney johnssydney johnsMånad sedan
    • @sydney johns HAHAH OMG ILY YOURE SO SWEET

      elsa !elsa !Månad sedan

      sydney johnssydney johnsMånad sedan
    • @elsa ! bruhhhh ur a lesbian (assuming from ur profile) you watch sims and minecraft you are the coolest person ever!!! :)))))

      sydney johnssydney johnsMånad sedan

      elsa !elsa !Månad sedan
  • hello i am looking for my friend Maddy Western. If your not her, keep scrolling.

    Makinley PierceMakinley PierceMånad sedan
  • Speaking of being banned I recently got banned from target bc my friend was shoplifting putting stuff in MY purse without my knowledge and I got a ticket for stealing but she didn’t bc she was underage(she went to my school and was a grade lower than me but the youngest in her class. I was 18 she was 16) Also they didn’t believe me when I said I wasn’t stealing (bc why would they believe me it was in MY bag) so yeah lol

    Rachel MicheleRachel MicheleMånad sedan
  • i literally have 149 videos of yours in my queue.. :D luv u

    Breeanna FillmoreBreeanna FillmoreMånad sedan
  • Am I the only one who thought the initial attempt actually looked kinda nice?

    Dumb Gay EnbyDumb Gay EnbyMånad sedan
  • When she said zefron all I could think of is zac effron

    Amelia CraigAmelia CraigMånad sedan
  • I'm also watching Hometown. 😅They dubbed it to my native language so I'm watching with my mom. ❤️

    Nela EngeNela EngeMånad sedan
  • a couch kit called "Luv to Sit" (like Luv to Knit)

    KKMånad sedan
  • I'd love to see a single story shell challenge, so many double story + shell challenges but rarely do you see amazing (non-modern, non-mid century) single story homes. Would be cool to see people try and make a large family single story house look good.

    JippeeeJippeeeMånad sedan
  • Kayla, you're probably better off without TikTok anyway... Sucks, I'm sure. But the amount of bad stuff we hear from TikTok... IDK, maybe that was the social media protecting you hahaha

    Manu M.Manu M.Månad sedan
  • i was one of those tiktok followers. rip lilsimsie tiktok. death by unknown community guideline violations

    bethanybethanyMånad sedan
  • "I didn't have a lot of followers, only 10k" OKAY KAYLA.

    Taylor LodyTaylor LodyMånad sedan
  • Aye, if you are curious about playing Stardew the evil way, watch DangerouslyFunny. He's my favorite

    Mae K.Mae K.Månad sedan
  • Hi

    Elie’s BloxyElie’s BloxyMånad sedan
  • You were banned from tiktok because you’re from Florida. I have no hate for Florida, but I think tiktok does lol.

    Jessica ShoemakerJessica ShoemakerMånad sedan
  • um kayla should be invited to the dream smp! like just imagine 😳😳

    loviisaloviisaMånad sedan
  • limsimsie, maybe the reason why Tiktok banned you was becouse I dont know if you have heard but Tiktok got banned in America becouse of Donald Trump issued an executive order in August stating it was a national security threat due to its parent company's ties to China. If it wasn't that then I have no idea. Still love your videos!!

    Buy n largeBuy n largeMånad sedan
  • hearing lilsimsie mention georgenotfound and tommyinnit by name in a sims speedbuild vid winded me

    leafiansleafiansMånad sedan
  • TikTok REALLY gunna go at all 3 of my favourite yt liked at!?!

    KcNotFoundKcNotFoundMånad sedan
  • I think the kits could be an interesting way to introduce modular furniture! Like making one kit a modular sectional couch set, maybe another kit could be a modular desk? I know it’s kind of wishful thinking, but it seems the most ideal imo

    Little DisappointmentLittle DisappointmentMånad sedan
  • i did this! it's a little Good Witch inspired. it was so fun! you can search for it Broken Shell Grey House in the gallery. has an attached greenhouse and all. it my first time doing a challenge and now I'm obsessed! I'm trying out dan's shell at the moment.

    Irma Niza JamalIrma Niza JamalMånad sedan
  • They should really do a base game curtail overhaul where they update the current terrible swatches to include white and black (at least) and patch in free placement so that the curtains don't snap to windows/doors. p.s. also free placement of mirrors

    fifacupfifacupMånad sedan
    • Free the curtains! Free the mirrors! XD

      fifacupfifacupMånad sedan
  • I love this house

    Kate DayKate DayMånad sedan
  • I’m really happy for the person who kept commenting for Kayla to build with tetris shapes

    Cass PelkeyCass PelkeyMånad sedan
  • watch them do a rugs and curtains kit....

    Donae CampbellDonae CampbellMånad sedan
  • Perma-banned from TikTok for the crime of being a youtuber (derogatory) There’s your clickbait title, bam, ready to go

    Cordelia CullenCordelia CullenMånad sedan
  • Just one more reason to hate TikTok. Like what the hell? No explanation at all? Not even an email? It's probably a dumbass bot, but still. lol

    Pure DemonPure DemonMånad sedan