I rebuilt the ugliest lot in The Sims 4 but... tiny

7 mar 2021
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The Del Sol Valley museum is truly the worst thing I have ever seen
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  • This building looks like the main government building in Boston

    RoseThymeRoseThyme14 dagar sedan
  • empty space in a museum is necessary - so you can see the things in it from afar. Shrinking a museum is not always a good idea.

    FranHunneFranHunne14 dagar sedan
  • I swear I am going to a video dedicated to you!

    Life With SheilaLife With Sheila21 dag sedan
  • you should do the awful strangerville mansion, and the community lot in the realm of magic!

    keepinghopekeepinghope28 dagar sedan
  • What if EA did this on purpose... They knew people would rebuild it for them. Less work for EA 👀

    the wolf journalthe wolf journalMånad sedan
  • You should look up the broad museum in MSU, crazy building

    Gideon FGideon FMånad sedan
  • The Sims team was doing the shell challenge when they were building this build

    zombifiedbeeszombifiedbeesMånad sedan
  • I love your tiny builds. I think the Delgato family's monster mansion in Brindleton Bay would look incredible tiny.

    mrsfunnygirl88mrsfunnygirl88Månad sedan
  • Shrink the Charm house in glimmerbrook

    RemySetGoRemySetGoMånad sedan
  • if you guys look up the ROME in Ontario,Toronto it is exactly this

    Eleni EllinasEleni EllinasMånad sedan
    • tag @lilsimse so she can laugh

      Eleni EllinasEleni EllinasMånad sedan
  • Okay but can we replace an entire town. Brindleton bay I think would be fun cause of the vet clinic and stuff! But then just absolutely OVER DO IT with the landscaping on each lot so they are just tiny dot houses with a lot of bushes lol

    Lori CarterLori CarterMånad sedan
  • I think you should do Vlad’s house next. I think it would be fun.

    LaineyLambLaineyLambMånad sedan
  • now i wanna fix this shit but in a tiny version cuz i prefer building tiny things and omg i like this building but wHY SO ASSYMETRICAL

    Midori OceanMidori OceanMånad sedan
  • the entire video im just looking at kayla,,,, i think i have a crush on her ngl

    Midori OceanMidori OceanMånad sedan
  • That build is good but the inside is not it's too dry

    Marilene MebayiMarilene MebayiMånad sedan
    • Well you made it good now please apload it

      Marilene MebayiMarilene MebayiMånad sedan
  • build an AQUARIUM

    KureiKureiMånad sedan
  • Dude im actually gonna use this and put a whole park around the museum this is so much better!!!

    katersgonnakatekatersgonnakateMånad sedan
  • Kayla, you should build a rubber ducky museum!

    alli14938alli14938Månad sedan
  • this museum has the same vibe as that one i visited when i was in Madrid and it was like a fake robot museum where the whole point was that they show you just a tiny bit of robot history and then advertise their tech stuff like crazy it was like EA made a museum

    Sheev PalpatineSheev PalpatineMånad sedan
  • I don't know why but I didn't fully believe her that the not-so-small tiny version was still so much smaller than the original until she went back there. Why is it so big?! :O

    simemiesimemieMånad sedan
  • you could do the delgato house at some point!

    Existential QueerExistential QueerMånad sedan
  • I only visited this lot when I was playing rags to riches to steal the knight statues ngl.

    Julia the JediJulia the JediMånad sedan
  • Imagine the Sims build creators are just like giving each other shell challenges and this is one of the better results? xD

    LadyMissMimiLadyMissMimiMånad sedan
  • Cm,f

    Ilyas DanaIlyas DanaMånad sedan
  • You should recreate builds from packs in base game

    Rachael WardinskiRachael WardinskiMånad sedan
  • Shrink the Spencer-Kim-Lewis house Kayla !!!!!!

    moneitsmemoneitsmeMånad sedan
  • This series brings a whole new meaning to the name **lil** simsie

    Doodle DustDoodle DustMånad sedan
  • This is the best one so far. Love it!

    Victoria Ruiz LaverniaVictoria Ruiz LaverniaMånad sedan
  • Your eyes are so pretty!!!

    bailey bbailey bMånad sedan
  • Ok hear me out: a tiny save. Every EA build, but tiny

    Melanie DevineMelanie DevineMånad sedan
  • Can you make a playlist for your "but....tiny" series? 💜

    KatyKatyMånad sedan
  • imagine the person who built it watching this in tears

    Alia JacobAlia JacobMånad sedan
  • Hearing her talk about how monstrosity the building is. I'm just thinking. Is there a sims player that's basically like Gorden Ramsay except. Instead of food. It's just buildings..?

    【 Emti 】【 Emti 】Månad sedan
  • Honestly making bad buildings is actually a good business decision. When people renovate it, it brings more attention to the game

    conner bokconner bokMånad sedan
  • Pls pls do this realm of magic's "school" for wizards I need to see it tiny

    NaxNax NaxNaxNax NaxMånad sedan
  • This museum gives me Royal Museum of Ontario vibes. Google it!

    M WeidmanM WeidmanMånad sedan
  • "There no point to this" Simsie said but with several hundred thousand views in less than two days it would seem the point is entertainment.

    khaxjc1khaxjc1Månad sedan
  • "There no point to this" Simsie said but with several hundred thousand views in less than two days it would seem the point is entertainment.

    khaxjc1khaxjc1Månad sedan
  • Vlad's mansion

    Kenzie K.Kenzie K.Månad sedan
  • THE TILE UNDER THE BLUE CRANE FILM STUFF IS MISSING *sorry just wanted to make you* _suffer_ *with me*

    Katiataco :DKatiataco :DMånad sedan
  • I feel like a lot of modern art museums look just like this.

    Zeggy GrockleZeggy GrockleMånad sedan
  • two things: 1. I went 20 years of life never having to see this horrible build until kayla showed it in her video a while ago. rip my eyes 2. I think EA built the bathroom at my work, our toilet paper holder is IN THE SHOWER. Like, we have a shower/tub combo in the employee bathroom, and the toilet paper holder is just stuck to the wall inside of it, as if that's a normal thing you do

    Grace WheelerGrace WheelerMånad sedan
  • the dino head on the bottom floor needs turned around

    random thoughtsrandom thoughtsMånad sedan
  • Now I kinda want a full save with everything rebuilt tiny.

    Helfinna of HelheimHelfinna of HelheimMånad sedan
  • Spencer-kim-Luis house🙄🙄🙄

    Immortal BeenImmortal BeenMånad sedan
  • 9:55 Is that Princess Merida from Brave? She is in the painting.

    Kate_isAwesome120Kate_isAwesome120Månad sedan
  • could you walk a sim through it next time? it would be so cool to see hahaha

    LauwiechanLauwiechanMånad sedan
  • THE MANSION MUSEUM IN WINDENBURG! And the pancakes house and the mansion in brindleton bay oh and the blue velvet AND the chez llama (restaurant premade in dine out) so many ideas ah.

    Tay RaeTay RaeMånad sedan
  • +lilsimsie can u please renovate the Bunch family house in sims 3 please

    Xavier NicholasXavier NicholasMånad sedan
  • Looks good im impressed There's hope for del soy valley

    GabaiiGabaiiMånad sedan
  • Whoever made this in the sims was stoned and whoever said it was ok to pass in the game needs a slap. The sims team can't build for shit, that's why they enlisted deli, James, Layla and dawn for snowy escape hoping the sims community would rib their builds and they didn't. They just shamed the sims team.

    Pixie JemPixie JemMånad sedan
  • please make the pancake house

    Amelie GeaAmelie GeaMånad sedan
  • I really like this one!!!

    KeriKittyGamingKeriKittyGamingMånad sedan
  • That building was the first thing I renovated in Del Sol lol

    bon bonbon bonMånad sedan
  • makes a minimalist house kdjskdjksjs i think that will be fun

    MariaMariaMånad sedan
  • I feel like no one could seriously have made that as like not ridiculous.

    HeyyItsLiseHeyyItsLiseMånad sedan
  • There’s a lot in the city and I went to fix it only to find that I hated everything about it. There’s a couple walls not painted and it’s just bad lol

    Hi_im_taylor1Hi_im_taylor1Månad sedan
  • You should have added some outdoor museum stuff and landscaping

    Clöe RockhamClöe RockhamMånad sedan
  • Just started to watch your canal an vids and I absolutely love you and your sims 4 content❤️ you’re such a beautiful and syhmpatic person I am so glad that I found your account ❤️❤️❤️

    G FG FMånad sedan
  • *say click take a pic say click take a pîc*

    Guniea PigletsGuniea PigletsMånad sedan
  • Aww I miss belle 😭😭😭

    Guniea PigletsGuniea PigletsMånad sedan
  • I think this is the best shrunk build yet!

    Maggie DeVriesMaggie DeVriesMånad sedan
  • BUILD CHALLENGE: You have to build on every level possible connecting it all to one building! Only rules: you can’t build on any lots that don’t allow basements. K go! 😄

    Alana HeyserAlana HeyserMånad sedan
  • 7:23 that reaction 🤣✨

    Aida CristeaAida CristeaMånad sedan
  • You should make that strangerville house you hate tiny

    Dee GDee GMånad sedan
  • Didn't you already post this video 🤔

    Alberta HamiltonAlberta HamiltonMånad sedan
  • You should do don's home next...

    Samantha RoseSamantha RoseMånad sedan
  • There is no such thing as Kayla recording a complaint video about EA’s builds if she doesn’t say “its really quite something”. You heard it here first folks.

    Mojim5Mojim5Månad sedan
  • You should make a save file that we can download with all these tiny builds haha

    Abigail ThorneAbigail ThorneMånad sedan
  • Love this idea! You should make the Goth's house tiny :)

    Rocio EspinozaRocio EspinozaMånad sedan
  • EA should hire me I’m pretty good at making incoherent builds

    MoonMoonMånad sedan
  • you should fix the giant building in realm of magic and in the other Realm

    Teresa HuntTeresa HuntMånad sedan
  • me on a Monday at 8pm gmt be like: PLZ BE LEGACYYYTTTTT

    MathMathMånad sedan
  • OH MY! that's all I am gonna say! BTW does any one know how to get sims 4 on a pc?

    Arya SArya SMånad sedan
  • please do the foxbury commons, that would be so much better w al, the empty space it has

    musicomusicoMånad sedan
  • there are only two scenarios I can imagine. the person who built this either came up with it as a joke while being absolutely wasted and is laughing their butt off... or they are really embarrassed.

    MisteryMoMisteryMoMånad sedan
  • Please make Vlad's house tiny 🙏 tiny weird vampire basement lair 😂

    Daniella HodgeDaniella HodgeMånad sedan
  • simsie: "this is by far the weirdest thing i've ever done" *simsie covering herself with noodles*: i'm just gonna stand over here /comment inspired my its me Frida/

    Kincső OlléKincső OlléMånad sedan
  • i never thought i would compliment this build in *any* form, but y'know what... it doesn't look too bad when it's shrunken down

    Cody AnnCody AnnMånad sedan
  • One day, maybe 20 years in the future, someone will finally come forward and admit they made the original museum 😂

    Morgan HollisMorgan HollisMånad sedan
  • I feel like this is a he opposite of "cool house in real life but terrible in the sims" so it's " terrible in the sims but I feel like it would be great in real life" lmao

    Georgia BallardGeorgia BallardMånad sedan
  • love seeing this build! If you look up the AGO (art gallery of Ontario) here in Canada, our museum actually looks so much like this build with the weird windows and glass roof and I always thought it was extremely odd lol

    Jen MarieJen MarieMånad sedan
  • Vlad's mansion would be definitely be fun

    NeviNeviMånad sedan
  • There is a new cc pack you should try it’s called livin rum! I want to see if it’s a good pack to download.

    Lydia CrozierLydia CrozierMånad sedan
  • It's like someone built the bottom, and it was alright, but then someone VERY DIFFERENT built the top while trying the Sims for the first time.

    CaitlynCaitlynMånad sedan
  • But can you make a small-save where the save file is just everything the same but smaller??

    Angela RobertsAngela RobertsMånad sedan
  • Please shrink penny Pizzaz's San michuno apartment?

    Pine ApplePine AppleMånad sedan
  • I think u need see some modern stuff... this building just need polish and a good finish . Just put in google casa da música in Porto.

    João GonçalvesJoão GonçalvesMånad sedan

    Erin KelleyErin KelleyMånad sedan
  • just commenting to boost the video ily

    tofutofuMånad sedan
  • Why only vlads mansion? Vlad needs a makeover himself

    Red SharpiesRed SharpiesMånad sedan
  • Tiny pancakes house? I think that'd be funny

    KEM CosplayKEM CosplayMånad sedan
  • The old mill from Evergreen Harbor or whatever the eco lifestyle thing is called

    Thaiz GThaiz GMånad sedan
  • I would love to see the Realm of Magic HQ but tiny!

    KarlKarlMånad sedan
  • What about the oasis spring's gym?

    crystal riveracrystal riveraMånad sedan
  • I still hear her say “so you think I’m skinny” every time she says skinny....

    Robert SimpsonRobert SimpsonMånad sedan
  • That museum is so bad that it deserved to be robbed blind on my rags to riches robbery only challenge.

    LinnyLinnyMånad sedan
  • This is not a joke my first build in the sims 4 was a museum that looks so much like this it's unbelievable

    B GachaB GachaMånad sedan
  • i like to imagine that the person who built this watches your videos

    saltypretzzelsaltypretzzelMånad sedan
  • Okay, I only have the get famous, university, and beach packs. I know you love challenge builds. Can you build a house for me?

    Samantha FerengulSamantha FerengulMånad sedan