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18 mar 2021
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Even in House Flipper I can't escape the curse of the blue suburban
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  • Now i see where she got the blue suburban house.

    Irene Alexandra Smith CarugatiIrene Alexandra Smith Carugati12 timmar sedan
  • Wait what does it mean about me that I kinda liked the 80's house furniture ? :/

    Adèle in wonderlandAdèle in wonderland2 dagar sedan
  • PLEASE do more house flipper :’)

    BabyDuckNinjasBabyDuckNinjas4 dagar sedan
  • Is it weird that i felt a bit creeped out by the the 80s home... Like between the basement and the lighting i know there's no one else BUT I KEPT WAITING FOR A ghost TO JUST start wandering out of idk behind the wall or smth

    Jia Ying LimJia Ying Lim7 dagar sedan
  • Subbing for more house flipper SIMS IS LAME

    Paranoid AudienceParanoid Audience7 dagar sedan
    • @AshleighBanfield Sucks same

      Robin RossRobin Ross7 dagar sedan
    • Same

      AshleighBanfield SucksAshleighBanfield Sucks7 dagar sedan
  • I missed your house flipper days

    Its GrassIts Grass10 dagar sedan
  • Fun vid fun game. Life will be sooo much easier when u get the mower instead of the busheater.

    Julie MeahlJulie Meahl11 dagar sedan
  • more more more more more pls

    stale cigarette smellstale cigarette smell11 dagar sedan
  • MORE!!!!!🤣🤣🤣

    Potterhead SimmerPotterhead Simmer13 dagar sedan
  • more house flipper videos!! pleeeeassseeeee??!!????!! 😂😂💛 they’re fun and so satisfying! AAANNDD yOUrr commentary-is just the icing on the mofo cake! 😂😂🤷🏼‍♀️👌🏻

    Emilyanna ConstableEmilyanna Constable13 dagar sedan
  • Yes I would love to watch you play house flipper!!! please do!!

    Super-DashSuper-Dash13 dagar sedan
  • "I don't have a very good lawnmower, this is going to take me so long" That's a weedwhacker xD

    bonsaiKittybonsaiKitty14 dagar sedan
    • In the game you can upgrade your abilities & the quality of different tools as you progress. So I think she was referring to it not being very good yet. Also they made the lawnmower locked behind a job, so she might not have unlocked that and only had the strimmer to begin with. Either way, its often quicker to use the strimmer than the lawn mower because its easier to control (though they did improve the lawn mower a lot from when it was first added).

      Alexa FaieAlexa Faie8 dagar sedan
  • I need more

    Narella PereyraNarella Pereyra14 dagar sedan

    ii_harvenix oXoii_harvenix oXo15 dagar sedan
  • Definitely would like to see more house flipper!

    Rose.JRose.J15 dagar sedan
  • I want more

    karinulkarinul17 dagar sedan
  • do more do more

    Mnx53.Mnx53.17 dagar sedan
  • I've played this game for hours on end - it is strangely relaxing. I just discovered they have an app version you can play on IPAD - has some good features (cleaning a window with your finger is sooo much easier!!) but not all like on the PC version.

    Vicki HarrisVicki Harris18 dagar sedan
  • You can reach dirt up high by using scaffolding

    OliveramaOliverama19 dagar sedan
  • yes, please make more videos playing house flipper !!

    itsmariaitsmaria19 dagar sedan
  • for anyone who wants to know: house flipper is on Nintendo switch as well!

    Existential QueerExistential Queer20 dagar sedan
  • Dang house flipper became so cartoony, it was more realistic back then. Idk or maybe it's just me?

    TheMine GirlTheMine Girl20 dagar sedan
  • Watching this was great, I picked up my own copy after about a year away and so many changes....

    Shilo LutzShilo Lutz20 dagar sedan
  • yes to more house flipper!

    Kailee HightowerKailee Hightower20 dagar sedan
  • Please play more!

    Love AngelLove Angel21 dag sedan
  • thERES SO MUCH NEW STUFF? HELLO? I feel like it hasnt been that long since i've played but. wow. it feels like a genuine fleshed out game now, with all the furnishing, painting, etc, options.

    Echo CostelloEcho Costello22 dagar sedan
    • okay i last played this in december 2019 so time is fake

      Echo CostelloEcho Costello22 dagar sedan
  • What game is this?

    Jenny WongJenny Wong22 dagar sedan

    James KilbyJames Kilby23 dagar sedan
  • MORE!!!!

    Mary LohmullerMary Lohmuller23 dagar sedan
  • i 1000% want more house flipper content

    Carlie SaidakCarlie Saidak23 dagar sedan
  • I really do want more house flipping content 😩

    MagenMagen24 dagar sedan
  • pls do more house flipper

    christinachristina24 dagar sedan
  • Kayla loves destruction. Maybe just as much as she loves creation... maybe more?

    Shaun StarrShaun Starr24 dagar sedan
  • This game is so relaxing that it actually makes me sleepy

    Molly KinyonMolly Kinyon24 dagar sedan
  • I’m just here to say after I watched this video last week I bought House Flipper and I flippin love it. (Haha get it?) I would love more videos like this

    Jordan RiffleJordan Riffle24 dagar sedan
  • i missed house flipper so much !!!!

    Emma DelfinEmma Delfin25 dagar sedan
  • PLEASEEEEEE make more of these videos 😃😃😃

    Sophie CaulfeildSophie Caulfeild25 dagar sedan
  • Do more of thissss

    MarisaMarisa25 dagar sedan
  • more ): pleaseeeeee I loved thiss

    Odette MetcalfOdette Metcalf25 dagar sedan

    Brittney MorrisonBrittney Morrison25 dagar sedan
  • What version of House Flipper is this? Want this... No... I NEED THIS!

    Su-Lize KrugerSu-Lize Kruger25 dagar sedan
  • Yess can you finish this house!

    Pogg ClownPogg Clown25 dagar sedan
  • I was playing this game a lot but then they changed the store menu on PS4 and it really doesn't work with a controller :/ I was really close to finishing it too.

    マンバrricanマンバrrican25 dagar sedan
  • Please play this game more. Like a lot more

    Liz ULiz U26 dagar sedan
  • I want to love this game so badly but it makes me so motion sick :(

    Life with KelsoLife with Kelso26 dagar sedan
  • You act like all of your videos aren’t for our pleasure

    cathycrossingcathycrossing26 dagar sedan
  • A murder had taken place in that basement

    Daniel DaniarDaniel Daniar26 dagar sedan
  • Please do some more videos on this it's awesome!

    Suzanna Abigail AnandSuzanna Abigail Anand26 dagar sedan
  • i was literally thinking about your old house flipper videos the other day and was hoping you’d make more house flipper content soon!

    Zhaneel RashkaeZhaneel Rashkae26 dagar sedan
  • It's so relaxing! you know you can move the scaffolding right ?!

    Alexandra DaviauAlexandra Daviau26 dagar sedan
  • When she calls when you first started watching her "the olden days" 😭

    Jenna SargentJenna Sargent27 dagar sedan
  • Love this

    SmallHumanSmallHuman27 dagar sedan
  • day 64 of asking kayla for a main character house

    mxladiqmxladiq27 dagar sedan
  • please please please make more vids on this :)

    pearl bellamypearl bellamy27 dagar sedan
  • Yes more please

    Laila MaclinLaila Maclin27 dagar sedan
  • i love this game and would love to see you furnish this :pp

    datan00dlesdatan00dles27 dagar sedan
  • Kayla more house flipper. I enjoy.

    Kawaii ChanKawaii Chan27 dagar sedan
  • Yes please to more House Flipper videos!

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  • yeesssss we love a house flipping queen

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  • LOL

    Halldóra María H. SkowronskiHalldóra María H. Skowronski27 dagar sedan

    Feather StylesFeather Styles28 dagar sedan
  • They have it for the switch, too, but it doesn't have nearly as much stuff or houses.

    Elizabeth JohnsonElizabeth Johnson28 dagar sedan
  • More house flipper! I’ve already seen all the old ones :/

    Cora KCora K28 dagar sedan
  • please please please do more house flipper content, I love this

    Sasha HeyburghSasha Heyburgh28 dagar sedan
  • Watching you paint is strangely fun

  • Please continue doing this house

    not who you thinknot who you think28 dagar sedan
  • MORE

    Jose EscobedoJose Escobedo28 dagar sedan
  • Ohmgod can we have a mix of sims and house flipper??

    Common AnimationCommon Animation28 dagar sedan
  • Fixing sinks is very easy in real life.

    ElizabethKeenElizabethKeen28 dagar sedan
  • I competed this entire game before the newer updates came out.. do I wanna get it again but on ps4 this time? Maybe

    EmilyEmily28 dagar sedan
  • I like house flipper :D

    Omg Unicorn Games channelOmg Unicorn Games channel28 dagar sedan
  • moooore plsss

    paulina svenssonpaulina svensson28 dagar sedan
  • *cutely forces to make another video of house flipper*

    Eva BryantEva Bryant28 dagar sedan
  • dude. why is this literally granny’s house makeover

    Eva BryantEva Bryant28 dagar sedan
  • Play more please

    Anthea NeilsenAnthea Neilsen28 dagar sedan
  • I would love to see more of this! One of your old videos of this game popped up the other day, and now I've seen them all. I'm considering buying the game, it looks like so much fun!

    Anita HigdemAnita Higdem28 dagar sedan
  • I’m so down for more 😱😱

    Astrozy__Astrozy__28 dagar sedan
  • More!!!

    Cloud girl CGCloud girl CG28 dagar sedan

    aSwedishGirlaSwedishGirl28 dagar sedan
  • More house flipper

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  • Please please please do more 🥺

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  • Yayy! Could you do more house flipper? It’s so fun to watch 😊

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  • I'd love to see more house flipper. :)

    thelostgirl101thelostgirl10128 dagar sedan
  • Pls do more Kayla

    Yakira RoxYakira Rox28 dagar sedan
  • Every other youtuber's thumbnail: Enjoying game play! Wow! Lilsimsie: STRESS

    Ren OsburnRen Osburn28 dagar sedan
  • yeah i love it!!! it was a good different and i loved the game!

    Julia TorresJulia Torres28 dagar sedan
  • Watching Kayla play other games is so fun. I know she plays other games on stream, but it would be great to see other ones appear here as well.

    CepheusLuCepheusLu28 dagar sedan
  • omg i love this game, please do more

    mmx 1005mmx 100529 dagar sedan
  • I thought it was house flipper not camera flipper ;)

    CyanideSun94CyanideSun9429 dagar sedan
  • M O R E

    caroline mariacaroline maria29 dagar sedan
  • Didn't expect it, but I loved this vídeo so much!

    Beatriz TapiasBeatriz Tapias29 dagar sedan
  • More flipper

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  • i love this game so much lol

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  • Morrrreee House Flipping! I loved it! :D

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  • Wow I apparently haven’t played this in a while. There’s been a lot of updates.

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