I tried building a pink cottage in The Sims 4

4 apr 2021
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it looks cute but there's actually a murderous beast living in the front yard
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  • do a video where you renovate your subscribers houses

    Caroline WoodardCaroline Woodard3 timmar sedan
  • This is what I imagine Trixie Mattel’s dream house to look like

    Patrick SPatrick S2 dagar sedan
  • this is literally Professor Umbridge's house

    Jessica JJessica J3 dagar sedan
  • I need a link to where you got those newspaper books for your grandmas!

    Alyssa RaeAlyssa Rae3 dagar sedan
  • So... I'm watching your video with my 7yo daugjter, and she just saidb "I really like this grandma house, mommy. It's cute." Hahahahahaha, so, now you can call it a "grandma house" 😊😘

    approsaapprosa5 dagar sedan
  • Would you be able to do a video about your favorite Custom Content creators? ☺️

    Karissa HKarissa H6 dagar sedan
  • i have a really nice challenge for you: its the travel challenge and the point is to travel with your sim in every world on every lot, but you can stay just a week in a world tips for more fun gameplay:1take another sim with you 2fill Newcrest with gallery lots 3visit the secret lots to(that will be hard)

    hiti Cowloverhiti Cowlover6 dagar sedan

    sxpacels !sxpacels !6 dagar sedan
  • I am OBSESSED with this build. idk why but it gives me such animal crossing vibes.

    Becca LittleBecca Little7 dagar sedan
  • This is so cute 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟

    Dana Raley SimDana Raley Sim8 dagar sedan
  • A beautiful, perfect family except the husband got ate by a cow plant...

    AnthiceAnthice9 dagar sedan
  • ohhh, i thought your sim married the cow plant.. like "kiddo, meet your new step-dad. don't forget to feed him!"

    Alex GreyAlex Grey9 dagar sedan
  • "I was banned on tiktok for being under 13" ah yes. makes sense.

    4rachel54rachel510 dagar sedan
  • I have the same bday as your grandmas :)

    Julia LoPianoJulia LoPiano10 dagar sedan
  • Am I very confused or weren’t you into girls?

    UsagiWhiteNightUsagiWhiteNight10 dagar sedan
  • Me looking to your house: omg your house is a girl right Little sims: yes why? Me: I am gay Little sims: ok? Me kissing the house: will you marry me♡︎ The house: No now shoo Me crying: why did you do this to me *crys* Oh and can I get a shout out please?

    {sunflower}{sunflower}11 dagar sedan
  • Girllllll no no no, you are like the most special person i know plz dont say that you aren't 😁🥺

    Naomi TokosNaomi Tokos11 dagar sedan
  • Kayla, you probably have no idea what im talking about but thank you for not putting music in , For the jewish people its sefirot haomer and we're not allowed to listen music during that time so thank you

    Deborah DonutDeborah Donut11 dagar sedan
  • 'the murdurous creature stays' - simsie 2021

    Simran PanesarSimran Panesar11 dagar sedan
  • Good news about the vaccines! I got lucky here in California. I went to my pharmacy to get my pain meds, and even though I nearly died from liver and respiratory failure in May 2018 (with a damaged spine and seizure like fits that popped up a few years ago), and I’m only 31 I honestly just figured I wouldn’t qualify yet. As they were checking me out, and they closed in 2 hours, they said they had 5 doses laying around - so they asked if I wanted the first Pfizer dose. My mom is at risk health but they don’t want her getting the vaccine because of her medical issues, so me having the vaccine seems safer in the long run.

    Kimberly HainesKimberly Haines11 dagar sedan
  • OMG am new to your channel and pink is my fave color lol I also love the house totally would live in it 😍 😍

    Am a PotatoeAm a Potatoe11 dagar sedan
  • Got my 2nd dose next month!!! I can't wait. Mom has her next week. I'm so happy!!!

    Dan YellowDan Yellow11 dagar sedan
  • in my legacy challenge my sims wife was a klepto and worked as a politician and the only things she ever stole from work were books and dirty dishes

    Beanie SketchBeanie Sketch11 dagar sedan
  • Bruhhh I didn't know you lived in Florida! I just got my first one at UF on 4/7

    Winged FanaticWinged Fanatic12 dagar sedan
  • Don't get the covid vax

    Shy BullShy Bull12 dagar sedan

    Shy BullShy Bull12 dagar sedan
  • i agree with the "if its something fun to do ill take it" my family is the same way were not super religious but we love to do fun things like go watch a movie, before the pandemic, on like Easter.

    Hannah LordHannah Lord12 dagar sedan
  • Aww I miss my grandma 😢 But I've been scanning family pictures etc, and it's been fun to see old articles my family has saved.

    mewzamewza12 dagar sedan
  • I watched this while crying eating cereal now my day is better thanks

    Ellen RidderstedtEllen Ridderstedt12 dagar sedan
  • This house is so pretty!! :D

    Angela ConklinAngela Conklin12 dagar sedan
  • Kayla- I am not 12! Me- 😐 am I a joke to you LOL I am acutely almost thirteen but still. 😂

    Kaili's WorldKaili's World12 dagar sedan
  • Kayla, you are special!! Your builds are really nice! Keep up the great work

    Kaili's WorldKaili's World12 dagar sedan
  • Can u pls build a house with no packs cause i dont have any plsssss

    Cupcake 500Cupcake 50013 dagar sedan
  • now I want bread

    Lissel YzaguirreLissel Yzaguirre13 dagar sedan
  • I downloaded this a week or two ago! It is the cutest!

    JanetVega93JanetVega9313 dagar sedan
  • Petition for kayla to start a cooking channel 😂😂

    The Sims TroveThe Sims Trove13 dagar sedan
  • She builds a pink house once a year, and I'm just over here in the corner, hiding my hoard of pink houses and appartments, hissing at anyone who tries to make me build in any other colors

    Eva JørgensenEva Jørgensen13 dagar sedan
  • You do know they are just injecting corona in you? So that you’re body can ‘Handle it’ If you get corona.

    ElleMSP VlogsElleMSP Vlogs13 dagar sedan
  • can i get a link to wherever you got those newspaper book things they seem really cool i want one :)

    Jordz xDJordz xD13 dagar sedan
  • when Simsie forgot that half of her youtube audience are not also her twitch audience lol

    Jordz xDJordz xD13 dagar sedan
  • I thought everyone knew you were engaged, but I still congratulated on the other video since it felt "official". Didn't Kayla mention the K1 a bunch?

    JLynnEchelonJLynnEchelon13 dagar sedan
  • i've never watched your channel before and i don't know who you are, i used to play sims on the ps2 lol, but i've had a really nice time listening to you talk about your life! it was relaxing and entertaining

    TimeMovie931508TimeMovie93150813 dagar sedan
  • “The murderous creature stays”

    Scott PacanskyScott Pacansky13 dagar sedan
  • GIRL, you are HILARIOUS. New follower

    Funky FemmeFunky Femme13 dagar sedan
  • is this build on the gallery????

    WallflowerRepublikWallflowerRepublik13 dagar sedan
  • kayla, listing things that are both her fault and her problem: it's not my fault or my problem

    MacKenzie MathenyMacKenzie Matheny13 dagar sedan
  • this gives me gypsy rose house vibes-

    giiaax5giiaax513 dagar sedan
  • Hank Green has made like $35K. He donates all of it though. 😍

    Megan BlackMegan Black13 dagar sedan
  • It’s funny cause I knew about the visa situation from Twitch, but I didn’t know that the K-1 was for fiancés so it was still a surprise 😂

    razzley dazzleyrazzley dazzley13 dagar sedan
  • Ginny and Georgia vibes omg

    Rachel HutchinsonRachel Hutchinson13 dagar sedan
  • kayla: "there's not enough windows in this room" also kayla: "who needs windows?? not them B)"

    sirdyy rblxsirdyy rblx13 dagar sedan
  • My mom bakes bead for us because she keeps a sourdough starter in the fridge. we have fed it for like 5 or six years now. I don't particularly think baking regular bread is that impressive. now if you gave me colorful bread....

    Ravenna CadieuxRavenna Cadieux14 dagar sedan
  • got my first vaccine today :) hope you get yours soon!

    kasey leekasey lee14 dagar sedan
  • I just heard you say FL...we are in the same State!

    Lisa Scank de AlejoLisa Scank de Alejo14 dagar sedan
  • Lol i never even thought of doing an engagement photo op. Is 8 years later too far paat the marriage? Lol. Good luck with the visa process! Hope it finishes quickly. You're in the home stretch!

    Lisa Scank de AlejoLisa Scank de Alejo14 dagar sedan
  • so beautiful! I'm going to use it RIGHT NOW!

    Agnieszka KowalczykAgnieszka Kowalczyk14 dagar sedan
  • You actually have an engagement video a year ago. I saw it as I scrolled through to the first videos on your channel since I haven't seen those, yet.

    Seiferboy GamingSeiferboy Gaming14 dagar sedan
  • Hey lilsime I really like all the Houses you have built on SEworld and I like you as a SEworldr lilsime?😁

    Loren MourgliaLoren Mourglia14 dagar sedan
  • Can we just talk about how cute Kayla's and Dan's relationship is?

    Sophie LopheySophie Lophey14 dagar sedan
  • Watching Americans talking about getting their vaccines like....

    HashtagPatricia AnnaHashtagPatricia Anna14 dagar sedan
  • the way she said “STAB ME IN THE ARM I DONT CARE” is sooo funny 😂

    Aidan PlaysAidan Plays14 dagar sedan
  • Kayla: this is a Sims channel aim not talking about privé things Kayla 5 min later: bread is not difficult to make Me: I love you!!!

    Just semJust sem14 dagar sedan
  • where I live, although I'm high risk, I can't get the vaccine until like June/July, but I'm very excited to be vaccinated! ♡♡

    Shawna StaggShawna Stagg14 dagar sedan
  • Sadly I have an autoimmune disease and people in my country don't want to get vaccinated..... :((( Thank you for advocating pro-vaccines, it really helps people like me who can't get vaccinated and rely on others to be safe.

    плъх от софийската канализацияплъх от софийската канализация14 dagar sedan
  • In the uk they’ve been debating wether to give secondary school kids(like me) the vaccine for COVID

    Lauren ButtleLauren Buttle14 dagar sedan
  • Hi Kayla, many of us didn't know you're engaged and since you named the video 'so...I'm engaged', seems to me like you wanted to emphasize the fact that you're engaged in case anyone didn't know yet. So I'm a bit surprised why you were overwhelmed with the comments, saying the video was mainly about the VISA process. Seems to me you would've titled the video differently if you just intended to explain the VISA process. Anyways, congrats on the engagement :) I enjoy your videos :)

    Debbie StronkhorstDebbie Stronkhorst14 dagar sedan
  • I thought that ur boy friend could just pack his stuff and fly to America and live with u?

    Marie GillespieMarie Gillespie14 dagar sedan
  • kayla: i'll link that video down below also kayla: does not link that video down below

    madie solbergmadie solberg14 dagar sedan
  • did you mention that the toddler is called Cheese? 😂

    squizzzel_kavsquizzzel_kav14 dagar sedan
  • Kayla: Titles video ‘so....I’m engaged’ Also Kayla: why is everyone congratulating me? 😅🤣

    Glamorously GinaGlamorously Gina14 dagar sedan
  • umbridge is proud of you my dear simsie.

    Munkey With AnxietyMunkey With Anxiety14 dagar sedan
  • sooo...how did the bread come out? the cauliflower dish?

    Bryan IrreraBryan Irrera14 dagar sedan
  • I got my first vaccine shot on april 1st!! hopefully you'll get an appt soon!

    Lexi KearnsLexi Kearns14 dagar sedan
  • I got my first shot last week!!! I’m super excited. Maybe we can have some sense of normalcy soon.

    Bailey RodgersBailey Rodgers14 dagar sedan
  • Ngl i keep forgetting what a big deal covid is literally everywhere else in the world but where I live. I haven't thought about covid since NZ left lock down last year.

    AviendhaAviendha14 dagar sedan
  • my dad got the vacine today

    May HarrisMay Harris14 dagar sedan
  • Challenge, trying to get rich by social media on the sims 4

    MushroomSprout_MushroomSprout_14 dagar sedan
  • im so sorry simsie but thats not really a cottage

    Kevin O'Reilly [smirk]Kevin O'Reilly [smirk]14 dagar sedan
  • i knew about dan and that you applied for the k1 visa a year ago but for some reason that didn't register in my head as "engaged" so i was still surprised at ur announcement the other day

    katie leffelkatie leffel14 dagar sedan
  • 7:53 I discovered this channel a week ago and I now i'm laughing af

    Pablo MahavePablo Mahave14 dagar sedan
  • please never apologize for just rambling about what's going on in your life during speed builds, this is the closest i've come to social interaction in so long

    littlebluecabooselittlebluecaboose14 dagar sedan
  • does anyone else have a problem with the kits where u go to sort to find items from the kits under packs but it doesn’t show it?

    Katie PasseriniKatie Passerini14 dagar sedan
  • Idk if they fixed this. But I know when the creator fund was first started a lot of creators who were put on it got shadow banned so be aware of that

    Potato PocketsPotato Pockets15 dagar sedan
  • Tik Tok hardly pays anything compared to SEworld. Just a heads up!

    MLadyAzzeraMLadyAzzera15 dagar sedan
  • simsie is so darn cute jsdjbshdbujshyua

    Dobrusia StarowiczDobrusia Starowicz15 dagar sedan
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one that didn't know that she was engaged. I have the habit of binge watching ppl's channels and thought that I missed hella tea when I was in a period when I wasn't watching her as much

    nia789789789nia78978978915 dagar sedan
  • Getting my first dose on the 23

    KBug 09KBug 0915 dagar sedan
  • When going said your grandmas had the same birthday I thought that you meant they were together 😂

    Shaolyn HunterShaolyn Hunter15 dagar sedan
  • "I have a sim that steals for money and let her kid's dad be eaten by a cowplant... Let's give her the cutest house ever!" I love it

    kk lkk l15 dagar sedan
  • Those gifts for her grandmas sound so interesting i would love to get one for my mother her birthday is in may!! Anybody know where to get them?!

    JulieJulie15 dagar sedan
  • This pandemic my fiance and i actually fell in love. Like, i liked him before. But we argued a LOT. Up until around May of last year, we were shaky. And then one day we clicked. We realized that we loved eachother. And it only took being locked up together for days on end for us to realize we fit together pretty well. And now I'm getting married next year lol. This pandemic will bond us as a generation. the good and the bad. Congrats, Kayla!

    Cheshire KetCheshire Ket15 dagar sedan
  • I'm SO downloading this house! I love the cat door for the toddler idea, and the cow plant is so cute!

    Weasleys WeezerWeasleys Weezer15 dagar sedan
  • For florida vax appointments- I work at UF and was eligible a few weeks ago so I don't know if it's still as easy to get an appt, but the FEMA site in Jax was still doing walk-ins last time I checked. It was EMPTY when I went back for my second, but that was on easter so it may have been a quiet day.

    Torie CaldwellTorie Caldwell15 dagar sedan
  • I just watched some awesome builds from unknown super talented people with around 70k subscribers...And here is Lilsimsie building the same house all over again ,every day getting views... No hate , i like her but I'm just wondering how this happens 😃

    Natali NikolovaNatali Nikolova15 dagar sedan
  • 7:59 debby Ryan lmao

    Hannah veibelHannah veibel15 dagar sedan
  • do you make real bread or american bread?

    ein Hühnchenein Hühnchen15 dagar sedan
  • Haven't watched yet, but the thumbnail, it's so gooddddddd

    Dora lolDora lol15 dagar sedan
  • I'm going though something like.....so freaking stressful. And these videos everyday are the perfect break from my life. It's so relaxing to just stop for 20 minutes to watch a build and listen to lil simsie talk. Someone stole my 4 year old son's identity and claimed him on their taxes. Iv been running around trying to obtain proof that his dad and I are in custody of our own kid. Thanks for the break lil simsie. I really needed it today 😭

    shayna leeshayna lee15 dagar sedan
  • And she’s built my dream.

    LottieLottie15 dagar sedan
  • That’s so cool about your grandmas I have a similar situation in that both of my parents dads have the same birthday ! Small world lol

    Laura BihlearLaura Bihlear15 dagar sedan