Can I build a micro home for 8 Sims?

25 mar 2021
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Bunkbeds make the 8 Sim micro home challenge MUCH easier
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  • Bloxburg Players : Pillars Sims Players : Columns Other People : S T I C K S

    •Insomnic Saturnn••Insomnic Saturnn•2 timmar sedan
  • Whats the damn purpose to make a fake tiny house?????????????????

    Bosko2kBosko2k8 timmar sedan
    • Go make a fn 5 floor tiny house then... wtf?

      Bosko2kBosko2k8 timmar sedan
  • I've been playing the 100 baby challenge in a micro home... it's a pain but it helps SO MUCH, i can age toddlers up very quickly since skill gain is 2x faster, and I get baby daddies to full romance with my matriarch in a jiff too :D

    MoondustMoondust16 timmar sedan
  • Having the bunk beds would make it crazy easier. Not easy. Not easy at all. But like, 2 beds now in the space of 1

    Alexis MckinnonAlexis Mckinnon19 timmar sedan
  • 11:01 is my mum

    Jade CochranJade CochranDag sedan
  • This is me ANS my siblings XDDDD🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    BFFS forever BFFsBFFS forever BFFsDag sedan
  • I love your voice!!

    Kate Takes OnKate Takes OnDag sedan
  • You mean you make bigger houses for your sims??

    Kate Takes OnKate Takes OnDag sedan
  • Orange house

    tiggytiger gamingtiggytiger gamingDag sedan
  • I just wanna say, I just figured out this girl existed And she’s great 👌 And her hair cut is beautiful I wish I could have that haircut without looking like I went to a 1 star hairstylist Cuz it looks great

    Miss KatMiss KatDag sedan
  • I don’t even play sims why am I here

    jessicaaajessicaaaDag sedan
  • I looked at the title and went “This video is for me.”

    micro penismicro penis2 dagar sedan
  • the bunkbeds and ‘so much room for activities’ reminded me of the step brothers movie 😂

    lucaslucas2 dagar sedan

    PigonPigon2 dagar sedan
  • Me wondering how she is placing stuff like that Boi can’t 👁👄👁

    Sunny GachaSunny Gacha2 dagar sedan
  • micro-home? Hong Kong? India? Any other poor country?? dome life?

    kook kook kook kookkook kook kook kook2 dagar sedan
  • My friend has 16 siblings

    Maya Acquaah-HarrisonMaya Acquaah-Harrison2 dagar sedan
  • Try 8 adult/teen housemates rather than kids.

    Joey ElliottJoey Elliott3 dagar sedan
  • 12:22 Used to be what?

    Sun JaraSun Jara3 dagar sedan
  • shameless but sims

    dirty plasterdirty plaster3 dagar sedan
  • People who play roblox bloxburg: Copy copy copy copy

    CarmenCarmen3 dagar sedan
  • I can’t build but- ✨it looking good ✨😎

    deku ツdeku ツ3 dagar sedan
  • I will definitely be downloading this it looks so horribly fun

    Kitty UnderwoodKitty Underwood3 dagar sedan
  • haha ---- looks very familiar as most middle-class Filipino homes are like this. lots of people, small space, bunkbeds covering windows? YES.

    Jamie FilmsJamie Films4 dagar sedan
  • Lmao i want to make my family but i dont have sims 4 and i have 10 family members

    Himari Does Gacha!Himari Does Gacha!4 dagar sedan
  • Nobody: Kayla every time she places a bathroom in a micro home: “iT iS fUnCtIoNaL”

    gamer gang 101gamer gang 1014 dagar sedan
  • this big beak nosed mouthbreather is the most annoying sims creator on youtube, i can think of several people more deserving of the attention than her

    T CT C4 dagar sedan
    • just watch her videos muted and listen to something else in the background. i do like her builds but yes her personality is annoying.

      F SF SDag sedan
  • did you just make a stepbrothers refrencea weewf

    BrewwinBrewwin4 dagar sedan
  • Lol girl I’m wanting to play the sims now miss playing it

    Brooke CookBrooke Cook4 dagar sedan
  • “I went back to wasting money on plants.” @me buying plants but not being able to keep them alive.

    Michaela KMichaela K5 dagar sedan
  • “What if...” 🥺 👉🏻 👈🏻

    Michaela KMichaela K5 dagar sedan
  • can we talk about how pretty kaylas eyes are like i WISH i could have that bc im stuck with dark poopy eyes

    faith heglefaith hegle5 dagar sedan
    • her eyes look dark and poopy too, tf are you talking about, you say that like she has some beautiful light eye color

      T CT C4 dagar sedan
  • I have 5 siblings. One moved out and my mom wants to downsize. This is basically what she’s imagining hahaha

    squa-squa the dragonsqua-squa the dragon5 dagar sedan
  • Thanks that you made a video for my birthday! Oh wait... My sister joked me😥

    Jan-Michael RoggeJan-Michael Rogge6 dagar sedan
  • Anyway, what is Kayla with her obsession with bathroom with windows xD. I mean if it's small then it's alright, but the window she chose are always big enough to see whoever's waist on the inside.

    Maulana WinataMaulana Winata6 dagar sedan
  • This is like me trying to fit 100 prisoners with $20K budget in Prison Architect lmao.

    Maulana WinataMaulana Winata6 dagar sedan
  • ngl ure a wannabe Clare pls just stop

    amingoo batchuluunamingoo batchuluun6 dagar sedan
  • no offence but why does she sound like Clare Siobhan

    amingoo batchuluunamingoo batchuluun6 dagar sedan
  • I just did this too it was so fun but I only did one floor

    All around fandomAll around fandom6 dagar sedan
  • Drista

    ReverseReverse7 dagar sedan
  • the duck on the desk implies one of them codes which is pretty sick

    Isaac StandenIsaac Standen7 dagar sedan
  • Is this supposed to be tiny living only or are they "poor" as well?😅 The kids have to sacrifice having to climb up thru a ladder to their cramed room and have 2 grid bathroom because the parents blasted all their money in a flat screen tv, fancy fridge and landscaping😂

    Jeff RamosJeff Ramos7 dagar sedan
  • Maybe lock the doors so only one person can stay in

    Alison TeisAlison Teis7 dagar sedan
  • I want to see her play in this house...

    Lilia HackertLilia Hackert7 dagar sedan
  • I do not feel comfortable having a toilet within arms length of the kitchen though -_- immediately lost me lol.

    ASMR IsahASMR Isah7 dagar sedan
  • Cries in legacy edition

    IrregularDoughnutIrregularDoughnut7 dagar sedan
  • I love her voice so much omg

    --8 dagar sedan
  • Do you have to have eco & tiny living to get the micro sizes on homes? I tried building & it didn't give me the options 😭 I'm guessing so ..

    AccidRainnAccidRainn8 dagar sedan
  • does anyone know what pack the fridge in the build is from?

    Ashlyn AdamsAshlyn Adams8 dagar sedan
  • If you're using cheats to give you more tiles without it registering. You may as well just make it any size you want...

    Chantelle YTChantelle YT9 dagar sedan
  • we should get a reality show where a simtuber works with a builder and interior designer to make someones dream home! like, lilsimsie x fixer upper!

    Yikes On BikesYikes On Bikes9 dagar sedan
  • Why do a tile cheat? youre challange is to fit 8 people in a micro house, just use a tiny house

    lunaluna9 dagar sedan
  • Orange house, blue windows. UF is that you?

    LynLyn9 dagar sedan
  • Whose gonna tell her pumpkins aren’t orange and black 🤣

    Serina PestanaSerina Pestana9 dagar sedan
  • Speaking from experience (I have 5 siblings myself)it's not actually that weird to share a room with at least 4 people

    Renee AllenRenee Allen10 dagar sedan
  • Windows are my worst enemy in sims

    SunderhausLaSunderhausLa11 dagar sedan
  • You look so pretty in this video!! Not that you don't normally look pretty, but you look especially pretty today... heh.. *slinks away*

    Jennifer ThorntonJennifer Thornton11 dagar sedan
  • Living in NYC be like-

    BrookeBrooke11 dagar sedan
  • How many times did you cut in this video? A thousand times? Sad....really.

    SamCSamC12 dagar sedan
  • .... its ok not to have an island

    Fright-ChanFright-Chan12 dagar sedan
  • Came here because my sims had two pair of twins

    luna raneluna rane12 dagar sedan
  • Why am I just finding you now?

    LonelyGreenBoyTLonelyGreenBoyT12 dagar sedan
  • Fun!

    Philippe Parle PeuPhilippe Parle Peu12 dagar sedan
  • Why 32 tiles?

    Nicolly DalpráNicolly Dalprá13 dagar sedan
  • i was waiting for u to play test it

    Dorothy ParkerDorothy Parker13 dagar sedan
  • Can u do the loud house?

    Maťo SolavaMaťo Solava13 dagar sedan
  • hi Kayla, i was thinking for your series were you do 'trying to get rich by [blank]' you could do with the woodwork / handy trait? just a thought - love your builds

    NatalieNatalie14 dagar sedan
  • 10:48

    cute little reborn worldscute little reborn worlds14 dagar sedan
  • I thought she said feckbeds

    AlexisasheepAlexisasheep14 dagar sedan

    Piolo HernandezPiolo Hernandez15 dagar sedan
    • There’s 8- can you count?

      AngxlicSunsetYT !AngxlicSunsetYT !14 dagar sedan
  • That step brothers reference tho

    Olivia EOlivia E15 dagar sedan
  • her voice...cannot continue.

    bob1980ishbob1980ish15 dagar sedan
  • When I look I can't find it can someone help me

    Lauren GuthrieLauren Guthrie16 dagar sedan
  • I hadn’t played sims sense last year, and now it’s “updating” but really, it just won’t let me play. I wasted so much money on it😩

    Winter White HamHamWinter White HamHam16 dagar sedan
  • Should probably use those other three tiles on another bathroom.

    ShadoeLandmanShadoeLandman16 dagar sedan
  • Looks like an average UK houseshare! Okay, better than average :D

    AirdnaPlaysAirdnaPlays16 dagar sedan
  • I like tjis challeges!😍

    Stefan JonssonStefan Jonsson16 dagar sedan
  • Kayla: deleting walls It shaking the whole screen

    SOPHIA.GIRON 103205SOPHIA.GIRON 10320517 dagar sedan
  • No one: Hong Kong housing: 0:06

    Cete FamCete Fam17 dagar sedan
  • I know she said orange but I was just like "Blue flower red thorns"

    Reine AlicisReine Alicis18 dagar sedan
  • you’re so cute omg!! this is was funny! also i lived in an orange house for like 5 years!

    shroomshroom18 dagar sedan
  • I keep seeing a yin yang rug in the buy mode when watching simers videos it has no tag on it so I assumed it was base game, but I can't find the rug in my game. Does anyone know why

    Sarah EdisonSarah Edison18 dagar sedan
  • Couldn’t you just build a tall house. Idk how the sims works so sorry if this is stupid

    Liz MarieLiz Marie18 dagar sedan
    • It’s like irl. If you had a tall house the sq footage would be the same as a wide house. It’s just judged by tiles, but by being wide or tall.

      AngxlicSunsetYT !AngxlicSunsetYT !14 dagar sedan
  • *uses this for a university play through* *cackles in evil*

    DevoutSpiritDevoutSpirit18 dagar sedan
  • Please build a base game house for one teen, mom and dad, and a baby/toddler ❤️ video 2 of asking

    Z Marcella AnimationsZ Marcella Animations19 dagar sedan
  • I lowkey want to play in this house just to see how long I would last

    BriiJetBriiJet19 dagar sedan
  • In some parts of Europe is actually popular to have the stairs for the second floor outside so I think that could be interesting

    JaysonJayson19 dagar sedan
  • what pack did Kayla get the fridge and counter top from???

    Ava LimacherAva Limacher19 dagar sedan
  • What is your favorite pack in the game?

    Vilde RemeVilde Reme19 dagar sedan
  • I downloaded this house and I had six children. Eight people living in a micro house is very difficult. It is like a challenge. Thanx for build this house 🌸

    Zeynep ÖğretmenZeynep Öğretmen19 dagar sedan
  • You calling that a micro home and to me that’s a huge house 💔😂👏

    Lizzi BarkerLizzi Barker19 dagar sedan
  • And then there is me who is trash at building on Sims and just uses the motherlode cheat to move my family to a pre-built home 😃

    Isla SmilerIsla Smiler19 dagar sedan
  • "I just don't want to deal with all the sims blocking my view of furniture" is such a Sims 4 mindset haha

    depresyjkadepresyjka19 dagar sedan
  • In my last tiny home I kept the sink only in the kitchen, so really keeping the sink out of the bathroom is a good tip to keep it small and still have a shower

    Laura GoughLaura Gough19 dagar sedan
  • this is unrelated to the sims but your voice sometimes reminds me of toph from avatar: the last airbender and i just wanted to say it's very cute! lol

    j.j.19 dagar sedan
  • I think the lamp is massive because it's doubling as a coffee table.

    A.C. TriggeredA.C. Triggered19 dagar sedan
  • Kayla cheating the game to complete the challenge ;)

    BrevladaBrevlada19 dagar sedan
  • I was super disappointed kayla didn't even try to make it a real tiny house before cheating. Lame.

    LeeAnna DimoulasLeeAnna Dimoulas19 dagar sedan
  • What pack is that fridge from?

    Kazen OrilgKazen Orilg20 dagar sedan