I tried building a house using only one color in The Sims 4

11 mar 2021
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this build is cursed
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  • So with this challenge does it have to be red or can it be if it has red on it?

    iiSpekle BoyiiiiSpekle Boyii20 timmar sedan
  • Why this house gives me sims 3 vibes

    MartynkaMartynkaDag sedan
  • Heyy I just wanted to ask a thing to all of the simmers here... I'm new to the game and i can't understand how to make posters/rugs/everything bigger or smaller Could you please help me?

    Elinor PeelElinor Peel2 dagar sedan
  • Okay now renovate it

    Shaun StarrShaun Starr4 dagar sedan
  • Ewww..........let's use that one

    lpsgirl41 yasslpsgirl41 yass16 dagar sedan
  • Do the streets challenge but make it sims ✨ Kayla: say less ⤴️

    shavonne kyra singhshavonne kyra singh18 dagar sedan
  • I think Kayla should make merch that says ‘this is fine’ She says that a lot. Like if you agree!!

    Ginger OestreichGinger Oestreich22 dagar sedan
    • 😜😜😜😜😜😜

      Ginger OestreichGinger Oestreich22 dagar sedan
  • Lilsimsie: I’m bad at building good houses. Me: How the hell does it look so gooooooooooooood?!?!?!?!

    Captain of The SeaCaptain of The Sea23 dagar sedan
  • Jesus loves y’all💕

    JesusIsAmazingJesusIsAmazing24 dagar sedan
  • Hell yeah ghost wallpaper

    ShaliekShaliek25 dagar sedan
  • Challenge idea - renovate a single color challenge but you can only change swatch color.

    Jessica RotteveelJessica Rotteveel28 dagar sedan
  • "i don't think we've done red" oh god remember the heart?

    Irene SIrene S28 dagar sedan
  • You should try keeping everything the same but just change the swatches and try to make it look like a normal house. 😁😁

    Madison CrosbyMadison Crosby28 dagar sedan
  • This would be a perfect house for HIM from the powerpuff girls 😆

    Loretta Belle ArtLoretta Belle Art28 dagar sedan
  • Me, who tries to build a Frankfurt Kitchen every time I build a kitchen in the Sims, got anxiety when she put the fridge so far away from the stove :0

    DragonriderEponaDragonriderEponaMånad sedan
  • taylor during the red era:

    sofssofsMånad sedan
  • This is 11 mins of Kayak saying "I don't know what I'm doing"

    cadhlacadhlaMånad sedan
  • Sims 2 flashing red walls/outdated graphics card themed home, I'm here for it

    Angry SandwichAngry SandwichMånad sedan
  • I took a long break from sims (I haven't played since 2019) So to come back to my favorite creator for this community is really nice (•‿•)

    •G a r n e t E l f ••G a r n e t E l f •Månad sedan
  • Omg, that build actually turned out so pretty! Idk, I just love it. I want it. ;-;

    Acey The Spaceman FrehleyAcey The Spaceman FrehleyMånad sedan
  • dude i forgot i had color filters on so red was pink,,,, and it was sooooo cute as shades of hot pink

    ugly bitchugly bitchMånad sedan
    • pls turn on color filter setting and look I wish I could show u it’s so cute

      ugly bitchugly bitchMånad sedan
  • You should do not so berry colored themed houses!

    Krystin PaineKrystin PaineMånad sedan
  • This thumbnail is just *chef's kiss* 😌🤌✨

    Adrian CAdrian CMånad sedan
  • Wait you can't just build a house for HIM and leave it there! Now build the house for Bubbles and Buttercup! :D

    ventisquearventisquearMånad sedan
  • This house gave me flash backs to the old folks home in Ontario I went to to see my great great grandma when I was 7. That was weird as hell.

    Beautyqueen7Beautyqueen7Månad sedan
  • Challenge idea: random the style and the color.

    Liyah VeronnicaLiyah VeronnicaMånad sedan
  • red room??? nah red fkn house

    PS-G1PS-G1Månad sedan
  • The thumbnail’s giving me Wandavision flashbacks

    S A M S A MS A M S A MMånad sedan
  • Ikr

    Chelsea NicoleChelsea NicoleMånad sedan
  • A part of me wants to take this red house and make it look 'normal'

    Cheyenne WeisserCheyenne WeisserMånad sedan
  • I wish she would go back to her color challenges and try making the houses look better by making them back into normal colored builds :)

    Aska ChatonAska ChatonMånad sedan
  • I wish she’d upload this house, the shell is cute and is the floor plan, I would totally redecorate it and use it for my Sims 🥰

    LifeWithLynnLifeWithLynnMånad sedan
  • Lets Do A Rainbow How Challenge, each room is a different color :D

    UhOhDollFaceUhOhDollFaceMånad sedan
  • Its funny because it looks like most of the houses in my country 😅

    Amy De JesusAmy De JesusMånad sedan
  • What about a color palette challenge? You randomly choose 3 colors and the whole build has to fall in those.

    Sarah JonesSarah JonesMånad sedan
  • The heard shaped bed from Sims 1 would have been perfect for this house

    DaBi 006DaBi 006Månad sedan
  • Red is my favorite color but... Oh wow.... That's too much even for me hahahahahaha

    Tianna ButlerTianna ButlerMånad sedan
  • This might actually be the most atrocious build yet 😂

    The Fangirl From HellThe Fangirl From HellMånad sedan
  • Good house

    Rooz RoozRooz RoozMånad sedan
  • Itsa fire station yeeey

    ugh lalaugh lalaMånad sedan
  • Booooo! Do you have to go pooooooo?

    Yandere catYandere catMånad sedan
  • I'm glad you kept the woohoo bush.

    Andrew MoellerAndrew MoellerMånad sedan
  • Simsie like "I don't watch Marvel.... what's Wandavision?" Literally makes Wanda house 🤣

    EllaEllaMånad sedan
  • is there a TWO colour challenge? As in, spin twice and use those two colours for every room. I can see many horrible clashes happening with that one.

    Helfinna of HelheimHelfinna of HelheimMånad sedan
  • This is like the most lilsimsie video I have ever seen

    Scott PacanskyScott PacanskyMånad sedan
  • Excuse me?? Solid color challenges look SILLY? I 100% seriously made an orange house for my Sim because *I love orange* and I wish I saved it before I deleted it because it was awesome!

    Katie AKatie AMånad sedan
  • i am reconsidering my favorite colour being red lmao

    Karen DanielleKaren DanielleMånad sedan
  • this is my favorite HOUSEEE 😭❤️

    xoxo miiaxoxo miiaMånad sedan
  • Next challenge: ladybug shaped house!

    ShojoGirl900ShojoGirl900Månad sedan
  • make a red family for a let’s play legacy challenge and do all careers you hate and see how the kids evolve

    Lauren OrtizLauren OrtizMånad sedan
    • obvi play in this house

      Lauren OrtizLauren OrtizMånad sedan
  • now you just need to do the other colors of the rainbow and make it a rainbow street in newcrest lol

    Joshua AlgerJoshua AlgerMånad sedan
  • Red room....red room...over there...

    Myne1001Myne1001Månad sedan
  • Looks like a fire station xD

    csgaiao33csgaiao33Månad sedan
  • That red brick does seem like a pretty SOLID option. haha

    Ashley LiliAshley LiliMånad sedan
  • My retinas are ✨burning✨ 🥲🥲

    Alex LAlex LMånad sedan
  • where is this on the gallery help

    dovejustdoingthingsdovejustdoingthingsMånad sedan
  • Why does this remind me of the Bailey-Moon house?

    Emma ColvinEmma ColvinMånad sedan
  • When I was younger this was just how I played the game. Each sim had their own “color” so their hair, cloths and room were all that one color....

    Sierra TreadwaySierra TreadwayMånad sedan
  • Kayla wanna know whats worse than a red house in the sims? Im an architect and I've seen people make their entire kitchen red and black! paint their walls red!! Whilst trying to SELL the property! To OTHER people!!! The madness is immesurable...

    Gabriella BónaGabriella BónaMånad sedan
  • This house is for woohoo but if it was a person. *lol*

    Lilly_SunshineLilly_SunshineMånad sedan
  • Build challenge: each room contains at least one item from EVERY PACK.

    Robbie MacKinnonRobbie MacKinnonMånad sedan
  • That thumbnail tho

    Marisol RamirezMarisol RamirezMånad sedan
  • That went from "this is a kid's room" to "kids don't exist in this universe" real quick.

    Ellen AndersonEllen AndersonMånad sedan
  • Is it just me or after looking at the kitchen for a while the counter tops look green😂

    Taylor SanthanyTaylor SanthanyMånad sedan
  • This takes "red room of pain" to a WHOLE new level or should I say hole-

    Luna RedelvourLuna RedelvourMånad sedan
  • Please redo this house with "normal" colors

    Liz TurnisLiz TurnisMånad sedan
  • Day 20 of asking LilSimsie/Kayla to create a house but each room is a different mood. So the same rules as other each room is a _____. Just spin a wheel with different moods, or necessities, gl.

    Emma DziamalekEmma DziamalekMånad sedan
  • Nobody : Tina Burner if she was a simmer :

    RaphRaphMånad sedan
  • Can you imagine what it would be like living in that house! 😂😂😂

    Sterre LangeveldSterre LangeveldMånad sedan
  • Red is my favorite color 😄 ya for Red 🍒🟥♦️♥️❤️🍎🎀🔴🔺🔻🖍️🚨🚛

    Suiris black Padfoot fan kayleaSuiris black Padfoot fan kayleaMånad sedan
  • I really like this house. I think it’s funny when she’s like “this build is terrible” and I’m like....this is beautiful

    Alicyn SeniorAlicyn SeniorMånad sedan
  • Make houses based on the characters from inside out :D

    Lara VerbeeckLara VerbeeckMånad sedan
  • It was my birthday when Kayla posted this and red is my favourite colour ❤️

    Phoebe MugfordPhoebe MugfordMånad sedan
  • This build reminded me of the old days when I payed sims 2 and I had a very bad computer so my walls were flushing and red. Amazing.

    КотянКотянMånad sedan
  • My eyes hurt now lol

    Paper FlowersPaper FlowersMånad sedan
  • this kinda looks like that one firehouse in the sims 3.. i respecti t

    odakotaroseodakotaroseMånad sedan
  • You started the inside of the house and I immediately thought of a Chinese restaurant

    Alexis MarshalllAlexis MarshalllMånad sedan
  • This makes me so deeply uncomfortable haha

    Kara UnverrichtKara UnverrichtMånad sedan
  • There's a house on the way to Winnipeg that is all BLACK with double red entry doors, black windows with red shutters, and a triple BLACK garage with huge red doors. It's the ugliest house ever *gag LO

    Monique DamphousseMonique DamphousseMånad sedan
  • I would love to see you do a video where you take this house and, not being able to replace any of the actual items, make the house look better by just changing the swatches on everything you've already got in it.

    WaterflameWaterflameMånad sedan
  • I want this on the gallery so I can renovate it!!! That’d be so fun.

    ashleyofozashleyofozMånad sedan
  • With all that red and black it can be a vampire home, or a spellcaster.

    Marie DuranMarie DuranMånad sedan
  • This house reminds me of a sims 2 build for some reason. Random nostalgia.

    Bewitchin’ BritainBewitchin’ BritainMånad sedan
  • Orange is my fave color to build in. You can make a super groovy 90s house in orange.

    Cheshire KetCheshire KetMånad sedan
  • Was I the only one who really really liked the red wood floors?

    khaxjc1khaxjc1Månad sedan
  • you know what i really lilsimsie to do? she should take the ugliest house from the base game and make it WORSE. Like, total chaos worse, i'm not talking the wood swatches are completely different, i'm talking rugs on top of rugs on top of rugs underneath the ugliest coffee table there is, sitting next to the my first pets bookshelf, all in the living room

    AngryMumbleAngryMumbleMånad sedan
  • jeez they really love the color red for some reason you can get nearly anything in red :O

    HillmidgetHillmidgetMånad sedan
  • that shade of red is actually my fave color ever so kayla's doing me a favor

    OrlieOrlieMånad sedan
  • Pls i love the thumbnail 😭

    Nicole BNicole BMånad sedan
  • "OH GOD EEW!!! let's use it" ~kayak

    Dazzle SoundDazzle SoundMånad sedan
  • just imagine people who have never played the sims deciding to watch this and heard that we have a GREEN toilet.

    icecream briicecream briMånad sedan
  • how to get away with murder, have a blood red house. ..... *writing*

  • Me at the start: aw yay my favourite colour 🥰🔥 Me midway through: hm 😀 not anymore 🚨😳

    orborbMånad sedan
  • Bust the Dust is ridiculous... why are the floors sparkling even in build mode?

    c o l l e e nc o l l e e nMånad sedan
  • Solid color correction challenge where you try to make the house look good by changing the swatches from a solid color house, but you’re not allowed to change anything else besides the swatches

    Katie PetkewichKatie PetkewichMånad sedan
  • Can you do a challenge where you make every room different animal theme

    Emily JuneEmily JuneMånad sedan
  • Well, isn't this interesting, the day I get my period we make a completely red house... *iNTerEsTiNG*

    Iris van der HoevenIris van der HoevenMånad sedan
  • I watch your videos to see your builds

    patrick robinsonpatrick robinsonMånad sedan
  • All the people doing the not so berry challenge can use this house for the red generation!

    Marigny __Marigny __Månad sedan
  • *picks out a bed* “ew.... let’s use this one” -Kayak 2021

    elodie martelelodie martelMånad sedan