I built my dream cottage in The Sims 4

20 mar 2021
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I genuinely want to live here
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  • Those dining chairs have answered my question as to whether I should get paranormal or not.. they look great!

    JiggslyPuffJiggslyPuff5 dagar sedan
    • As does the house, I really like this build😊

      JiggslyPuffJiggslyPuff5 dagar sedan
  • You can also use cotton fabric as wallpaper and put it up with starch. Plus it’s reusable

    Cameron BuchananCameron Buchanan6 dagar sedan
  • Plants kits?... No, a nice stuff pack, full of plants.👌

    Hannah M.Hannah M.10 dagar sedan
  • You should build your version of the castle with the addition! That would be amazing 😍

    Nicci CNicci C12 dagar sedan
  • Is it bad I mostly watch these to hear Kayla talk rather than for the build themselves? XDD

    KasuRequiemKasuRequiem17 dagar sedan
  • Finally Kayla didn’t use the dirty looking dressers and side tables..

    Hedi HostikHedi Hostik19 dagar sedan
  • Petition for Kayla to do the castle with white box in the sims

    Katie WrightKatie Wright19 dagar sedan
  • 2:99 Lol just change tour name to Lilsuburban

    I am ShadeI am Shade20 dagar sedan
  • I'm a physically disabled gamer. Thank you. I need to check out this charity.

    Jessica JewettJessica Jewett21 dag sedan
  • i love watching matt and summer

    Mel The tall oneMel The tall one22 dagar sedan
  • the castle white boxy thing is bad by fellow brits, why?

    Mel The tall oneMel The tall one22 dagar sedan
  • Tbh in the uk we don’t really keep cars in garages, we just use them for storage

    Amber Is UnnecessaryAmber Is Unnecessary22 dagar sedan
  • you should look at worst of zillow on twitter!

    lilichigolilichigo23 dagar sedan
  • I dare you to build a house in Sims only using five packs decorate your house including the outside

    Emma WilliamsEmma Williams24 dagar sedan
  • I share similar sentiments towards wall paper

    C ZC Z24 dagar sedan
  • what if you try to renovate an old castle-like house? like "modernize" it?

    dadvildadvil24 dagar sedan
  • what they did to that castle should be illegal

    Jaclyn MartinJaclyn Martin25 dagar sedan
  • I’m doing a heritage management MA and wow that castle renovation. I can feel my professors rage

    Cea GCea G25 dagar sedan
  • OMG I saw the episode youre talking and as much as I hated the juxtaposition they linda pulled it off 😭

    leigh schefflerleigh scheffler25 dagar sedan
  • I kinda liked the castle lmao

    Kenna RaeKenna Rae26 dagar sedan
  • i literally gasped when i saw the castle

    faithfaith26 dagar sedan
  • I absolutely get your opinion on being uncomfortable in blank hotel-like interior, BECOUSE I am totally opposite, I am terribly uncomfortable when hotels, or like rental holliday apartments and stuff looks too '' home-like'' inside. Like warm, living, feels like being in someone else's home and it's terrifying. Warm and welcoming is good, but if it's too much... I am more of a modern clean style person. But I really like style of this house too. You make every house interesting after all

    AWESDAWESD26 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if Pietro is in your move in queue and that’s why he isn’t appearing on an island

    EmmehxEmmehx26 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone else really like that castle she showed 🤭

    Lil piggyLil piggy26 dagar sedan
  • Petition for The sims to create a kit for greenery and call it “getting green”

    Lil piggyLil piggy26 dagar sedan
  • Have you ever thought of doing a build challenge where you use the T.O.O.L mod to place and decorate a build with? So the build would have to have items rotated differently and positions of certain items placed/modified with the mod. Along with making specific items out of multiple items and combining them with tool.

    Bee-BeeBee-Bee26 dagar sedan
  • Haha,, pietro was one of my first villagers

    spicy raccoonspicy raccoon27 dagar sedan
  • Oh no! I wish I had watched this earlier! I have MS and that would have been a program I would have been interested in donating to, especially since it’s MS Awareness month! They’ve done studies about gaming and it helps with cognitive issues with MS and that’s why I started playing The Sims... and watching Simers on SEworld.

    eleehaleyeleehaley27 dagar sedan
  • day 65 of asking kayla for a main character house

    mxladiqmxladiq27 dagar sedan
  • Hi Simsie

    Hay,s there U know daHay,s there U know da27 dagar sedan
  • Not me feeling really bad about Pietro being one of my campers... not knowing who he was... and just being like, "Sure you can live here"... and then realizing how big of a deal he is! .😲

    Lizz SigmonLizz Sigmon27 dagar sedan
  • i love how you've styled this home, mixing up the kids rooms from the typical style is really nice!

    Liv OutLiv Out27 dagar sedan
  • My school is basically the Wallmart version of the castle story, my school was no beauty before the renovation, but afterwards.. Oh boy, they put 2 white boxes at the side of it with like an old piece in between and they're all gross now and it's honestly painful to look at

    Iris van der HoevenIris van der Hoeven28 dagar sedan
  • Kayla: "I love speed builds, I like to just sit here and TALK. That is probably not a good thing ... not good quality qontent." People watching: "We like to sit and listen to Kayla TALK. This is good qontent!"

    Guri & O'BoyGuri & O'Boy28 dagar sedan
  • You should live in New England. All the houses are like that here.

    Emily FogertyEmily Fogerty28 dagar sedan
  • Really cute! I would like to see simsie experiment with more color in the future. There is always a lot of white happening; although, I know it’s easier to match that way

    Katelynn AdamsKatelynn Adams28 dagar sedan
  • Kayla: *talking about how she dislikes super big houses* Me: *wanting a castle*

    ThePinkQueenThePinkQueen28 dagar sedan
  • simsie: "like an actual castle. like on a hill." me: ...ed sheeran?

    Ellie RohlederEllie Rohleder28 dagar sedan
  • past simsie :blue suburban new simsie : no no no here we only have yellow suburbens

    Robin HollingsworthRobin Hollingsworth28 dagar sedan
  • petition for kayla to build the weird castle house:))

    Stacey StClairStacey StClair28 dagar sedan
  • My favorite thing is her calling new houses irl new builds

    Javen MartinJaven Martin28 dagar sedan
  • lilsimsie's alter ego: lilsurburban

    iSkylariSkylar28 dagar sedan
  • Kayla always says "I only want...., it isn't that much to ask", but then she says it in every video, asking for another 100 things in total 😂😂😂

    Ainhoa MartialayAinhoa Martialay28 dagar sedan
  • I want more Kayla talking about houses!!!!

    sugarbluntsugarblunt28 dagar sedan
  • Impossible Build Challenge: -Base game -Time limit (5 mins or 27.34 mins) -400000 simolion budget Enough room for: - 2 parents - 1 Grandma - 2 kids - 1 teenager - 2 toddlers Also: - 599 tiles (or less) - something weird - every room is a different colour - at least 3 floors - Hide 14 rubber ducks somewhere -No debug -No move objects Last rule: -You can break one rule. (I would do time limit) __________________________ She's never going to do this __________________________ I would do this if I had the sims, I don't 🙄 Extra rule if you want to die: -do it in the sims 3, 2 or 1. Don't do ☝️☝️or☝️ Geez.... This is the longest comment that I have ever commented Well done for reading all this❤️ I want her to see this and do the challenge 😁 Like to make this happen 👇🏽(it probably won't)

    Joel YoeliJoel Yoeli28 dagar sedan
  • aww Pietro is my birthday buddy in animal crossing and I had him on my old island ( switch lite) before they let you transfer data to a new console ( normal Switch), when I got him I only used like 1 nook mile ticket, and I wasn't sure if I wanted him, but after getting him, I was happy I did, we became best buds. he is a little cutie and his house is pretty cool!

    Luna LopezLuna Lopez28 dagar sedan
  • rand designs is so cool! I saw one where they made a house in the Fibonacci sequence with curved wooden rafters and stuff

    Tallula McmanusTallula Mcmanus28 dagar sedan
  • Kayla if you want to install wallpaper PLEASE call a professional. I have one wall of it in my room and it was done in 30 minutes and looks amazing. Self-installed always looks bumpy and its a pain in the ass

    Enikő BudayEnikő Buday28 dagar sedan
  • only when she got to the inside i knew which stream this was lol

    saydeez benzsaydeez benz28 dagar sedan
  • Kayla. : I have recently been hunting for pietro Me : omg same

    Thegemburg !!Thegemburg !!28 dagar sedan
  • The level of positivity on this channel is next level. Love it.

    Cisje DeGeusCisje DeGeus28 dagar sedan
  • Does she have a tutorial on how to do the roofs like that, everytime I try they get in the way!! And how sure moves objects like that, I’m missing something ! Help me please

    teana Stevensteana Stevens28 dagar sedan
  • Who else is waiting for Kayla to make the cake from the Rick Astley/Feeding America stream

    BabyRuthBabyRuth28 dagar sedan
  • If you like grand design then I recommend George Clarke’s amazing spaces. I watched both shows but personally preferred amazing spaces. It has a bit more personality and is less boring that grand design.

    Rachelcookie321Rachelcookie32128 dagar sedan
  • I got Pietro as my first camper and I was so devastated that I had to keep him. I hate him so much and it took too long to get rid of him.

    Rachelcookie321Rachelcookie32128 dagar sedan

    Claire MercerClaire Mercer28 dagar sedan
  • Lilsimsie needs a bush kit.

    Cutiecase 55Cutiecase 5528 dagar sedan
  • 1000th comment

    LilacLilac28 dagar sedan
  • My sister has Pietro

    ArtisticSimmer01ArtisticSimmer0128 dagar sedan
  • Hmm, Kayla looks so pretty in this video, did she change her hair?

    Timothy LiangTimothy Liang28 dagar sedan
  • THIS IS SOMEONE ELSES IDEA!!! IM JUST SPREADING IT. Kayla should do every room is a different challenge. Example ~ she builds a house, the shell of a house then for the bathroom she has to do the “no mistakes challenge” or for the kitchen is “the solid color challenge” or maybe the master bedroom is the “10 minute build challenge” but instead of 10 minutes she gets like 7 (because its a room and not a whole house) and it’s the “7 minute furnish challenge” ~you get what I mean and what the other person meant? Kayla please do this is seems soooo cool and fun

    X_Ayianna Applewhite_XX_Ayianna Applewhite_X29 dagar sedan
  • EA needs to start watching Kayla she is giving them so many ideas to make there community grow, and their just like...”Eh no” like what da heck! EA steal Kayla’s ideas already!!!!

    X_Ayianna Applewhite_XX_Ayianna Applewhite_X29 dagar sedan
  • Not sure about the particular castle renovation you mentioned, but I think I've seen that in the UK at least planning permission/some legal stuff requires that any new additions to older/historical builds are required to be obviously different and new additions to the original build. Obivously there are ways other than putting a giant white box on the side of a castle, but that might be part of how they arrived at that decision.

    Eve OsborneEve Osborne29 dagar sedan
  • i got pietro on my like 4th NMT the other day i wasn't even looking for him but i felt so bad thinking of kayla i had to take him to my village lol omg

    Kim CostelloKim Costello29 dagar sedan
  • I feel like if you made the roofs more curved instead of the default pointy, it would look more cottagey

    Malia JimersonMalia Jimerson29 dagar sedan
  • Sunday Legasy challenge?

    Immy OopImmy Oop29 dagar sedan
  • Kayla drop the SEworld that tour houses please-

    Erika JohanssonErika Johansson29 dagar sedan
  • 3:30 You can´t stop because you feel you have to continue, because you have spent so much time on it? I think it´s called Sunk Cost Fallacy. :(

    Silber WölfinSilber Wölfin29 dagar sedan
  • Speaking of accessibility have you considered doing captions and image descriptions for your content I am disabled and often struggle to follow along with the audio on videos the SEworld auto generated captions are helpful but often get a lot of stuff wrong

    alisha louisealisha louise29 dagar sedan
  • day 1 of asking simmsie to renovate This lot os not haunted by millsyt78

    Domki SyrenaDomki Syrena29 dagar sedan
  • Plz build in Sulani 🌴🌴🌴

    MK MKMK MK29 dagar sedan
  • Kayla, you should build that little castle in sims then renovate it better :-)

    Larrissa AndertonLarrissa Anderton29 dagar sedan
  • Day 1 of asking lilsimsie to do a build in sulani🌴🌴🌴

    MK MKMK MK29 dagar sedan
  • literally everyone's feelings about the kits are it could be very good or very very very bad

    e_e_d_de_e_d_d29 dagar sedan
  • Hi when do the new bunk beds come out and when can you play with them?

    em goodem good29 dagar sedan
  • Challenge: try a different kind of landscaping 😂😂

    SophySophy29 dagar sedan
  • I honestly really enjoy your speed builds when you just talk. It's comforting? As always I do enjoy the builds too though.

    Natalie RaeNatalie Rae29 dagar sedan
  • It’s not that common in the uk to have your car in your garage (from where I live in the uk)💕

    LylaLyla29 dagar sedan
  • Hi kayla could u build a house for my legacy challeng ?

    Sara HøySara Høy29 dagar sedan
  • No base game challenge

    Lydia HornLydia Horn29 dagar sedan
  • pls check out my corgi eating a carrot :D

    Christy JoyChristy Joy29 dagar sedan
  • I need her to build a small, foresty cottage x

    Chelsea BeechingChelsea Beeching29 dagar sedan
  • What if you did a "Black Widow" challenge with a twist?? Here's wgat I mean. Do the challenge as normal - marry kill husbands etc, etc., BUT the whole time you have a "TRUE LOVER" waiting for you. This other sim will be perfectly okay with you killing off husbands for money because they will have the one thing you don't give to you husbands, your love. You may very wel even have a secret family with this other sim.

    Patrick CromwellPatrick Cromwell29 dagar sedan
  • there is an episode of some other historical buildings people buy where this couple bought an old church, and the guy mostly did the work, and by god did he do the church right. The design is semi modern but kept alot of the church vibes in the for example angles and he made it justice. they even resourced to fix the old mosaic windows to keep its history

    Perce The MermanPerce The Merman29 dagar sedan
  • Hey Kayla. Can you make a one colour challenge house. Using the colour black?

    Bree BurtonBree Burton29 dagar sedan
  • I love that you support that charity! As a mom of two special needs babies. I appreciate the message of unity and equality in all things for everyone!

    Ashley MillerAshley Miller29 dagar sedan
  • Ok guys help me out how do I download houses of here on my sims 4 account??

    Isla HannonIsla Hannon29 dagar sedan
  • i just realized that you're moving the counters out of the way so the decorations dont automatically snap. Brilliant o_O;;

    abbey puffinabbey puffin29 dagar sedan
  • Me from Ireland, never hearing of said castle 🚶🏽

    ALMIRA ART'SALMIRA ART'S29 dagar sedan

    【 Mizuki 】【 Mizuki 】29 dagar sedan
  • I love this house! Every time I put a fireplace in my sims houses they always set fire to the carpet... or themselves 😢

    Hannah GollingsHannah Gollings29 dagar sedan
  • You're always building your "dream home" ☺

    SmaugetteSmaugette29 dagar sedan
  • U.K./British planning laws are so strange over here when it comes to listed buildings - it goes through periods of wanting extensions to blend in with the original style of the building vs. the extension being completely contrasting and modern so that it’s clear what is original and what is new. We’re in one of those “original+modern” periods right now, but come back in 20 years time and it will be different again!

    Matthew PostMatthew Post29 dagar sedan
  • Why did you not post today-

    Why.Why.29 dagar sedan
  • KAYLA POST SOMETHING, you’re scaring me

    LG010 RotterdamLG010 Rotterdam29 dagar sedan
    • Are you okay

      LG010 RotterdamLG010 Rotterdam29 dagar sedan
    • I’m so scarred

      LG010 RotterdamLG010 Rotterdam29 dagar sedan
  • I remember watching that episode of Grand Designs. Hated it. I didn't then build an almost exact replica in the Sims 3...🙄

    Samuel NewberySamuel Newbery29 dagar sedan
  • At least this one isn't a blue suburban!

    Clara StephensClara Stephens29 dagar sedan
  • This one is REALLY cute, opening my game right now

    Roxanne JiangRoxanne Jiang29 dagar sedan
  • I would love you to build the castle house in the sims. Would make for a fun video.

    Beka HammillBeka Hammill29 dagar sedan
  • kayla, it’s just a blue suburban but yellow

    ameliaamelia29 dagar sedan