i did it

12 mar 2021
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i have a present
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  • So happy for you Simsie! You're my inspo

    Hiddle StonHiddle Ston10 dagar sedan
  • Just wait for the diamond one

    Riley QwertyRiley Qwerty24 dagar sedan
  • I thought you were gonna say you got sponsored by Nicki Minaj, then you said Nickelodeon

    ANGIE MOONANGIE MOON28 dagar sedan
    • Bruh

      Adan BaldonadoAdan Baldonado22 dagar sedan
  • I'm so proud of you Kayla!!!

    Lucía MillánLucía MillánMånad sedan
  • Her : *chill while holding 3 things that looks heavy* Me : Frieaking out that it would fall and Congratulations for 1M Subscriber :D

    BubbleplaysBubbleplaysMånad sedan
  • Well deserved, your channel is so much fun to view.

    Dave NDave NMånad sedan
  • Congratulations Kayla♥️

    Lydia JacksonLydia JacksonMånad sedan
  • kayla you look especially beautiful in this video

    DelaneyDelaneyMånad sedan
  • Who else was here from the beginning when I started watching u u had around 10k subs

  • Me: YAY KAYLA!!!! Me again: Ahem of course I was following Me once again: Fine I admit it I wasn't following but I will now!

    Kelli HendrixKelli HendrixMånad sedan
  • Congratulations and well done! Your joy is truly infectious.

    HeathwynHeathwynMånad sedan
  • I love how their names are Susan and Rick, like if y’all have been here awhile too this just feels too fitting

    frybryfrybryMånad sedan
  • My diploma i got last year has my name spelled wrong on it 😭

    Tavia HabermanTavia HabermanMånad sedan
  • This video makes me so happy

    Kez WKez WMånad sedan
  • Simsie: *gets a one million subscriber award* Simsie: “Oh my mom’s gonna be excited about this!!”

    Lily's AccountLily's AccountMånad sedan
  • Someone should Mod the Sims Grilled Cheese so everytime LilSimies Simsself Summons a Grilled Cheese it's an Award!

    Alex DouglasAlex DouglasMånad sedan
  • both simsies: there's a LOT of tape on these boxes

    Talia LevyTalia LevyMånad sedan
  • So happy for you!! You deserve it 💖💖

    akire0398akire0398Månad sedan
  • day 58 of asking kayla for a main character house

    mxladiqmxladiqMånad sedan
  • you're so incredible kayla

    samlovesfrogssamlovesfrogsMånad sedan
  • This thumbnail.

    Blane W.Blane W.Månad sedan
  • Wait...Kayla’s real last name is Sims?? Lol Here I just thought it was fake for SEworld purposes.

    Amy DaileyAmy DaileyMånad sedan
  • I smiled throughout this whole video. Lilsimsie deserves everything she has and more.

    Ellie DoyleEllie DoyleMånad sedan

    kelso alonsokelso alonsoMånad sedan
  • you can order a new one for all the plaques to match

    DewDropsFallDewDropsFallMånad sedan
  • I never comment on your videos but I’m so excited for this!!! You deserve everything you worked for and your content is really my confort content, I’m very happy to see you succeed 🥺

    MeckeyLMeckeyLMånad sedan
  • Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉

    NikitaBx2NikitaBx2Månad sedan
  • No more Snap cam on stream, now is plaque cam. All jokes aside, congrats!

    Sofia Romero BoyrieSofia Romero BoyrieMånad sedan
  • Lilsimsie is cute we love you.

    Madalo Kamanga-ConwayMadalo Kamanga-ConwayMånad sedan
  • congratulations

    Oliver SperlingOliver SperlingMånad sedan
  • idk why I got excited over the sponsorship with nickelodeon

    Iliyas GonzalezIliyas GonzalezMånad sedan
  • Congrats Kayla❣️

    Breana PhillipsBreana PhillipsMånad sedan
  • Ooooh look at you blinged out for the occasion!!!

    Victoria MoralesVictoria MoralesMånad sedan
  • Congrats from Beijing!! Love you and all your videos so much!! btw my English listening improves through your videos 😂😂😂

    Chard ZhuoChard ZhuoMånad sedan
  • I thought you had killed someone.... Yay! You got your plaque!

    RubyRubyMånad sedan
  • i’m really sad because of my abusive bf but you make me smile. thank you

    Bridgette ArianeBridgette ArianeMånad sedan
  • congratulations 🤧😭👏🏻

    ESC MartínESC MartínMånad sedan
  • i love u

    kat dkat dMånad sedan
  • It’s amazing how Kayak is only 13 and has a gold play button! Jokes aside, congrats Kayla!

    Katlyn DobranskyKatlyn DobranskyMånad sedan
  • yesss congrats!! you deserve it!!!

    PickleDoesMusicPickleDoesMusicMånad sedan
  • Kayla (04.10.2017): so I don't wanna get too sappy rn Kayla (12.03.2021): I don't wanna like get too sappy she is still the same and we love her for being who she is~~🥰❤️❤️ congrats kayla, and let's continue this amazing journey together~~❤️❤️❤️

    ChrizbonChrizbonMånad sedan
  • Good job!! I love watching your videos and I've even tried a few too. Like the San Myshino studio apartments!

    Sam RobinsonSam RobinsonMånad sedan
  • yaaaaassssss

    Mariana CunhaMariana CunhaMånad sedan
  • Is she using the same scissors she was using when unpacking a 100k plaque?

    Aleksandra DozorovaAleksandra DozorovaMånad sedan
  • We are sooo proud of you lilsims

    Maddy DailyMaddy DailyMånad sedan
  • Congratulations

    meliozo Gmeliozo GMånad sedan
  • Congratulations 🥳

    Fl WFl WMånad sedan
  • Yayyy 😁 finally

    Lily PlayzLily PlayzMånad sedan
  • oh, i remember you didn't know how to pronounce Susan's last name, in Polish we read that like ,,voytchitzky" (or something like that, idk, i'm not really good at these things :)) also, i'm so proud of you! love your videos! you're such an inspiring, wonderful and positive person and i love you so much for that!

    grzybeque 27grzybeque 27Månad sedan
  • This video was adorable. Congratulations, Kayla, on all of your accomplishments! You deserve all of the awards. ❤️

    Delinda FrazierDelinda FrazierMånad sedan
  • Congrats!! You are such a wonderful and fun person and thank you for creating content and having such love and positivity into it!

    Morning_cerealMorning_cerealMånad sedan
  • okay but Kayla looks so cute! congrats!!

    Sidney WhiteSidney WhiteMånad sedan
  • so proud of you!

    Pink DiamondPink DiamondMånad sedan
  • marie is my second name too!(:

    gimandrigimandriMånad sedan
  • Congratulations Kayla!!

    Alana MacNeillAlana MacNeillMånad sedan
  • Jacksucksatlife fans when they see the card say Rick:👁️👄👁️

    John YannakisJohn YannakisMånad sedan
  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeh

    Zoya AbbasiZoya AbbasiMånad sedan

    Gracefully ShiftingGracefully ShiftingMånad sedan
  • Congrats! You are amazing, the 1 million plaque is the least you deserve ✨

    wintersimswintersimsMånad sedan
  • Well-deserved!

    Casey JoCasey JoMånad sedan
  • obsessed with the earrings!

    HannahHannahMånad sedan
  • Wow can’t wait to see the million noodles episode

    Devyn SlatteryDevyn SlatteryMånad sedan
  • Your excitement is refreshing. Never apologize for being proud of yourself and for celebrating your accomplishments. Congratulations!

    HailHelenaHailHelenaMånad sedan

    Timm DamianoTimm DamianoMånad sedan
  • Ops I did it again

    Hannah SkjellangerHannah SkjellangerMånad sedan
  • I love you! Congratulations :)

    Alicia AuchAlicia AuchMånad sedan
  • Wow good job!!

    Sprinkles !Sprinkles !Månad sedan
  • Congrats! You so deserve it!

    Patricia PereiraPatricia PereiraMånad sedan
  • i always knew you could do it kayak :D

    SprainedCoderSprainedCoderMånad sedan
  • Well done you're amazing!!

    emi_louakastitchemi_louakastitchMånad sedan
  • ♥️♥️♥️

    StephanieStephanieMånad sedan
  • Best group project ever! 🙌🏻

    Malin EriksenMalin EriksenMånad sedan
  • Congrats!

    Gar LicGar LicMånad sedan
  • I love that thumbnail

    Steph AbadeereSteph AbadeereMånad sedan
  • Gotta get yourself a knife for opening packages!

    Jilly BeanJilly BeanMånad sedan
  • This made me cry happy tears 😻 you are wonderful and you deserve every bit of success! Love to your sweet fam too!

    Jenni SchweitzerJenni SchweitzerMånad sedan
  • Way to go, Kayla!!!!

    Lori ShadowensLori ShadowensMånad sedan
  • all the congratulations :)

    Jade InnesJade InnesMånad sedan
  • Congrats, you deserve it. You always cheer me up if I’m having a bad day. I’m so excited for you!

    Walter MercilinWalter MercilinMånad sedan
  • Lilsimsie is my new younger sister. I have claimed her as my own. I even look like her as proof.

    Amber HaightAmber HaightMånad sedan
  • To all the people who disliked this video, why did you? You didn’t have to, so please next time just keep your opinions to yourself. thank you

    Brooki timeBrooki timeMånad sedan
  • "Please follow me on instagram for moral support" XD

    lolnynylolnynyMånad sedan
  • omg you used the same pair of purple scissors in the 100,000 unboxing, they are now The Scissors

    Audrey EdsonAudrey EdsonMånad sedan
  • Kayla, I was looking at your last unboxing video (for your 100K plaque) and I believe you opened that box with the same scissors you opened this box with. Maybe I'm wrong but they look the same and I thought it was cute. Anyway, congrats Kayla! Love you!!

    Jaidan HanshawJaidan HanshawMånad sedan
  • I only just realised that Kayla's surname is Sims. Like. Bruh.

    Idris NorhadiIdris NorhadiMånad sedan
  • Play this game called “sims freeplay” iTs ToRtUrE

    Minnu NMinnu NMånad sedan
  • i love how the tittle is just plain and not exciting and then in the video shes like YAY I HIT ! MIL!!!!

    The Christie FamThe Christie FamMånad sedan
  • my graduation certificate is spelt wrong lol

    Tanaysha CTanaysha CMånad sedan
  • Kayla being sad her plaques don't match is so gd hilarious I cannot even!

    Fyre Heart StudiosFyre Heart StudiosMånad sedan
  • Congratulations, Kayla. Never stop being you

    Bantersaurus RexBantersaurus RexMånad sedan
  • Are you the most followed sims youtuber?

    delaney nevilledelaney nevilleMånad sedan

    theaclntheaclnMånad sedan
  • Yay!!!!! Congrats!!!!!

    Lily HuygaertsLily HuygaertsMånad sedan
  • So well deserved! Congrats! And those earings are amazing!

    Future StartsNowFuture StartsNowMånad sedan
  • i hope you win a teen choice award

    Lia cLia cMånad sedan
  • Well done! 🥳

    Emma BowkerEmma BowkerMånad sedan
  • your earrings are so pretty!

    WeichpilzWeichpilzMånad sedan
  • Congrats Kayla love your videos. Keep posting!

    mariel ramirezmariel ramirezMånad sedan
  • This made me so happy and I'M not the one getting the plaque

    Daniel EllisDaniel EllisMånad sedan
  • Congratulations Kayla!! Well deserved 👏 🙌

    Barb xoxoBarb xoxoMånad sedan