I tried renovating this weird house using EA's restrictions...

19 mar 2021
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It's been two years and Realm of Magic still haunts me
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  • Wait what house did you build?

    Angel MaldonadoAngel Maldonado17 dagar sedan
  • I wish she kept the quirky roof. It looked a bit more magical

    Mirthe BloomMirthe Bloom23 dagar sedan
  • Make a house where every room has to mainly fullfil its purpose but still work as a seperate house (not including hallways) So you need to be able to sleep in the kitchen and cook in the bathroom while still being unmistakeably the room it is supposed to be.

    GathoblasterGathoblaster24 dagar sedan
  • the best world constructions are from snowy scape

    s4t4nics ks4t4nics k24 dagar sedan
  • The fact that she's casually built houses for their expansion packs...

    ShaliekShaliek25 dagar sedan
  • if you haven’t already, please, for the love of god, do hound’s head (the big mansion thing in brindleton bay) i’m bad at building and even i’m confused and enraged at some of the design choices

    Beanie SketchBeanie Sketch26 dagar sedan
  • struggles all along to renovate the house with the budget and object count, and then at the end adds a thousand dollars and dozens of plants out of nowhere hahaha

    Charles LagacéCharles Lagacé27 dagar sedan
  • Lil simsie: I'm really sad that's the outside has no plants The tree in the front yard: ;-;

    Aster AnimationsAster Animations28 dagar sedan
  • i have never seen this ea build before and i LAUGHED that is like sims 2 DS housebuilding i can't do this

    Bog CreatureBog Creature28 dagar sedan
  • Hi, Kayla. Please make a video on how to start a Sims channel.

    ejcksnejcksn28 dagar sedan
  • You dont need that many windows In the bedroom

    Paige LorenPaige Loren28 dagar sedan
  • i think dust bunnies appear immediately depending on the house. like old houses will have more dust upon arrival

    Rose SchwochowRose Schwochow29 dagar sedan
  • Kayla, woods do not have to match in a house.

    J HJ H29 dagar sedan
  • I was screaming for her to replace the counters the whole time XD She made me wait til darn near the end.

    Brianna NicoleBrianna Nicole29 dagar sedan
  • Every EA build looks like a 10 minute build challenge

    whitedaisey785whitedaisey78529 dagar sedan
  • kayla and her sense

    bella xbella x29 dagar sedan
  • Not me rewatching videos since Kayakakakaka hasn’t uploaded today

    Rando With internetRando With internetMånad sedan
  • pls check out my corgi eating a carrot :D

    Christy JoyChristy JoyMånad sedan
  • Is there... no toilet...? Am I blind???

    Seraphim VolkertsSeraphim VolkertsMånad sedan
    • You are blind, there is toilet

      Rando With internetRando With internetMånad sedan
  • I feel trapped please help me

    Super cool manSuper cool manMånad sedan
  • She always says she’s gonna link stuff in the description and never does 😭

    Madison RidgeMadison RidgeMånad sedan
  • Petition for Kayla to go ham with CC No gallery shame whatsoever (Day 6)

    Just Me ContentJust Me ContentMånad sedan
  • Day 7 of asking lilsimsie to make a house inspired by my little ponies.

    MagsMagsMånad sedan
  • Remember the video for the worst Sims houses? The EA version of this house should be in the No Toilets category.

    John SinclairJohn SinclairMånad sedan
    • But there is a toilet...

      Rando With internetRando With internetMånad sedan
  • Please make a spooky mansion. I would KILL TO PLAY IN THAT!

    Peachy PlaysPeachy PlaysMånad sedan
  • She didn't comment "first"

    Koolaid WannabeKoolaid WannabeMånad sedan
  • Hear me out, EA build restrictions on a ten minute challenge build 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    Dania ClarkeDania ClarkeMånad sedan
  • this is horrendous kayla PLEASE. JEHEJWJWJE

    cash moneycash moneyMånad sedan
  • you should try some houses from oasis springs, some of them have 30 little windows xd

    Lore HuismanLore HuismanMånad sedan
  • Great video as always :) *Indoor Balconies* Can I ask is anyone in the community having issues with stairs and inside balconies at the top of stairs? My sims have decided they can no longer walk up the stairs when I make indoor balconies... I’m curious to know if anyone else is having this issue.

    Steve CookSteve CookMånad sedan
  • Build a house where each room is a different room

    Princess MousiePrincess MousieMånad sedan
  • "this bed is absolutely horrendous" thank you for admitting it

    Mak LoveMak LoveMånad sedan
  • Still looking better than the original xD Can you renovate this house again but only using the first color option on the items you place? =D

    Knack15Knack15Månad sedan
  • How about the art gallery in San Myshuno next?

    yarensanveryarensanverMånad sedan
  • That's funny how you didn't like the hallway... idk but I LOVE building hallways... idk why

    Kay CKay CMånad sedan
  • I love this girl

    controllerbraincontrollerbrainMånad sedan
  • delete the sink and use stand alone dishwasher this will give more workspace

    Elaine AshdownElaine AshdownMånad sedan
  • wait.. did Kayla get the first comment? Am I missing something?

    Hana JandováHana JandováMånad sedan
  • Next building challenge should be "having to take inspiration from my neighbors houses"

    Alice MutterAlice MutterMånad sedan
  • You are the most creative sims gamer in the field! Love it ! ❤️❤️

    Carol HabibCarol HabibMånad sedan
  • So,.. This is what the sims looks like now?.. I heard they make shit content and sell it for full price,.. I still remember the A.I for baby in the sims 3 is making me wants to having real family, sims 4 A.I is the worst than any sims series even the sims 1 back then..

    Ghani FurqanGhani FurqanMånad sedan
  • I really hope you pick up your Living Off the Land let's play back up. I just watched the first 2 episodes and was so disappointed that there weren't anymore eppys. I was looking forward to seeing what would happen with Leah and Waldo and Briar.

    NewPuertoRidian CreationsNewPuertoRidian CreationsMånad sedan
  • I just wondered if those ea restrictions also come with a time limitation. I think it would explain a lot of builds and why they are so empty

    Sophie HendrichSophie HendrichMånad sedan
  • Kayla: "See even they forget them (outdoor trash cans) sometimes! And they make the game!" Me: "Yeah well, they also forget toilets... so"

    plutoplutoMånad sedan
  • I would just like to say that my computer is in progress of being fixed and the minute I finish setting it u I'm getting the sims4 because you make it seem so fun so excited!

    Leen TarawnehLeen TarawnehMånad sedan
  • what's your mascara, Kayla (lilsimsie)?

    Wheepup's dimpleWheepup's dimpleMånad sedan
  • She didn’t comment “first” on her build!

    Jaidan HanshawJaidan HanshawMånad sedan
  • have you guys ever noticed how she says she’ll always link other videos down below but.. she never does 😂

    Shyanne GauntShyanne GauntMånad sedan
  • I’m just yelling inside my head “THE KITCHEN ISN’T FUNCTIONAL” and the second I start commenting she tells me that “btw, this kitchen is functional. You can test it if you want to”. I want to.

    Julia KJulia KMånad sedan
  • You don't have to hide it Kayla, we know you enjoy torturing yourself with annoying build challenges in the Sims. You can use the f-word. It's okay.

    Random FantodsRandom FantodsMånad sedan
  • I would put the long table against the wall under the hanging plants, then the two chairs wouldn't look silly

    ArdelinArdelinMånad sedan
  • I had a dream i renovated a dock and i blame it on watching lilsimsie videos most every day for a few months

    pluelpluelMånad sedan
  • Just a thought but why didn’t she replace the two single windows in the front with a only one double window to give her an extra object?

    Popsi QPopsi QMånad sedan
  • The layout is just atrocious

    LawrenLawrenMånad sedan
  • The original house gives me sims 2 vibessss

    Freya xxFreya xxMånad sedan
  • please do an upside down build challenge, i think it would be very fun

    victoria Koopmanvictoria KoopmanMånad sedan
  • A cheat way to get more objects is to use carpet as rugs as it does not count

    Samuel MitchellSamuel MitchellMånad sedan
  • She's literally built for EA

    Melanie HenwoodMelanie HenwoodMånad sedan
  • Did I miss something

    Melanie HenwoodMelanie HenwoodMånad sedan
  • Simsie please build a spa using only base game and spa day 🥺

    Brianna HarrisonBrianna HarrisonMånad sedan
  • Did she just say she's built for an expansion pack now???

    Melanie HenwoodMelanie HenwoodMånad sedan
    • She built houses in Snowy escape

      Rando With internetRando With internetMånad sedan
  • Those dust bunnies would seriously put me over the edge. You have a strong resolve to not banish them from your game.

    MissAnthropistMissAnthropistMånad sedan
  • *me looking at the kitchen* can’t wait for Kayla to explain that sims can use the corner counter

    Amie •Amie •Månad sedan
  • technically you could delete the mailbox for a trash can because one will spawn when the lots places

    Haley FurtadoHaley FurtadoMånad sedan
    • It’s free

      Rando With internetRando With internetMånad sedan
  • Kayla builds houses for expansion packs!? That’s so cool!! :)

    Anastasia StricklandAnastasia StricklandMånad sedan
    • She built 2 of the houses in Snowy escape

      Rando With internetRando With internetMånad sedan
  • I don’t love the bedroom right off of the kitchen with the bathroom across the house.

    Jordon NesmithJordon NesmithMånad sedan
  • Unpopular opinion but tbh I really understand why EA starter homes are empty, like it makes sense for gameplay because then your sims have space and room to expand and slowly fill up the house with items you buy, I think that's the rationale behind EA starter houses are emptier

    Karel NareswaraKarel NareswaraMånad sedan
  • Dear Kayla, You can move dust bunnies in build mode. Furthermore, you can delete them in build mode by “selling” them (for 0 simoleons). I just found this out and it was a game changer. :)

    Bridget CagleBridget CagleMånad sedan
  • Reminds me of my nonnos house... looks like it would smell like almonds 💖🍄

    Levi SalvadorLevi SalvadorMånad sedan
  • You will never see this but Love your vids ❤️

    Aves KAves KMånad sedan
  • Day 7 of attempting to convince Kayla that STANLEY DESERVES A HOT 🌭 DOG 🌭 SHAPED 🌭 HOUSE 🌭

    July MyersJuly MyersMånad sedan
  • I know it comes from years of experience, but her natural eye for edits, like changing the size of a house, how to deal with the roof and exterior, decorate rooms and change the layout, etc awes me. I have thousands of hours in TS3 and TS4 and still can't really manage anything that isn't hideous unless I use a real house blueprint.

    littlebirdylittlebirdyMånad sedan
  • Could you put out a list of EA restrictions, so that way if we want to do this challenge we can.

    Marie DuranMarie DuranMånad sedan
  • The windows in the bedroom, I would replace with ether a long window and a circle window from the pack. So you have 2 items from there. And then the windows next to the door to have 2 more extra items.

    PennyPennyMånad sedan
  • Wait...is the toilet missing?? 😂😂 simsie!!

    Sylvia ClaireSylvia ClaireMånad sedan
    • There is toilet

      Rando With internetRando With internetMånad sedan
  • Do you want to challenge why not do a 10 minute build no mistake

    Sweetstar87Sweetstar87Månad sedan
  • this house haunts me and i want it to die

    claireclaireMånad sedan
  • this house looks like it could be in the sims 1

    Rubi MRubi MMånad sedan
  • I love these challenges and the tiny versions of big houses

    Shannon FluryShannon FluryMånad sedan

    Virginia SantoyoVirginia SantoyoMånad sedan
  • How is the sim supposed to cook if there is no free counter space?

    Carina MicheelCarina MicheelMånad sedan
    • The kitchen is functional!!!

      Rando With internetRando With internetMånad sedan
  • Honestly the worst part of EA's version is the cool toned brick with the warm toned roofing and doors/windows

    Hannah LaubackerHannah LaubackerMånad sedan
  • okay so don't hate me but i kind of like this starter home, I used it in my spell caster rags to riches so i guess it has a special place in my heart! okay back to the video. Also another unpopular opinion I like that the magic worlds are small, it makes me feel like they are hidden little worlds and I love that oaky, un pause again!

    Lizz LockeLizz LockeMånad sedan
  • I was just "girl NO NO NO NO NO"

    matheus rodriguesmatheus rodriguesMånad sedan
  • kayla, can you please do a renovation without changing the floor plan? wkwkk

    Celin SptrCelin SptrMånad sedan
  • Still waiting on that tiny Vlad mansion build

    Sara DulomSara DulomMånad sedan
  • RIP Toilet that died when she made the bathroom smaller and never replaced. You'll be missed and certainly missed by whoever lives there XD

    MikaMikaMånad sedan
    • Honestly just makes me love her even more tbh hahaa

      MikaMikaMånad sedan
    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that saw that lol

      Kelsey PintzowKelsey PintzowMånad sedan
    • -And comment that EA forgot to place a trashcan...then forget it herself :-D

      Nanna S.BNanna S.BMånad sedan
  • This challenge is in desperate need of a new name. Any ideas?

    Lou WhoLou WhoMånad sedan
  • Oooooo looks like a new cut I see u

    Julie HagoJulie HagoMånad sedan
  • I always forget the outside lights

    Ember_ RosebudEmber_ RosebudMånad sedan
  • 🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🤩🤩🤩

    Me PMe PMånad sedan
  • I prefer the original. Don't @ me 🤣

    Tandy AndyTandy AndyMånad sedan
  • the dust should only form if you have a vacuum just as laundry day does. honestly stupid

    sashhh xsashhh xMånad sedan
  • she didnt get the first coment on the galery

    Brenna SmithBrenna SmithMånad sedan
  • I went back and looked at the house she started with after and my God, the difference is staggering xD hers still looks like a passable EA starter home but the actually original looks like a 10 year old made it in 10 min... we've all been there

    MeraidMeraidMånad sedan
  • Aw, heck, I'd have shrunk it down and made it a tiny home. It's that sparse.

    Maia TaubMaia TaubMånad sedan
  • The whole time I was waiting for her to change the wallpaper on the exterior.... and she just never did😐

    Ellie BellEllie BellMånad sedan
  • This house... I hate it ..

    salsakickzsalsakickzMånad sedan
  • I don’t know if this challenge is a good fit here but a while ago I saw the “build a house using pre-made rooms” challenge but it was using rooms from the gallery. It’s fun, difficult, and you get to see other simmers creativity if you wanna do it, simsie. (I saw this on Clare Siobhan’s channel)

    YoursTrulyNadiaYoursTrulyNadiaMånad sedan
  • There are two people for this house either you hate it or you love it and to be honest I don’t even know how I feel 😂

    Leyla KrkicLeyla KrkicMånad sedan