my sims are haunting me irl

15 mar 2021
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Today the nightmare legacy gets personal. (episode 26)
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  • Almost one month of Noah being the heir

    Art, Sims, And StuffArt, Sims, And Stuff5 dagar sedan

    Grace PoffGrace Poff6 dagar sedan
  • This chaos reminded me of my first time playing the game. I made my own family as sims and spent all money on the house, so after two days my mum died. I was devastated.

    Jim PickensJim Pickens7 dagar sedan
  • Invest in a UPS (universal power supply) for unexpected power failures. Just get what you need - time to save and shutdown until power returns. This is your livelihood.

    Jim RJim R8 dagar sedan
  • Simsie: oh She gave us a present! Let’s see... Oh it’s a thingy! Me: Of course it’s a THINGY

    Melanie JonesMelanie Jones9 dagar sedan
  • "I feel like Noah doesn't have any direction in life" lol my name is Noah and this is ACCURATE

    a youtube channela youtube channel9 dagar sedan
  • “Flirt before the sadness come back”

    parry otterparry otter11 dagar sedan
  • Skyla definitely did the fainting animation before she died but it was VERY quick

    Tash CoatesTash Coates13 dagar sedan
  • This is the third gen to get engaged at the romance festival I'm pretty sure...

    Shannon MShannon M14 dagar sedan
  • I wish they would add the laundromat trait. This way when you can still torture yourself with laundry even when you can't afford a washer and dryer.

    Victoria WellmanVictoria Wellman15 dagar sedan
  • You should buy him the brave trait from the rewards store, the ghost hunter career is actually pretty lucrative.

    Silky WyrmSilky Wyrm17 dagar sedan
  • Okay but the thing is with the "gift flowers" thing on Love Day, from experience it BARLEY ever works I don't know why-

    -Platypus --Platypus -17 dagar sedan
  • what work it is??? and brand plsss

    vifonantoninavifonantonina20 dagar sedan
  • "Chelsey want to hang out, but I'm on like a half date and my date's dad is flirty" idk how to feel about this 😶💀

    TheMine GirlTheMine Girl21 dag sedan
  • i feell like vacuuming is like his coping mechanism

    Euniceee DaviesEuniceee Davies21 dag sedan
  • I had to turn the dust buster off, it was driving me nuts

    Pitbull mom 21Pitbull mom 2121 dag sedan
  • Kayak: My cat’s not gonna freeze to death in HIS swimsuit. :( Me: NASIODNFAIJERFJOERNFJNSSD :D

    Eliza SimonEliza Simon21 dag sedan

    Sydney MartinSydney Martin24 dagar sedan
  • roombas work wonders for the dust

    Beanie SketchBeanie Sketch26 dagar sedan
  • 16:09 this reminded me of that older meme of the guy with the cat and his voice is like autotuned sounding lmao! "Guys what's wrong with my cat? Why does he look like that? WHAT IS WRONG? 😵💀" 😂😂

    Kaitlyn LorentzenKaitlyn Lorentzen27 dagar sedan
  • The problem with the stairs should be that you have a fence across the top of the stairs. They can’t walk up stairs with the fence anymore. You can now remove the fence and remove the flooring you want removed, without removing the entire upstairs floor. I noticed you have to delete-undo-delete to get it to not remove the entire upstairs but it works now.

    CrucisphinxCrucisphinx28 dagar sedan
  • Simsie, the next video seems to be privated, is that intentional? Love your videos!!

    AriomeoAriomeo29 dagar sedan
  • lmao the Tposing 😂😂😂😭 idk is it sane to laughing over Tposing bug?? 😂😂

    Kakashi SenpaiKakashi Senpai29 dagar sedan
  • my computer is half broken, so it doesn't work unless it's plugged in, so the secondhand anxiety i felt when the power went off without u saving is unhealthy

    nathan wadenathan wadeMånad sedan
  • when my game is laggy, which it has been recently, i click the options button, and then click the x out of it and it's fine. it happens when i go in and out of build mode too

    nathan wadenathan wadeMånad sedan
  • the way i was hyping up the sims during the photoshoot at his house

    nathan wadenathan wadeMånad sedan
  • this gameplay is so chaotic lol also, day 2 of wondering if kayla is going to take out the poo of the inventory

    jhenijheniMånad sedan
  • You should have a affair with lucas

    Trevor JTrevor JMånad sedan
  • I started having that stair glitch again where if there is railing and you put stairs it disappears but the sims still think railing is blocking them. It’s super annoying.

    pørcupinepørcupineMånad sedan
  • i found this serie about 2 days ago and i just realized that now i’ll have to wait for new videos .. 🥺

    Joyce JJoyce JMånad sedan
  • Hint: Just turn the dust system off for your legacy game

    ArtisticSimmer01ArtisticSimmer01Månad sedan
  • This series inspired my own LP in OS, but I’m the Caliente’s neighbor, and yet whenever I upgrade my house all I can think abt is sticking it to Nancy Landgraab

    Katya ZakonovaKatya ZakonovaMånad sedan
  • Kayla! Can you PLEASE get the trash can that gives you money??!?!?!?

    Victoria AndaVictoria AndaMånad sedan
  • "I'm too sad to date anyone" I feel you sims I really feel you

    Evlyns SarahEvlyns SarahMånad sedan
  • Danielle is way cooler

    Информатика ЕГЭ УмскулИнформатика ЕГЭ УмскулMånad sedan
  • SEworld delete my comment at 10 likes ughhh I was like famous

    NefeliNefeliMånad sedan
  • jesse would have loved that clip of your sim glitching 😂

    CaitlynCaitlynMånad sedan
  • How did you make the photos on the wall bigger?

    Sierra SipeSierra SipeMånad sedan
  • This video is 18 minutes and 30 seconds long.

    undefined trashundefined trashMånad sedan
  • personally i think noah should fall in love with lucas i think that would be fun

    VenaeficaVenaeficaMånad sedan
    • They have a CHILD together...

      EC - 05FJ 805270 Castlebridge PSEC - 05FJ 805270 Castlebridge PSMånad sedan
    • His sisters husband!!???

      EC - 05FJ 805270 Castlebridge PSEC - 05FJ 805270 Castlebridge PSMånad sedan
    • ????? Thats is his brother in law

      EC - 05FJ 805270 Castlebridge PSEC - 05FJ 805270 Castlebridge PSMånad sedan
  • Lilsimsie could make a whole grave yard with all of grave stones she has gotten form just 4 generations.

    Ella SchimschalElla SchimschalMånad sedan
  • Elope! Elope! Elope!

    Una ÚlfrdottirUna ÚlfrdottirMånad sedan
  • noah: t-poses in and out of the fourth dimension

    Anita StephensAnita StephensMånad sedan

    Cristina GranadosCristina GranadosMånad sedan
  • About the stairs, remove the invisible fence in front of it then it should work.

    Sara ErikssonSara ErikssonMånad sedan
  • HOW TO FIX STAIRS: When my stairs weren't working I took the stairs away and then removed the upstairs railing just in the spot where the stairs go then I put the stairs back and they work! Hope that can help someone.

    Ellie AEllie AMånad sedan
  • I feel click bated

    Ben reviewsBen reviewsMånad sedan

    Marlene 0000Marlene 0000Månad sedan
  • Could it be that the stairs are blocked by a fence? I had this issure too. So i moved the stairs away and saw that there actually was a fence. So i removed the fence intront of the stairs and put the stairs back and it worked sgain.

    Jacob MacLeodJacob MacLeodMånad sedan
  • Does anyone else feel like the original house is better that this one?

    ThePaitelThePaitelMånad sedan
  • to fix the stairs remove the fence from the top of the stairs. if that makes sense like the game thinks at the top of the stair there is a fence blocking it so delete the stairs and remove one box of fence and then put the stairs back

    khalil sheltonkhalil sheltonMånad sedan
  • is the house in the gallery i think I wanna use it

    Terriauna JonesTerriauna JonesMånad sedan
  • Please upload the new legacy house to the gallery :)

    Veronica JavellanaVeronica JavellanaMånad sedan
  • OG comment of @DeAnn Weaver: Idk if she’ll see this but what if Noah becomes a veterinarian by owning his own vet clinic? Love this idea!

    Cactus CreatesCactus CreatesMånad sedan
  • «Dont pee your pants» love when you say that

    Hannah SkjellangerHannah SkjellangerMånad sedan
  • This makes me go huh.

    DragoneriaDragoneriaMånad sedan
  • I keep writing lilsimsie as lilsinsie sorry kayla

    Asir F.Asir F.Månad sedan
  • can you please upload the save file please🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Noor AJ NajiNoor AJ NajiMånad sedan
  • From 8:00-9:00 that's my life. My game is always doing that with me, even if I turn off the autonony, they still walk away everytime and don't do what I said them to do so

    Bence JónásBence JónásMånad sedan
  • Check if the stairs glitch isn't caused by barriers on top of stairs, remember the glitch that "deleted" fences when and where stairs were placed but not really? It looks like it would be it sweetie.

    Little DevilLittle DevilMånad sedan
  • May want to look into getting an uninterruptible power supply. It’s basically a power strip that will keep power on to your electronics for a while if power goes out. Enough power to save what you’re doing on pc and shut things down properly if necessary. I live in an area that power blinks on/off during rain; so it’s been a real life saver for me.

    KoomasterpcKoomasterpcMånad sedan
  • I had a dream that Chelsey and Lucas broke up. This series seems to be important to me.

    Tilda TenniTilda TenniMånad sedan
  • I think you should make a club called Noahs Models and their just his models

    msmegzmsmegzMånad sedan
  • "My cat's not going to freeze to death in his swimsuit" almost made me spit out my shake

    Victoria ErbVictoria ErbMånad sedan
  • Don’t be sorry I would TOTALLY be bragging about the plaque if it was me lol

    Rayne HailstormRayne HailstormMånad sedan
  • I had this glitch. It was the fence around the stairs. Had to change it to a fence that matches the railing perfectly.

    Maybelle ClarkMaybelle ClarkMånad sedan
  • His cute little belly tho

    DezzyDoesThingsDezzyDoesThingsMånad sedan
  • He must be a photographer. Noah must be, otherwise he will be a get and then quit job person.

    Ivan GreenIvan GreenMånad sedan
  • You can actually make a decent amount of money by fashion photography. Like mine made 4k for each gig, and I could do it multiple times each day! And just a little recommendation, when the game is lagging, you could press the Esc button a couple of times and it'll go away. Works for me every time!

    kiana gppkiana gppMånad sedan

    Xx_BINGUS_xXXx_BINGUS_xXMånad sedan
  • there should be a graveyard on another lot filled with all of the legacies from the challenge! i think it’d be nice to have a place to go all the past relatives and then they wouldn’t haunt your house!!

    ireneireneMånad sedan
  • The photo might be in household inventory- at least that’s where it’s been sometimes when I do the fashion photographer career

    Julia WJulia WMånad sedan
  • “Okay, pee on the floor” ...aight, I mean if you say so

    Jayde HockingJayde HockingMånad sedan
  • The whole time.. I am like lilsimsie love... you really don't know how Fashion Photographer works do you? Dont forget about Carls Sims guide s.... and you need a mark... and you don't have to do it on location. oh myyyy

    Jes The RedJes The RedMånad sedan
  • Don't forget what you said about the first kid's name being Jingle 😁😁

    LillaLillaMånad sedan
  • So weird! I have had Moschino since it came out and have NEVER played as a photographer and then I randomly started a character playing that about two weeks ago. Get out of my head lilsimsie! Mind meld. 😉

    Chelsea SmithChelsea SmithMånad sedan
  • For the stairs thing, just draw a fence across the top of the stairs where they meet the floor, then remove it again. That resolves that issue for me. :)

    Chelsea SmithChelsea SmithMånad sedan
  • this lets play is such a prime example of murhpy's law, you should name a kid murphy in honor of the chaos

    Elizabeth AnneღElizabeth AnneღMånad sedan
  • "my date's dad is flirty" tbh that sounds terrifying

    Catie JoyCatie JoyMånad sedan
  • The stairs will work if you remove a piece of the railing; it won’t look pretty, but it works!

    erzsebet91erzsebet91Månad sedan
  • Maybe your sim need to move to a different world. Like to to Evergreen Harbor and live as a homeless person, then build up his handiness and try being a fabricator, or a painter, or a writer. Have him go to University and become an actor--after all his mom was one.

    Marie DuranMarie DuranMånad sedan
  • shes called noah lucas XD

    VanillaXCoffeeVanillaXCoffeeMånad sedan

    •Luca••Luca•Månad sedan
  • the stairs are broken because of the trim around the opening

    Becca _Becca _Månad sedan
  • This is hilarious. My best friends name is Chelsea and her cat's name is Mavis!

    Amber HolmesAmber HolmesMånad sedan
  • 12:16 ”Try for baby in shower” “I'm doing it” Well I guess it short lifes- ”I'm asking her on a date” oh

    GremlinGremlinMånad sedan
  • Kaylaa i’ve been facing the same problem where my sims cannot go upstairs and it is so frustrating! How do i troubleshoot it so it goes back to normal:(( help anyone

    Ayu Regita PramestiAyu Regita PramestiMånad sedan

    hihiMånad sedan
  • Kayla, the problem is the fence piece you have to put in front of the stairs to make the landing area work. Unfortunately the only options are to give up the open area or accept the outdoor lighting in that room :(

    SnowieSnowieMånad sedan
  • Kayla! just a tip on the fashion photographer career: You can make like a home studio with the items that came with Moschino stuff pack, you can place a backdrop and some marks on the floor and a tripod with your camera. Then when you want to do a photoshoot you can click on the marks and it will appear an option to call a model for the shoot, you can hire as many models as the number of marks on your studio. That way you dont need to always invite family sims for the shoot, and you can make tons of friends from meeting the models.

    sabrinasabrinaMånad sedan
    • After you hire the models you can click on them and select which type of clothing you want them to wear and even edit it on CAS

      sabrinasabrinaMånad sedan
  • My stairs were glitching too. I had to remove all the walls surround it, remove the stairs. And then place everything back smh.

    Hannah DudleyHannah DudleyMånad sedan
  • Asking all SEworldrs. Can you bring attention to the build buy organisation. The more dlcs you have its very unorganised. This needs fixing and updating.

    NameNameMånad sedan
  • Deleteing the staircase and placeing it again fixed it for me

    Violet DrownViolet DrownMånad sedan
  • I hate when i become rich to fast

    xXMaya.MooreXxxXMaya.MooreXxMånad sedan
  • This might be my favorite mediterranean/Spanish style home yet.

    Miss MoonieMiss MoonieMånad sedan
  • The stairs glitch’s out because you put the fence in first and then the stairs after, the game sees it as the fence is blocking the stairs, it also happens in most of your gallery builds

    The potato -.-The potato -.-Månad sedan
  • kayla are you feeding the cat...

    NeonWordsNeonWordsMånad sedan
    • UH OH

      ursulaursulaMånad sedan
  • Use the wall tool and use ctrl to delete the fence that's right at the top of the stairs.

    Talayna PehrsonTalayna PehrsonMånad sedan
  • You should put Noah in the Education career!

    Michael HerrmannMichael HerrmannMånad sedan
  • should i be concerned that i started watching this video and then my laptop shut down completely and wouldn't turn on despite charging it etc?

    Marysia SzlenkierMarysia SzlenkierMånad sedan